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Amazing Makeup Lessons for over 50s: Tricks, Tips & Mistakes

People may age day by day but their desire to look beautiful never fades; therefore, they love to apply makeup on their skin. The aged people can’t put on makeup like a teenager because they face many changes due to aging; let’s take some makeup lessons for over 50s.

My mom is aging too; that’s why I preferred learning the touch-up tricks & fundamental things to notice while beautifying an aged lady. I also watched some beauticians’ or artists’ natural makeup tutorials over 50 on YouTube; however, the techniques were useful.

Please read the article if you’re already above 50 or you have an elderly person at home; don’t you enjoy doing makeup? Moreover, you should keep the tricks, essential tips, & common mistakes in mind while doing the makeup of an over 50 lady.

How Can You Put the Makeup for an over 50 Person: Follow the Steps

Let’s find out how to apply makeup on mature skin; please remember that you should proceed following some steps; otherwise, the whole thing will be a mess. If you want the makeup to be perfect, do the 1st things before & later, you can go further.

  • People have fine lines & enlarged pores all over their skin due to aging; that’s why it’s good to use a primer to cover those. You should start with your eyelids because they look older than a young person’s; you can find eye primers for mature skin at stores.
  • Secondly, you should target the whole face’s skin; you can keep the primer light & it would be better if it’s liquid. You should avoid face powder because your skin quickly loses moisture; therefore, you should not apply dry things to avoid highlighting the dead skin cells.
  • You can’t hide the wrinkles after 50, and you shouldn’t spoil the makeup to do that; you can convert them into your beauty using concealer. Please get an appropriate concealer for the mature skin, and apply it on the darker sides of the under eyes to get a good look.
  • You can skip eye shadows because it may not look pretty; moreover, you should keep thin eyeliners & avoid drawing cartoonish, thick eyebrows.
  • If you want your skin to look thick & bouncy, you can use a liquid foundation on your skin after applying the primer & concealer; you can watch videos on applying foundation on mature skin.
  • You should not apply a highlighter on your cheeks and keep it simple because the excessive putting on may create a horrible look. Moreover, you must target to make your skin glow with even tones; the blush won’t look odd on your skin if you take care of the shade.
  • Please avoid matte lipsticks with exotic colors, and put lip balm or gloss with sober shades instead; everything doesn’t look good at an older age.
  • You can apply facial oil over makeup to have a moist look; on the contrary, you may use setting sprays to lock & make the layers durable.

These are the simple steps of putting make up for a person over 50; you can note every small detail, and follow the order as a primer, concealer, foundation, blush, & highlighter before eye makeup & lips.

What Is the Best Makeup for Over 50 Years Old Skin: List the Brands & Products

People aged over 40 or 50 are very much sensitive to chemical products & cosmetics items; therefore, you must get the items from renowned brands, and those are specially made for people of high-age.

Let’s find out the top foundations for over 50, according to the 2020 list:

  1. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation (full coverage), the best seller of this year.
  2. LOReal True Match Foundation Makeup (Super-blend)
  3. Lancome Skin Feels Nourishing Foundation
  4. Chantecaille Future Foundation Makeup

Let’s find out the appropriate items for eyes (concealer, primer, & shadows) for ladies above 50; they are:

  1. Best Eye Shadow Neutral Matte Pallete-01
  2. Naturally Pretty Essentials Luxe Transforming Eye-shadow
  3. Look Fabulous No Shimmer Eye Shade
  4. RMS Beauty Eye Polish for Older Women

You can choose any of them; moreover, while picking a primer & concealer you must take care of them being creamy & natural. The same thing you should look after while buying eye & lip liners; they should be less harmful, besides being sober.

You won’t have to be extra careful while selecting moisturizers, or setting spray along with dewy items because the best ones work the same for all; knowing about the best product is also a part of makeup lessons.

What Mistakes Should You Avoid While Doing an over 50’s Makeup?

Doing makeup to look pretty is not a bad thing at an older age, but some common mistakes can make you look ridiculous instead of beautiful; therefore, you must avoid them.

  1. Please avoid overdoing your eyebrows & makeup there, such as enlarging the eyes too much, and making it like a cartoon, besides wearing hilarious lenses.
  2. Secondly, you should avoid the excessive use of makeup items; moreover, changing the skin color can be inappropriate. Therefore, you must be careful while choosing the foundation, concealer, and highlighter because light ones will also look odd.
  3. Thirdly, it’s better not to highlight the whole face and cheeks; it’s good to glow up your face, but not too much because it won’t suit your skin structure.
  4. Please keep your blush limited, and don’t make it lengthy (from cheeks to ears); however, you would not like to look like a peach fruit or tomato, would you?
  5. Another thing you can do is to avoid bleeding lipsticks or improper liners because they can ruin your whole look; please take care of it.
  6. Lastly, you have to fix the eye-lashes with your curler; it can be a final touch-up to your makeup while getting ready.

Anyway, you have to keep in mind these tips to have picture-perfect outfits and cosmetics usages.

Get Some Additional Tips on Above 50 Ladies’ Makeup Techniques

These additional tips are from professional makeup artists who have been working for a long time at salons or personal ones for actors & actresses; those are:

  • First of all, you have to focus more on skincare and use aloe vera or other moisturizers for keeping the skin’s glow.
  • You should keep facial oil besides the liquid foundation for perfect makeup & eventually use a setting spray to give the makeover a nice finishing.
  • Start the contour, foundation, or primers from the face’s center, and continually move to the sides while applying them.
  • Lastly, you must think of the occasion you’re going to, and your dress’s color because your makeup should fit well with everything.

Frequently Asked Questions about Makeup Lessons for Mature Skin:

1. What Things You Should Avoid Wearing after 50?

Tight clothes, denim skirts, elastic waist belts, loud makeup, and fleeces may seem to be inappropriate with your age & body shape once you’re above 50.

2. How Can I look Glamorous Even if I’m 50?

Do the proper skincare & follow the makeup steps according to the party & your dress, including trimming eyebrows & attaching eyelashes; thus, you can look glamorous.


You would have got the proper makeup lessons if you have read the whole article; no matter how old you are, keep your mind evergreen & beautify yourself. Please put on the makeup & outfits that make you feel comfortable yet fashionable; therefore, you must follow the tricks.

However, buy high-quality products to apply on your sensitive skin & enjoy doing your makeup; you can also set a schedule with an expert.