here are the best primer for wrinkles

Best Primer For Wrinkles on Your Aging Skin

Your facial skin reacts fast according to your age, health, mental stress, hormonal change, etc. Kids tend to have delicate skin, but when they reach their puberty, skin starts to change in line with physical change. As much as you grow old, the skin begins to make your age visible. Wrinkles are the initial signs that you are aging. But no one likes to show their age and want to hide it from people to remain with evergreen beauty. Primer is one exceptional skincare item to make them succeed in this motive. Well nurtured primers hydrate your skin from deep and smooth the skin surface by removing all the imperfection and aging signs. From heavy makeup to keep it natural, primer is a must-have item for every lady.

When discussing primers it’s a common thought that among many which will be fruitful. To know about the best makeup primers for wrinkles and pores in every possible detail, we invite you to hook up with this article.

Best 11 Primers for Wrinkles:

Wrinkles are not always visible when you age. Maintaining a healthy routine before and after going out can help your skin to age slowly or aging well. Also choose the right product. No matter how much you age, you always want to look flawless and younger. Here are some wrinkles perfecting primer choices so you can accomplish your aim.

1. StriVectin Line BlurFector Primer

StriVectin Line BlurFector Primer

StriVectin Line instant wrinkle blurring primer gradually blurs the appearance of wrinkles. Applying this primer before makeup sets your composition well, long lasts the wear.

The BlurFector Primer assembles all the skincare essentials within one texture, creases for a perfect canvas. It is ideal for your ultimate skincare step or that relaxed, no makeup days or helps to make a base for keeping your heavy makeup in place for hours.

StriVectin drugstore primer applied the formula of optical blurring microspheres that disperse light to blur pores, wrinkles; fine lines etc. and ensure extended makeup wear. It also includes niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B3 which stops water loss and preserves skin’s moisture. Niacinamide reduces the wrinkles’ emergence, creates a smooth texture and overall gifts a better surface structure.

Special Features
  • Wrinkle blurring primer to reduce the wrinkles’ appearance instantly
  • Creates an ideal base by fixing the imperfection and extends wear
  • Formulated with niacinamide to provide proper moisture and a better surface

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2. SOZGE Face Primer for Pores and Wrinkles

Sozge Face Primer for Pores and Wrinkles

SOZGE face primer suits well with every skin pattern, like oily skin and skin with pore and wrinkles. The formula includes green tea extracts that ensure long last wear and protects the skin throughout the entire time. This face primer contains soluble collagen to help maintain a mature skin’s elasticity and absorbs the extra grease off your face. Thus, while still having oily skin, your face doesn’t look gross with unwanted shine.

At times, primer gives you the feeling of an extra layer on your face. But in the case of SOZGE, It is lightweight and presents seamless coverage for imperfections like pores, wrinkles and patchy complexion. It moisturizes the skin from inside, diminishes the appearance of flaws and turns your skin into brightening one.

Special Features
  • Lightweight formula that provides flawless coverage for pores and wrinkles
  • Nurtured with green tea extracts, protects and nourishes the skin,
  • Initiated with soluble collagen to absorb the excess oil and boost the skin-elasticity

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3. Lancome Paris La Base Makeup Primer

Lancome Paris La Base Makeup Primer

Lancome Paris La Base is in the primer game, for maintaining an airbrushed look for long even under the sun. The “exclusive” non-greasy formula goes well as a base of foundation or powder. Before discussing the texture, the first we would like to let you know is its pump. It delivers the exact amount you need, not dispense more while you press. La Base is a lightweight, easily absorbable primer that does not create grease under the sun. So, the smooth radiant look you achieved after applying will remain polished after a whole day.

People who are always skeptical about the claims of skincare products Lancome primer can gain their trust by their service. It offers an ideal base for heavy makeup to no makeup idea. It does not provide much silicone texture instead provides a blemish-free dewy surface.

Special Features
  • Blurs pores, wrinkles and fine lines with light dispersing particles
  • A non-greasy makeup base that roots for a smooth, glowing and polished look

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4. Peter Thomas Roth Mattifying Primer

Peter Thomas Roth Mattifying primer

The mattifying primer by Peter Thomas Roth has the instantly blurring capability. All the look of pores, wrinkles and imperfection on your face can immediately go away by applying this formula. It provides a matte finish and creates a smooth base for oil-free, flawless makeup application for long.

The mattifying recipe has the potential to absorb the excess oil, and Disa-Pore 20 gradually lessens the pore size and shape. This Skin to die for Primer by Peter Thomas is a subtle texture to blend well with every skin type, and shade instantly. You can wear it as a makeup base or alone to create a natural no-filter look.

Gently pat on your clean face, especially the areas with wrinkles, pore and uneven complexion. For a gradual better result, apply twice for 28 days continuously.

Special Features
  • Instantly smudges the pore, wrinkles, and fine lines appearance
  • Creates a smooth coat with a natural matte finish
  • Reduces the form of pore size and shape over time

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5. Bellezza Secreto Makeup Primer

Bellezza Secreto Makeup Primer

Want a flawless, radiant, smooth skin by using a primer only? Use Belezza Secreto Makeup Primer to keep your fine lines, pores, and redness as your secret. This formula includes organic ingredients like Vitamin A, C and E, so the primer not only covers fine lines and wrinkles but also prevents them from inside. As a combination Vitamin A & E also encourages skin-cells reproduction. Using almost no harmful parabens; this face primer is appropriate for all skin types from oily to sensitive skin.

Bellezza creates a shiny, smooth, powdery base for long-wearing makeup so that it can last up to eight to twelve hours finish. Its flawless base suits well with every foundation & creates a perfect appearance. It is water defiant and works perfectly for dry skin, oily skin, combination skin and even sensitive skin. Bellazza will not clog pores and facilitate acne. It is non-greasy, fragrance-free, and anti-irritating on Sensitive Skin. Secreto makeup primer is safe to use every day as a facial moisturizer so apply a bit before starting your makeup routine.

Special Features
  • Generates a silky smooth soft powdery long lasting makeup on all skin type
  • Contains Vitamin A & E that supports cell reproduction
  • Hide & reduce all signs of aging like fine lines, pores, redness, wrinkles, etc

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6. NuFACE Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer

NuFACE Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer

Micro-current is a clinically experienced therapeutic innovation and treatment in the anti-aging revolution. It is now using for facial contouring and firming of aging skin. NuFACE Hydrating Leave on Gel Primer is using Microcurrent Skincare™ devices and skincare method to make you look and feel more stunning. This Hydrating Leave-On Gel ensures the most exceptional conductivity throughout the microcurrent treatments. Hyaluronic acid and Phytomoist composition revives and repairs the dry skin and keeps it hydrated. 

The insubstantial and velvety texture blends smoothly across the skin and soaks up quickly. Use NuFACE anytime when your skin needs a humidity booster. This leave-on gel formulates speedily and is free of grease, alcohol, preservatives, sulphates, gluten, and aroma. NuFACE Gel Primer is the only skin conscious product that FDA-permitted to use microcurrent devices.

Special Features
  • NuFACE Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer rejuvenates and refills dry surface
  • Nourished with micro-current anti aging formula

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7. Sheer Cover – Base Perfector Primer

Sheer Cover Base Perfector Primer

The light and deluxe Sheer Cover Base Perfector Primer has vitamins, antioxidants and soothing botanicals. This silky mineral drugstore is a must-have item for your skincare routine. It not only creates a perfect canvas for a smooth makeup application but also helps to reduce the emergence of imperfection like pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Sheer cover contains special light diffusing minerals that help cover the skin flaws and offers the skin a matte-perfect, velvety-smooth finish. 

Base Perfecto primer gives you a picture-perfect finish. It conceals the dark circles, vanishes the redness, and balances discoloration or pigmentation. So, if you want an incredible coat with a feather-like feel and a natural-looking smooth finish, choose Sheer Cover’s Base Perfector primer without any doubt.

Special Features
  • Botanicals, vitamins and antioxidants to nourish the skin while priming
  • Mineral primers diffuse the look of wrinkles, pores and imperfection
  • Mineral based primer, creates smooth application

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8. Covergirl + Olay Ageless Makeup Primer

Covergirl and Olay Ageless Makeup Primer

Who doesn’t want an ageless skin with great coverage and hydrating particles? Prepare your skin with a youthful glow along with Covergirl + Olay 3-in-1 liquor makeup primer. This anti-aging foundation boosts up the skin to instantly trim down the appearance of wrinkles and pores. The water-based formula hydrates your skin from inside and creates a younger-looking complexion. Skin tone turns into more even and perfects while hyaluronic complex and vitamin C deliver enough moisture to maintain your skin looking energetic and radiant. 

Covergirl + Olay Ageless Makeup Primer is available in several shades so you can get the right match for your skin tone.

Special Features
  • Hyaluronic complex and Vitamin C to offer enough hydration
  • Anti-aging texture to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines etc

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9. TOUCH IN SOL No Pore Blem Primer

Touch in Sol No Pore Blem Primer

Primer is a product that provides a better base for a heavy make over. At the same time, it ensures the natural glow and finishes on the face of people who want to keep the makeup game simple or do not want to use any kind of makeup. Women with age appearance on their facial skins also want a primer that disappears wrinkles, pores and fine lines within minutes. Thus, TOUCH IN SOL primer arrives with soluble collagen and green tea extracts. Soluble collagen helps to maintain skin elasticity and moisture level. Simultaneously, green tea extracts protect and energize the skin also supports long last wear. Therefore, after touching your surface TOUCH IN SOL primer provides a flawless coverage to conceal the pores, wrinkles and uneven complexion.

Pump a small amount on your finger and apply on your skin. Pat until it absorbs and even on the entire surface. You may use more drips if you find it necessary. Ensure a beautiful application and then see the magic.

Special Features
  • Light sheer formula that offers flawless coat for wrinkles, pores and uneven surface
  • Nourished with Green tea extracts to protect and energize the skin
  • Soluble collagen to maintain elasticity and profound moisture level

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10. Makeup Primer by Bella Terra

Makeup Primer by Bella Terra

No matter whichever makeup item is in your bag, Bella Terra Makeup Primer furnishes each product a soft and even canvas for a faultless application that lasts long. The gel Primer shapes a strong bond with other cosmetics, serving them to stay on the skin and remain bright and colour-true for hours. Bella Terra Makeup Primer will permit your skin to achieve the same effect without using many foundations for a more extended period. 

The texture of Bella Terra fills the pores, conceals the wrinkles and brightens the tired skin. It is anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic, so sensitive skin owners can apply it without a doubt. Another advantage is using no preservatives, alcohol, talc and toxic chemicals made it safe for every skin type.

Special Features
  • Works as a light, silky moisturizer while hiding imperfections
  • Suitable for all skin types and boosts and hydrates the surface
  • Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, don’t irritate sensitive surfaces

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11. L’Oreal Paris Base Face Primer

L'Oreal Paris Base Face Primer

The glossy, lightweight formula stays on the skin for long and lessens the outer shell of pores, wrinkles and fine lines. Skin feels soft and silky to the touch. While applying a primer, you will always want the one that is noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic and will not clog pores. New Studio Secrets by L’Oreal Paris knows your demand. As a result, it unifies matte finish that’s flawless. Apply essential drips on bare skin or after moisturizer and massage or pat until your skin absorbs it entirely. Blend into areas around the eyes to smooth those wrinkles, pores, fine lines, and the imperfection on your nose, cheeks, and t zone. As a base L’Oréal primer is non-greasy, offers a matte finish and has everything you need for a smooth, even surface.

Special Features
  • The smooth formula to fade away the look of wrinkles, pore, fine lines
  • Lightweight formula to penetrate skin easily and hydrates while acting

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How Do You Get Rid of Wrinkles with Makeup?

In case of aging signs using makeup that helps to get rid of those wrinkles, pores and fine lines is better than the makeup that only hides them. As primers are the basic to hide those aging signs applying primers that include age-defiant particles from within may help. Best primers for pores and wrinkles are those who have following properties.

Moisturizing compounds

Aging makes our skin drier than before. Dryness creates shrinkage on the surface and facilitates wrinkles. So your skin needs skincare products providing much hydration and watery formula. Look for a primer with hyaluronic acid or coconut water if you want to get rid of the wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid drags in water and plumps the skin. Thus, your skin arrives enough moisture throughout the day.

Contains Retinoids 

Retinoids stimulate your skin to produce more collagen, which combats wrinkles. Primers with retinoids will help to solute collagen and emerge a younger-looking complexion.

Several drugstore primers for mature skin are accessible in the market that conceals the wrinkles so well. But sometimes people want more than that. Primers that help to reduce your wrinkles gradually than just to hide it will beneficial for your skin’s durability.

Does Makeup Primer Help with Wrinkles?

Primers are the leading gesture to soften your wrinkles. Aging makes your skin overly dry, and skin starts to shrink. Thus wrinkles, fine lines emerge. That’s the moment when your skin needs primers. Primers contain such particles that provide proper hydration and soluble collagen to your skin. It moisturizes your under eye areas and even most sensitive skin. So the surface gets enough water and fight against wrinkles.

Not all the primers contain those properties; some are just basics. But if you want your primer to work as your aging solutions, choose features that hydrate, smoothes surface and plump collagen.

Is Silicone Based Primer Good or Bad for Skin?

Silicone-based primers have Vaseline like texture, smooth and silky. It glides on your skin evenly and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. If you have oily skin, you need to find the best silicone based primer for wrinkles because of their mattifying gesture. 

Silicone primers are wonder products for filling in wrinkles, lines, acne scars and uneven spots. Among all, you need to find the best silicone primer for deep wrinkles that can defend your skin by creating a barricade to keep out harmful free-radicals. At the same time, it keeps your makeup looking bright and unmarked for hours. Silicone based primers keep your makeup safe from heat and humidity. It doesn’t let your skin feel chapped in the summertime and wind burned during winter.

However, while washing the face after a long day, wash your face thoroughly. While smoothing all the imperfection, it fills the deep pores evenly. So, even after cleaning if the residues left on the skin, it may clog pore and create acne breakouts.

How do I Choose the Best Primer for Wrinkles?

There are a few facts you need to consider before choosing a primer while you want to conceal your wrinkles.

The primer that provides enough hydration

One of the leading reasons for getting wrinkles is overly dryness of your skin. When your skin age, it supplies less water and becomes dry. The dry surface creates shrinkages and that cause wrinkles. When your skincare routine or products deliver enough hydration, your skin won’t shrink and will prevent wrinkles. So, choose a primer with hyaluronic acid or coconut water. They will offer essential hydration to moisture your skin and preventing the dryness from inside while hiding those wrinkles.

Smooth texture

To hide the wrinkles, pore, fine lines and other imperfections within minutes, primers need to have a subtle creamy texture. Thus, the texture goes well with your surface and makes an uneven skin to an even one.

Non-greasy formula

If applying primers produce excess oil, it will not be able to maintain a heavy makeup look or a naturally polished look. So, always go for an oil-free or non-greasy formula.

No preservative, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic product

Preservatives often ruin the skin surface and create skin irritation. If users have sensitive skin, then it will create more damaged skin. So, while buying a primer choose non-comedogenic, preservative-free, hypoallergenic primer. In this way, your pores will not clog, and your sensitive skin will be irritation-free.

What Can I Use on Fine Lines and Wrinkles Instead of Primer?

Moisturizers nourished with Aloe Vera gel; coconut oil conceals wrinkles and gifts a smooth finish. You can also use a light hydrating-rich foundation. A hydrating light sheer foundation maintains a right coverage that hides spots, wrinkles and lines. Loose powders’ light dusting formulas too help in making wrinkles invisible. Powder blushes create a natural, radiant look on the skin and create a shiny face that does not contain any visible wrinkles or pores.

Highlighting eyes or using under eye creams also help in disguising the wrinkles and aging spots. Under-eye creams are moisturizer boosters. They not only hide the lines but also nourishes the skin from within and reduces those aging signs permanently. Putting the right amount of shadow on your lids creates an intense eye look. Thus the wrinkles around your eye areas get unnoticed.


Wrinkles are the sign your body starts to show you a symbol that you need to be more careful towards your skin while you are aging. If you are not aging, then your wrinkles are indicating you to maintain a healthy skincare routine. So, if you are facing wrinkles or lines, don’t panic. Stick with a healthy routine, use some healthy products and bless yourself with a healthy skin pattern.