How To Apply Eyelash Extensions Yourself

Almost every woman wants to have longer and fuller eyelashes. Right? Finding the right lash mascara can be difficult but what most women struggle with is wearing strip lashes. Synthetic eyelash extensions come in little bundles of eight individual lashes where each packet is glued directly into the eyelash making them easy to wear.

Applying for eyelash extensions with a professional can take up to three hours but if well done they should last you two to eight weeks and fall off like natural lashes. If you’re less experienced, it can take a little longer to apply them. We will show you the steps to follow to use eyelash extensions yourself. But before we dive in, let’s learn how to choose the best eyelash extensions.

Apply Eyelash Extensions Yourself

Choosing Eyelash Extensions

When choosing eyelash extensions, you should ensure that they blend in with your natural eyelashes to give you a natural look.

Examine Your Natural Lashes

If you have short, thin lashes, and are looking for dramatically long extensions, they may not last you a long time. However, if you go with extensions that match with your natural lashes, then they’ll be able to withstand the weight of eyelash strips. If you’re a beginner, you can consider starting with a half set.

Type and Design

Eyelash extensions come in three types synthetic, silk and mink. They also range in different sizes and are available in a variety of thickness for that dramatic look. The extensions are available in different colors, but the most important thing is to make a choice.

Tools That You’ll Need

  • Purchase an Eyelash Extension Kit- you’ll need to buy an extension kit with different eyelashes
  • Tweezers – this tool will allow you to apply for the eyelash extension effortlessly
  • Adhesive – Allows you to glue the eyelash strips
  • Adhesive remover – helps you to remove the eyelash extensions effortlessly
  • Eyelash brush – this one will help you brush out excess lashes and keep them looking good

Step by Step Lash guide Application

Step 1. Prepare Your Natural Lashes

Prepare your natural lashes by cleaning them and wiping away any makeup around the eyes with a makeup remover. Rinse with water and allow to dry for the adhesive to stick properly. You can also brush out the eyelashes to separate them.

Step 2. Use an Adhesive TapeTo Cover the Lower Lid

The tape will help cover the skin from any adhesive that would fall during the procedure. It also makes it easier to see and emphasize on individual lashes.

Step 3. Start To Apply for the Eyelash Extension

A full set application of classic lashes can last between one to two hours while half a set can take around an hour. However, you can invite a friend to help you especially if it’s your first time because you need to shut your eyes during the procedure.

Step 4. Place The Extensions Gently on Your Eyelashes

As you work from one eye to another gently drop the synthetic lash on the natural lashes and glue it for a minute. Apply the longest strips at the outmost edge of your natural lashes and the medium ones in the middle. Use tweezers to position them correctly.

Step 5. Allow the Extensions to Set

If possible, don’t touch the extensions or apply any makeup until after 24 hours so that they can set completely.


Eyelash extensions are a must have in beauty treatment. They also add volume, glamour to your natural lashes and draw people into your eyes.