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When to Apply Concealer?

When you’ve mature skin fine lines, dark spots, under-eye dark circles, wrinkles are not surprising. But when excessive work pressure, sleepless nights and acne breakouts discolour your young skin, it is frustrating. At times, spots are so stubborn that they remain on your face for long. For correcting those faded and uneven tone and turning them into spotless and glazy immediately, concealers are one innovative solution.

Concealers are thick and pigmented texture. The texture enters into the lines and crinkles on the face and makes them smooth. The pigmented consistency vanishes those dark spots immediately and makes the skin flawless.

However, applying concealer is not enough to get a flawless, sound skin. You need to know when and how to use, every detail about concealers. To get an even skin tone, you need to know the exact timing about when to apply the concealer.

When should I Apply Concealer?

Ladies often face massive confusion about when to apply concealer than picking a concealer. Some beauty experts suggest wearing them under foundation, and some advice to wear it after foundation.

On the other hand, some women don’t like to create a dense texture by using all these primers, concealer, and foundation within one application. They love to keep it simple. What is the solution for them?

When Do You Want to Keep it Simple?

The solution is whenever you want to keep it simple or want to hide your spots, using only a concealer is enough for everyday wear. The pigmented and thick consistency helps to disappear all the scars and uneven tone. It will also help to smooth the wrinkles, fine lines and other unsmooth areas.

Applying a certain amount of loose powder over the concealer will make you daily look more finished and long-lasting.

When You Require a High Coverage

When you desire to take the concealer game at the next level, then the trick will be different. Just applying concealer is not enough for high coverage or long time party makeup. You have to acquire help from primer and foundation besides concealer. For extensive finish beauticians often suggest using primer and foundation before using a concealer.


To even the flaws of your skin like pores and lines, primer is a must. It will polish your wrinkles, pores and other blemishes to generate a perfect canvas. A primer is a thin liquid that doesn’t look like it will create a massive difference, but it precisely does. A makeup with primer base helps to settle for long.


Applying foundation before concealer or after concealer always creates massive confusion. To make you enlighten with knowledge here is our share of explanation.

If you are applying concealer before foundation, it will end up smearing your entire skin surface. The goal of a concealer is to focus on specific areas. The under-eye surroundings, forehead, cheekbones require concealers more than the other part of the skin. To smooth those areas and to let them stay there, you need to skip rubbing. But if you apply foundation after concealer, you have to rub the foundation to smooth down. As a result, the mission of applying concealer will become ineffective.

While applying foundation, you need to choose an oil-free formula. Foundation with a hydrating formula and sun protection is even better.


A thin layer of concealer gives the perfect finish to create a flawless look. Choose an oil-free texture that resists water, humidity and lasts for hours. Applying primer and foundation create an ideal base for your skin while concealer helps to hide all the scars and imperfection entirely.

Thus, you get ideal makeup coverage.

The Ideal Application

First, apply primer all over the face and let your surface to dry for some minutes. Then apply foundation all over your face with a foundation brush or sponge. Look the surface meticulously through a mirror for a close-up analysis to conclude that if any areas need a little more application. Then apply a thin layer of your favourite concealer using a concealer brush. Always apply a thin layer then increment the application where you need instead of one thick coat.


Applying concealer is not enough to hide all the blemishes if the application is not following the right consequence. Correct the application if you’re doing it wrong and don’t let your uphill struggle melt away.