here know about how to use eyelid tape

How To Use Eyelid Tape

If you have thin eyelids with more defined creases, perhaps you should try using an eyelid tape – a favorite cosmetic item that allows you to have a well-defined eyelid fold. Applying an eyelid tape is easy but requires tactic to ensure that it doesn’t stick on the side.

The eyelid tape that you choose to enhance your makeup can give you quite an exciting change that will pleasantly surprise you. A good eyelid tape should stick on the eye and hold the crease for at least 24 hours.

Here are Some Benefits of Using an Eyelid Tape if You Experience Creases on Your Eyelids

  • Hides the creases for more natural looking appearance
  • Allows you to wear less makeup
  • The lashes appear longer with less eyeliner
  • A thicker tape will give you a dramatic smokey eye
  • Enlarges the eye shape

To apply an eyelid tape follow this procedure.

  • Clean Your Face

Every time you’re applying makeup you need to ensure that your face is clean so that you can work on a bacteria-free and dirt-free surface. Take some warm water and wash your face thoroughly to ensure the eyelid sticks for a long time.

To increase adhesiveness, remove all the makeup around the eye before applying the eyelid makeup. Dry your face with a clean towel then wait for 10 minutes before you use the eyelid tape.

  • Apply Primer On The Eyelids

Next, apply primer on the eyelids and copper for the outer contour to high light the brow bone.

  • Peel the Strip and Trim as Needed

Use a pair of tweezers to peel the eyelid strip away from the backing. If they are the right size for your eyelids, you don’t need to trim. Ensure that the tapes are slightly shorter than the eyelid to avoid them from sticking out. You can also decide to clip the strips to make them narrow.

  • Place the Eyelid Tape

Identify where you want to the fold to be on your eyelid and gently stick the pieces with the help of a prong. Make sure that you’ve correctly placed the strip along the crease you want to create for a more natural look.

  • Create a New Crease

Once you’ve put the tape on the fold that you want to create, you need to gently push your eyelid inwards then open your eye and hold for a few seconds. Remove the prong while keeping your eye open

  • Apply the Eyelid Tape Adhesive

Some eyelid tapes come with an adhesive, and there are those that don’t. An eyelid tape adhesive will help to hold the eyelid tape for a stronger hold. If your eyelid tape doesn’t hold you can repeat the process. You can also purchase an adhesive separately to allow your eyelid tape to remain longer on the eye.


Be very careful when using an eyelid prong around your eyes to avoid hurting them. Besides, you should remove the eyelid tape at the end of the day with the rest of your make up. Never rip off the tape from your eyelid as you could damage your eyelid. Use water or a makeup remover and wash your face thoroughly.