learn here hormonal acne treatment without birth control

Hormonal Acne Treatment without Birth Control

Adult hormonal acne can behave differently from the pesky pimples of puberty and adolescence stage of our lives. Right? Women in their 20 to 49 struggle with hormonal changes caused by an increase in androgens. Stressing about the acne makes the condition worseand can lead to a severe break-out.

Thankfully, some hormones found in some birth control pills can help control the production of sebum and reduce the breakouts significantly. However, it’s important to know the mixture contained in the birth control of your choice before you use it.

Birth control pills comprising drospirenone, nomegestrol, and norgestimate properties are less effective in combating acne treatment than that containing cyproterone acetate. However, what works in one woman may not work on the other, knowing what works for you is vital in keeping acne down.

Hormonal acne can flare on or before the menstrual period and is evidenced by appearing on the lower face and the jawline. Acne can manifest itself in many forms that include:

  • Cystic lesions
  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Nodules
  • Pimples and
  • Red tender bumps

How The Pill Work in Treating Acne

Birth control pills contain synthetic hormones that stop the ovaries from releasing an egg for fertilization.  Progesterone and estrogen are the main hormones that make birth control pills. What makes one tablet differ from the other is the ratio of the combination of the two hormones.

The birth control pills will reduce the production of the androgens that the body produces. However, not all women want to pop up a pill every morning to treat acne. Here are other effective methods that you can implement to control and manage breakouts.

  • Establish an Appropriate Skin Care Routine

Skin experts and dermatologists recommend that you should cleanse your skin daily to keep pores clear of dirt and oil. Once, you have washed your skin; you can apply a pea-sized acne treatment with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to avoid irritation. Remember to wear sunscreen whenever you’re going out in the sun.

  • Exercise Regularly

Exercise increases blood circulation and keeps the skin healthy. When the skin sweats, the pores open and eliminate excess oil which helps to heal and prevent acne.

  • Dietary Do’s and Don’ts

No matter what age you are, your diet choice will have a significant effect on the condition of your skin. Research and personal testimonies strengthen this theory since food plays a huge role in balancing hormones. For instance, if you often consume dairy products a week or two before your menstrual cycle, you can trigger acne.

Contrary to popular belief, junk food alone does not aggravate acne. You should also consider limiting processed foods with refined carbs like white bread and pasta, sugary products and red meats. Organic foods are high in antioxidants and will help reduce skin inflammation for clear, smooth skin.

Additional Tips to Keep Hormonal Acne Down

  • Clean your face in the morning and evening
  • Never sleep with your makeup
  • Make a habit of Exfoliating often
  • Keep stress and anxiety down


Many other ways including some natural methods can help reduce and keep acne at bay that includes taking fish oil supplements. What works in one person may not work in another, and therefore it’s important to keep trying different methods.