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Burt’s Bees Acne Solutions Review

When we heard that Burt’s bees released their acne solution series, we were literally so excited to try it out. Surprisingly, there’s not only one product but a whole bunch of them, each, targeting certain acne issues. There was this toner, daily moisturizing lotion, pore refining scrub, gentle cleanser etc, enough to get me restless, to finally try it out and give you guys the honest reviews. We already heard mixed-opinions about this series for anti-blemish, spot treatment etc. But, apart from the brand tag, does their skincare products for acne-prone skin really work? Let us clear that for you.

Clarifying Toner:

Clarifying Toner

The series is quite interesting with the clarifying toner. Note that, my skin type changes with seasons, I used this when I had oily/combination acne-prone skin. Before this, I was using my own homemade toner (witch hazel) and was quite okay with it, because, what big difference can toners make? Well, I, even we do not have this mindset now. Yes, this toner made this much difference. The ingredients are noteworthy, much expected from Burt’s Bees since they are always gentle on skin. 

It actually has “Salicylic Acid”, a very important component for acne-prone skin. And they asserted, they have extracted it naturally from Willow Bark Extract. Now, we think, the presence of this particular acid, worked wonder on us. It penetrated pores which reduced our acne and we didn’t have any breakout for quite a long time. Witch hazel, a close friend to our skin, is also present here with lemongrass. Maybe that’s why we got an immediate refreshing feeling after using this. 

And also, as gross as it sounds, our long-lost facial dirt came out. And the surprising thing was, we were only experimenting if it would really remove our makeup, but IT ACTUALLY DID. Very gentle on skin, we liked this a lot.

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Purifying Gel Cleanser :

Purifying Gel Cleanser

“Burt’s Bees natural acne solutions: Purifying Gel Cleanser” was a little confusing for us. We were a bit afraid since most of us didn’t like drying out our skin after using a chemical cleaner. It is 99.4% natural by the way. When we came to know about the ingredients, there was Salicylic Acid, again a must-have ingredient for reducing acne. As we had oily skin, it pretty much worked great on ours. It didn’t leave our skin super dry, but we did get the feeling that it cleared our skin deeply, giving it a healthy, smooth look which kind of felt tight and in need of moisture. It definitely gives the ‘I just washed my face and I’m glowing now’ look for oily skin. Though it took a little longer to work on acne comparatively, it worked on excess oil instantly. 

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Daily Moisturizing Lotion :

Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Of course, after the cleanser, comes this daily moisturizing lotion of the series “Burt’s Bees natural acne solutions: Daily Moisturizer”, which is in our daily routine now! But, when we first tried this after using the gel cleanser, it felt like the duo was meant to be used together. After the clean, tight feeling of the cleanser, we applied the daily moisturizer, we literally felt nothing on our skin, so lightweight! It soothes the skin, locks the moisture and feels amazingly non-greasy. It reduced our redness too. A very important concern for girls with oily skin; moisturizer is not our thing. But trust us, our skin didn’t feel greasy or sticky at all. Rather, it felt hydrated and expensive, if you know what we mean.It reduced blemishes (anti-blemish effect), helped our skin to get a non-greasy, glowy, clear look. We think their ingredients are the key. 

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Spot Treatment :

Spot treatment

The above products are like a regular routine to fix our acne-prone skin but gradually. Now, we had been in situations where we immediately needed to clear our skin, impossible with our active pimples. In these situations this targeted spot treatment is our life savior. This is a small tube, but this little one does big wonders. Even though many spot treatments would dry out, irritate, make our skin itch, this particular one worked very gently. We applied this right on my active pimples before going to bed and by the next morning, it looked a lot better, even curtailed itself to half of its previous size. This is formulated in a cream formula so it was easy to handle. But, there was one liquid solution for drying pimples, that was one hell of a product (that was quite expensive though) . It completely dried out our pimple, that too, overnight. Though it made the spot dry, but we got our moisturizer for that. 

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Pore Refining Scrub :

Pore refining scrub

The pore refining scrub is our least used one. We occasionally use the pore refining scrub, when our face does not have any active acne. But whenever we do use this, it actually makes our inner glowy skin come out. It removes or exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving our skin feel healthy, fresh and smooth looking. It absolutely worked well with our pores and inactive acnes, again, thanks to the ingredients. Most importantly, we did notice fewer breakouts than before, after using this. 

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We think there were some other products which we missed. We actually don’t need any more of them since the products that we already have are pretty much covering all of our skin problems, even breakouts. 

Personally, I liked all of them though I do not use some of them regularly. But I must say, the cleanser and the moisturizer duo is a must-have. The toner works well as an extra make up remover too, also it soothes skin and prevents acne breakouts. The spot treatment in a must-have for emergency situations in our opinion. Check the ingredients properly and see if you’re allergic to something or not. If you’re allergic to even one of the ingredients, we suggest you to avoid it. Otherwise, it’s a yes from us.