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8 Best Tingle Tanning Lotions in 2021

In the agrarian period of Europe and America dark-skinned people were considered as inferior and lowest rank in society. White skin was all they desired. But in the era of industrialization, this concept has been changed. Especially in the twentieth century, when fashion designers attention towards dark models had emerged, people started to think differently.

People with dark complexion have a certain amount of melanin which is one essential ingredient for human health. Melanin production in a body prevents skin cancer and damages those harmful proteins that initiate ageing the skin. Thus, the idea of tanning came into sight.

Sunbathing was the first and foremost idea for skin-tan. Consequently, numerous skin tanning products have invented. Besides sunbathing, recently, indoor tanning has become a relaxed and comfortable option. There are several kinds of indoor tanning elements like Bronzer, Tingle lotion, accelerators and so on. Among them, Tingle Tanning lotion has the most activate formula to tan your body fast in an effective way. Tingle tanning lotions consist of such ingredients that speed up the blood circulation and facilitate the melanin-production. Tanners who already experienced some tanning products and sun-tan, this Tingle Tanning Lotion is a product to make their tan long last and help them achieve their desired skin-tone.

Best 8 Tingle Tanning Lotions of 2021

Concerning which Tingle Tanning Lotion will be suitable for skin; people need to be very careful. At times, choosing a wrong product may cause rash, allergy, burning feeling and may damage your skin permanently. To make your decision a little bit comfortable, we reviewed below Tingle Tanning Lotions. Hope, it will be helpful and lessen your perplexity.

1. Ed Hardy Tingle Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy Tingle Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy believes that every customer is perfect and beautiful as their own way. So, they always come with the product idea that will be ideal for their clients. Ed Hardy’s Bronzing tanning lotion with Tingle is one of them. This product is especially for practiced tanners and will assist them to get a warm, dazzling tan for years.

This bronzer holds an intense tingle complexion to bring the darkest possible tone on every skin shell. Ingredients used in this product support the supply of oxygen and amplify skin-ability to tan naturally. As well, it permits the instant bronzer formula to act more quickly and successfully.

Ed Hardy addresses this bronzer tingle tanning formula as ‘Obnoxious’ because of its ageing-combat formula. This Tingle Tanning treatment contains natural seed oil and antioxidant-affluent mangosteen. Where seed oil nourishes the skin, mangosteen keeps the skin away from ageing sign developments like fine lines, wrinkle etc.
Thus, Ed Hardy claims to serve their ideal customer with ideal products.

Special Features
  • Tingle formula to gradually warm the skin tone
  • Using oil by natural seeds moisturizes the skin and makes it softer
  • Antioxidant-rich ingredients like Mangosteen which works against the ageing process
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E nourished formula

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2. Supre Tan’s Cherry Bomb Tanning Lotion

Supre Tans Cherry Bomb Tanning Lotion

If you have already a tan base, this Cherry Bomb is a bombshell for you. This is a cherry-extract based formula merged with several Vitamin items. This formula grounds a blast of tingling on skin shell encouraging blood to block the surface.

As skin turns out reddish from augmented blood circulation, simultaneously the overflow of oxygen helps them to produce melanin. The cherry fragrance in this tanning amplifier includes a soothing experience while tanning. Natural ingredients used in this lotion keep you far away from side effects and the antioxidant shield protects from the harmful UV rays.

The maximum use of Vitamin A, E & C in this bronzer offers extra defense and nutrition to the skin and formulates a brighter, velvety and soft surface.

Special Features
  • Helps speed up and intensify melanin production
  • Combined with Three Vitamin formula; e.g. Vitamin A, E & C
  • Ensures more dense, smooth and tanned skin than ever

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3. Snooki Super Dark maximize by Supre

Snooki Super Dark Maximize by Supre

Supre is one of those brands who took the idea of tanning very seriously. They always discover some unique tanning formula that ensures long-lasting tan and pour the skin tone with hotness. Their tanning item ‘Snooki’ is made for the tanners who love indoor tanning with natural ingredients. Mingled with healthy and solid ingredients this tingle lotion ensures an instant enduring dark appearance. Because of its natural bronzers, tingle assurance and tattoo protection, this product has a different fan base.

Using for the first time may cause a little bit splotchy effect, but it helps in tanning more effectively. However, this product may act a little harsh on beginners in tanning or people with sensitive skin. Thus, Supre always appreciates the advanced tanners to utilize it rather than the novices.

Special Features
  • For a superior dark-toning experience
  • Diminish the cellulite emergence from the skin
  • Ensures soft, velvety and deep nourished skin
  • Emphasize the tattoo color instead of fading it away.

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4. Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion by Swedish Beauty

Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion by Swedish Beauty

Odor: Citrus CranberryNatural ingredients in skin care products always capture peoples’ attention. As natural ingredients do not have any harmful components, nourish skin from within and keep the skin far away from side effects. Thus, a better quality Tingle Tanning Lotion demands to have natural ingredients as much as possible. At times, clients think natural ingredients take time to effect, which is not true actually. It has been proved that natural bronzer in a Tingle Lotion acts more instantly than an artificial bronzer. As a result, Swedish Beauty chooses to use Natural Bronzing in their Tingle Tanning Lotion with the Tingle power combination to ensure an immediate tan and augment the blood circulation. In this way, tanning cell starts to perform accurately.

Tingle power T2 also act in disappearing aging signs gradually and the other moisturizing ingredients arouse skin development.

Special Features
  • Instant tanning method
  • Augments blood circulation, thus activates tanning cell
  • Boost the action of anti-aging formula

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5. Jwoww Tingle Bronzer

Jwoww Tingle Bronzer

The more your body needs melanin for skin-development, the merrier it demands to have something that will keep them juvenile for years. Jwoww maintains their product exactly your skin wants. In their tanning lotion, they use Tyrosine melanin and natural bronzer for outbursting dark color within hours. As well, a fine combination of yogurt, Vitamin E, black currant oil, shea butter and pear gifts the user an energetic skin figure. When you want a tanning bed regularly, this product is a lit.

Warning: in case of Tingle Tanning Lotion, Jwoww always suggest their clients keep the product away from children. Cause, its intense tingle formula creates burn redness which far intense for children’s tolerance. 

Do not think the date on the bottom as expiry date; instead, it is manufactures’ numbers.

Special Features
  • Consists of Tyronize melanin and natural bronzer
  • A healthy combination of yoghurt, black currant and pear
  • Fostered with Shea butter and Vitamin E

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6. Pro Tan Hot Tottie Tanning Lotion

Pro Tan Hot Tottie Tanning lotion

As an advanced tanner you must have a serious thought of getting a perfect tan on your body. A deep hesitation about choosing among high-quality brands always keeps us away from choosing the right product. However, we should go with the Pro. It is adjoined by so many fruitful natural ingredients that will high raise advanced tan on the highest level and assists you to achieve the darkest tone possible; This Hot Tottie Tanning Lotion includes so many beneficial ingredients in their formula. This formula adjoins Vitamin A, C & E to nourish the skin, Mango butter, Cocoa butter to keep the skin youthful, Aloe Vera as a moisturizer and Tyrosine for melanin production. The Mocha sugar fragrance will soothe your experience while applying it in the body.

The method Pro Tan use in their Pro Tingle Tanning lotion is best-loved at the tanning salons around the globe.

Special Features
  • An exquisite combination of melanin, butter and vitamins
  • Odor: Mocha Sugar

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7. Devoted Creations Tingle Dark Tanning Lotions

Devoted Creations Tingle Dark Tanning Lotions

Fed up by using a strong-scented tanning lotion? As well if it is not providing you the actual tan you are longing for, then, it’s time to switch. Cause, Devoted Creations has the perfect product of your choice, Avant tingle dark tanning optimizer with hemp seed oil. Though it does not contain bronzer, still the formula can gift you an incredible tingle tanned body.

This 200ml small bottle can create a significant change in your skin by providing instant tan. You can apply it on your body by blending with some other lotion or moisturizer to amend the warmth according to your comfort level. When your skin starts to adjust with tingle tanning lotion, you may increase the ratio in regular use.

Caution: rinse the lotion immediately after the apply-completion. Keep yourself away from touching any other sensitive body parts or touching someone else. It may cause severe damage to your eyes if any drip of tingle lotion enters into the eye arena. Do not use it in front of children and leave it far away from their presence.

Special Features
  • Bronzer free tanning treatment
  • Using microcirculation formula to ensure a deep tan
  • Odor: Pomegranate

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8. Devoted Creations Darkening Lotion

Devoted Creations Darkening Lotion

Though white skin tone is a desire of everyone, nowadays white people do not seem much happy with their inborn skin-tone. At times using tanned lotions, even tingle ones do not reach their expectation. For some, from white to tan, demands long patience, time and enduring ability. Many of them leave hope in the middle of the whole procedure.

Devoted Creations are always devoted in creating product that customers really yearn for. As a result, they launch their new addition ‘White to Black Tingle Lotion’ which permits your skin to go three shades darker than your actual tone. Sounds arousing? Indeed it is. Combined with several accelerators which enhance the melanin-production and accomplish quick, tanning results this product is a Bronzer free indoor tanning formula. This ‘white to Black’ darkening lotion will make you more tanned in every use.

Special Features
  • Guarantees 3 shades darker tone
  • Darkening lotion with no bronzer
  • Odor : Rain kissed leaf

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Factors to Consider while Choosing a Tingle Tanning Lotion

Buying a tingle tanning lotion for the first time is quite daunting for everyone. It is a product for advanced tanners, but even advanced tanners hesitate before using because of its burning feature. Will my skin burn? What will I do if the instant reaction formula feels so painful after first use? To make your worries a little less, we want to discuss some factors you need to consider before using or buying a tingle lotion.

Know Your Skin Desire

Researchers have found in several studies that people are more conscious and careful about their skin than any other body parts. As well skin surface tends tobe sensitive. Thus, before using skincare products, it is compulsory to know what your skin desires. In case of tingle lotion, people with rash and allergy-prone skin need to see a dermatologist before buying it. As well, people with comfortable skin pattern also need to be careful. As tingle tanning lotions have some ingredients which might be new for your body which may cause sudden rash, allergy or any other discomfort. So, prior to applying or buying a tingle tan formula, one needs to be very careful about his/her skin.

Read the Product-Label Carefully

A product packaging is essential in every aspect, especially the cover, each side of it, every word written on it. The typical nature in a tangle tanning lotions’ packaging is bright, intense color using some sensational taglines with block letter. As a customer, we always fall for a lucrative packet. But the essential thing to actually fall for is the writing on those packets.
The writing on the packet includes the ingredients, using procedures, effects and side effects. It also contains extra caution if there is any. Read those matters so carefully and think twice before making a decision. Buy only if you feel it is the best product for you otherwise precede your position towards another product.

Customer Evaluation

Customers’ evaluation is a vast opportunity to augment your investigation on a tingle tanning lotion. Customers who adore or hate the product leave there judgments and ratings for you. By this way, they disclose benefits and the detriment sides of the product and let you choose. As well their detailed review helps you to know why it is best or worst and how it works actually.

Package Size

At times it happens; you get all the positive reviews, know that the ingredients will not harm your skin but still have a dilemma. As the product is tingle tanning lotion and it causes to change your skin permanently, we can’t blame you. So, here is our suggestion to search the smallest package available in the market and give the product a chance.

What is a Tingle Tanning Lotion? How it works?

Tingle tanning lotions is one of the most potent indoor tanning methods. Do you have any idea about what Tingle Tanning Lotion is? No? But you know the feeling of summer when the sunlight outburst and give your skin a burning sensation. It results in a warm reddish tone on your body. That’s precisely what a tingle tanning lotion attempts to copy in a tanning bed.

The lotion amplifies the blood circulation and the amount of oxygen under the skin surface. This cause melanin augmentation and helps the skin to get a dark tone. You may have a question about how this formula augments blood circulation and oxygen. Basically, tingle tanning lotions consist of Methyl, Nicotine, Benzyl that carry more oxygen and enhance the blood circulation rate on the skin shell. Thus, it helps the people who have a fair tone but desire for a brown tone or facing complexity in skin tanning

For its itch or tingle ability, people consider that Tingle Tanning lotion formula has more potential than any other tanning treatments. Mostly, the intention of applying tingle tanning lotions is to increase the possessions of UV rays on the body. After one hour of tanning, skin surfaces start to turn red exactly like it becomes after the sunburn. Same as the sunburn goes away after some time; this redness will also fade away.

Benefits of Tingle Tanning Lotion

Before using a product, especially skin related products, every person yearn for a guarantee of how much it will actually work. Nothing is different in the case of Tingle Tanning Lotion. Tingle creations always bring a dark reddish tone on the skin. Benzyl and Methyl Nicotine as its main ingredient, is the reason behind the surety of a warm tone you desire. The combination of the other ingredients works for the augmented blood circulation and oxygenation to make the tanning results noticeable after one use.

It does not work as a tanning lotion only there are some advantages of using this lotion after knowing which you may crave more.

Moisturize the Skin while Tanning

Tingle tanning lotions have limitless advantages that formulate this product as the most tempting among the people who desire an inborn bronzed look. First of all, these tanning products aspire to bring a natural tan by influencing body-melanin; as a result, skin becomes darker. Simultaneously, the ingredients used as moisturizers let the skin to tan uniformly. This method of tanning do not allow the tan to fade away as well moisturize the skin which necessary for skin health. The appliance of this combination also protects the surface from UV rays-damage.

Splotch-Free Tanning Lotion

The other tanning applications available in the market tend to create skin splotches and blots while tanning. But tingle tanning lotions acts from within, leaves your skin spotless while tanning. It ensures that while applying this lotion, you do not need to concern for different color arenas in your body.

Beneficiary for Tattoos

People who have several tattoos on body and now want a tan formula then tingling lotion is best for them to use. A lot of tingling lotions have the method which does not lighten the tattoos. So if you want the inked art on your bodies to look beautiful even after tanning tingle tanning lotion is a godsend.

Side Effects of Tingle Tanning Lotion

Using the tingle tanning lotion for the first time may cause some uncomfortable skin situations. Lots of users claim to get uneven reddish tone, itchy and burning feeling. But many of them also assure not to worry as these types of uncomforting problems eventually go away. But if it last long then you need to give a second thought of using it continuously.

If you have sensitive skin and the pain-taking capacity of your skin is low, then dermatologists’ forbid you to continue a tingle lotion. As well tingle lotion works effectively and quickly one need to skip it before using any other tanning lotions. Otherwise, the effects might be too harsh.

Sometimes some ingredients may make your skin more sensitive, and at times it crates rash or allergy on skin. As well, if you suffer from any skin disease or allergy earlier, you must have to check all the ingredients of a tingle tanning lotion by your dermatologist.


Tingle tanning lotion is not what you should use in the initial days of tanning. If your skin has the experience to get burned and you want it more, than tingle tanning Lotion should be your next choice. It increases your blood circulation, oxidize skin and enhance melanin production. This lotion is not just a tanning formula, but an anti-ageing method and moisturizes the skin from inside. So, tanners who desire to be tanned more, what you are waiting for?