curling iron vs curling wand

Curling Wand vs Curling Iron

If you are a novice in hair styling, you must have a lot of questions concerning curling trends and technologies. How to use those curling machines? How to create beach waves or a gorgeous curl look in short hair? In the meantime, you are also confused between a curling Iron and Curling wand. You prefer to detect the one that will fulfil your purpose at best. But with a lack of knowledge and guidance, you are in a dilemma. If you are reading this article to clear up your perplexity, you are in the right place. We will talk about every pros and con of these curling tools. We will also address all the differences between curling iron and wand. All you have to do to read this article, gain profound knowledge, and choose the best one according to your hair necessities.

Curling Iron Features

Curling iron is a machine that includes a heated pole intended for styling hairs into curls.

Heating speed: Generally, a curling iron becomes ready for curling your hair after a few minutes of connecting it. Just pluck your metal into the socket, wait for a couple of minutes and let it serve your hair to turn into a curly mood.

Settings: In maximum time, curling irons include only one setting parameter. You can activate the metal by putting it on and deactivate it by putting off. There is no option for increasing or decreasing.

Curling irons are also available in more than one heat setting. Those curling irons adjust level choice like 1 to 10. These levels let you choose your preferred heat settings.

Size of Barrel: The depth and longevity of your curls depend on the barrel size your curling irons have. A comprehensive barrel gift you bigger shaped curl. On the contrary, your hair will get smaller yet tighter curl by a narrow barrel.

Heating Plate: Materials of heating plates are of three kinds: Ceramic, Tourmaline, and Simple Metal. Some curling iron brands make the heating plates with a combination of Ceramic and Tourmaline. Heating plates made of Ceramics and Tourmaline give higher hair protection while curling. Therefore, they are more costly models than metal ones.

Transposable barrels: Some curling irons offer transposable barrels. It means you can curl your hair using wider barrels to get bigger curl. You can transfer it and put a narrow barrel whenever you prefer smaller bend.

How to Use??

The use of curling iron is quite easy. Put the iron plug into the socket. Then use the on/off button for activating or deactivating the process. Curling irons contain a clamp to hold the hair. With the use of clamp, curls become more visible and classic.

Curling Wand Features

A curling wand is a clipless hair curling device that ensures a day-long versatile wave.

Heating speed: Curling wands catch the heat so fast. Beginners need to cautious while using a curling wand. Otherwise, the speedy heat may burn their fingers. You may use safety gloves before using a curling wand. Once you become experienced, you will not need gloves.

Size of Barrel: Barrel’s breadth of a curling wand is narrow and stays in front of the rod. Thus, curls become tighter and smaller. In this way, hair strands look stylish and classy.

Holding clip: There is no holding clip in a curling wand. It does not hamper the curl texture at all. Instead, the curls turn out even and smooth, and no marks of the clip stay at your hair strand.

Curls Durability: Hair curls done by the curling wand stays long. Even you need to get ready at day for a night party; your curls will remain the same thorough the entire day.

How to Use??

A curling wand is a device that does not contain clips. So, it would help if you held your hair strands with your finger. It is safe to use gloves while using the curling wand. Otherwise, you may burn your fingers. Hold the wand handle with another hand. Wrap the hair strands from up to bottom and hold for 5 seconds. Gently pull out the wand.

Curling Wand vs Curling Iron:

Curling wand and curling irons are the inventions to fulfill almost the same purpose. But slight differences are visible in their feature and working process.

Structural dissimilarities

Curling irons contain different sized clips. So, whenever you curl your hair with an iron, the clip marks emerge in every strand. Thus curls become bolder and broader.

But in curling wand, there is no clip. Without the clips, curl becomes smaller yet tighter.

Curling Speed

Curling wands are most speedy than curling irons. As the wand heats up faster, it offers quicker curls than the metal.

Curling Smoothness

Your hair curls become smoother and shiny with the touch of a curling iron. With the clip, curling irons provide bold clip marks in every hair strand. Your hair grows more attractive with those clip marks. For a polished hair look and long-last finishes, use a curling iron.

A curling wand provides cute beachy curls. As its heats up faster, it is refreshing to use for a regular outing or sudden invitation.

Which One Serves Better?

Curling iron or curling wand both are great curling tools for your hair. They both help you in getting a better look by providing smaller or larger curls or beachy waves. However, majority will buy only one. And among these two, everyone will be eager to know which curling tool serves more. We are showing our point of view regarding these curling machines. But the decision is always yours.

  • If speed is the priority, then the curling wand serves best. It heats up immediately and offers faster curl. Therefore, whenever you are in a hurry, curling wand gifts you long-lasting curls in less time.
  • For curly hair with a high shine and finish, a curling iron is a perfect tool, especially for beginners. The clips in the curling iron put clip marks in every hair strand. It makes the curls more noticeable. The nonstick coating also makes the hair more shiny and glossy.
  • Curling wand provides smaller possible curls. For the exclusive barrel size, it includes ring size curls at the end. It gives you a cute, playful look.


No matter if you choose one between curling wand or iron. Both the curling machines are worth spending money. They give out different purposes. So, determine your priorities and decide which one will cope up better to serve those.