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How To Use Blackhead Extractor Tool

A blackhead extractor which is also known as Comedone extractor is a unique tool that dermatologist use to remove clogged dirt, oil and dead skin cells called blackheads. Blackheads are small black spots that appear on the surface of the skin and can appear on the cheeks, nose, chin and other parts of the face.

Blackheads result from oxidized natural oils within the pores. The blackhead extractor tool allows efficient and effective removal of blackheads for a radiant and smooth face that will make you look years younger.

Blackhead extractor device is generally used by dermatologists or during facials when removing blackheads. However, an untrained hand can also remove blackheads by following this procedure.

Tools That You Need

  • Warm water
  • Cotton ball
  • Sterilizer
  • Soft cloth
  • Blackhead extractor tool

Step 1. Cleanse the Skin With Warm Water

To get the best outcome, we suggest you should first clean your face with warm water before removing the blackheads with the extractor tool. Using a facial scrub or cleanser with warm water will open the pores and remove excess oil on the surface of the skin. If you’re able to steam the skin, it will help in loosening trapped sebum.

Step 2. Sterilize the Blackhead Extractor

To disinfect the blackhead extractor, take a cotton ball and rub in a few drops of alcohol and loop the tool to sterilize it.

Step 3. Position The Blackhead Extractor on The Skin

Next, you need to position the flat side of the tool on the affected area – ensure that the blackhead is at the center of the pole.

Step 4. Squeeze Out The Blackhead Tool

Now, it time to gently squeeze the blackhead out and scrape it with the extractor tool. Repeat the process to remove excess debris or any additional blackheads.

Step 5. Rinse Your Face

The last action is to rinse your face with lukewarm water and dry it gently with a soft cloth. You can use your favorite moisturizer to keep the skin feeling fresh and moisturized.

Step 6. Clean the Blackhead Extractor

Wash your tool in warm water, dry it and keep in a safe place for use next time.

Different Types of Blackhead Extractor

There are two main types of blackhead extractor tools. The first type features two heads with a small spoon with a hole in the middle that can snuggly fit a blackhead to push it out and released it. The other type has a cupped end on one side of the tool that allows angled removal of blackheads in hard to reach areas like crevices.

Important Caution When Using a Blackhead Extractor

Some blackhead extractor tools feature a small sharp lancet that punctures a whitehead to release excess oil. Lancets are sharp and should be used with extra caution so that you don’t rupture the skin. Also, never press the blackhead too much to dislodge clogged sebum to avoid damaging skin cells.


Although a blackhead extractor can leave a redness, it’s a small price to pay as it will make your skin look bright and more radiant with or without makeup.