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Best Mineral Sunscreen Spray to Avoid Sunburn

Growing up in such an atmosphere, where you experience sunburn while you go outside is not a cool thing. If you’ve had adequate clashes with that burning star, it’s obvious inclining towards sunscreen. But just a sunscreen with SPF 30 to 50 isn’t enough to protect your skin from damage. Your skin needs the protection from both the UVA and UVB rays with moisturizing capabilities. In that case, mineral sun protection is always the best. Mineral sunscreen works immediately after applying and do not irritate the sensitive skin. 

Simultaneously the market is vibrant with numerous collections of sunscreen gel, lotion and sprays. While gel and cream are famous already; recently, sunscreen sprays tempted a vast market. Because of its easy application, people became a fan of carrying mineral sunscreen sprays in their bag, luggage or tour backpacks. However, every product has some pros and cons, the way to use and storing necessities. To make all these queries clear, we are here with every possible detail about mineral sunscreen sprays.

Best 7 Mineral Sunscreen Sprays of 2020

The main characteristic of mineral sunscreen is protecting from both the UVA and UVB rays. Mineral sun protection sprays contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Still, in this world full of replica and fraud brand, we want to let you know about these 7 best mineral sunscreen sprays which can gift your skin a better safeguard against the sun.

1. Babo Botanicals Spray Sunscreen SPF 30

Babo Botanicals Spray Sunscreen SPF 30

Babo Botanicals Spray Sunscreen provides natural nourishment with Sunflower oil, Aloe Vera, etc. The sunflower seed oil has healing properties. It reduces skin irritation, inflammation and first-rated sunscreen for dry skin. This spray resists water and sweat for up to eighty minutes while moisturizing, comforting and shielding sensitive skin with nutritious organic components. This one is ideal as babies’ sun-protection, youngsters’ natural sunscreen or grownups with sensitive skin.

In this formula, 100% Non-Nano Zinc Sunscreen supplies broad range UV protection. This sunscreen with SPF 30 equipped with antioxidants and soothing ingredients. It moisturizes and guards the skin with Avocado, Organic Shea Butter, and Jojoba Oils. Mothers who want to protect their babies from sun damage can use this product with no doubt. It will ease your toddler’s skin from sun irritation while moisturizing from inside.

Special Features
  • Sweat and waterproof coverage, applicable to babies and sensitive skin
  • Contains sunflower seed oil to heal skin problems
  • Nourished with organic watercress and jojoba oil to reduce skin irritation

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2. Supergoop! 100% Mineral SPF 30 Sunscreen

Supergoop 100% Mineral SPF 30 Sunscreen

100% Mineral Sunscreen spray SPF 30 does well in providing consistent, waterproof sun-safety and suitable coverage. This sheer sunscreen in a non-aerosol spray is an exclusive blend with the 12% zinc oxide sunscreen base conveys full-scale sun protection. Supergoop includes a handful of valuable antioxidants.

100% Mineral Sunscreen Mist goes well with all skin tones. It is rich in marigold and chamomile extract, omega seeds fatty acid, Vitamin E, and sunflower seed oil. Marigold extracts and Chamomile extracts contain antifungal, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Because of these facilities, your skin heals, repairs, and relieves from skin irritation. The insubstantial zinc oxide formula turns sheer after it penetrates the skin, contributes to eighty minutes of physical UV protection.

Special Features
  • Contains marigold and chamomile extract to soothe the skin from inflammation
  • Offers water-resistant, sun-protection with 100% mineral

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3. Sun Bum Mineral Sun Care

Sun Bum Mineral Sun Care

Women who like to use skin care products as natural as possible; Sun Bum Sunscreen is a blessing for them. It is a new zinc-based mineral compilation for your relaxation and tenderness. This sun care is reef secured, non-allergic, non-comedogenic, and water-resistant product. It is non-greasy texture, does not leave a sallow residue and supports long-wearing. Wide-range, lightweight, less-oily, moisturizing Sunscreen Stick with safe minerals to defend the skin against UV rays. Smooth, slide stick polishes easily and is grand for applying on face, lips, nose, and ears. 

The scent of this sunscreen is a combination of coconut and banana. It may sound gross, but the smell is not intense. It is noticeable but mild and will not give you an awkward feeling.

Special Features
  • Extended UV protection with waterproof SPF 50 formula
  • Does not leave a white residue after drying
  • The lightweight moisturizing solution, applicable to whole facial surface

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4. COOLA Organic Sunscreen Body Spray

COOLA Organic Sunscreen Body Spray

A mist that slays! Coola’s organic sun protection body spray has your back. With this bottle, every other inch of your skin gets hydration, softness and detoxification. It keeps misting your body upside down, making it effortless to cover the entire place. This pure, water and sweat defiant organic recipe has antioxidants and skin-nourishing properties. It soaks up fast with no oily feel. So you can play longer without any greasy remainder.

Coola’s sunscreen body spray is for the people who want organic SPF protection. Apply copiously fifteen minutes before sun contact. Reapply after eighty minutes of swimming or sweating. Apply on a clean area straight away after towel drying and at a minimum every two hours.

Special Features
  • Contains Aloe extract to care the wound, sunburn, and minor skin irritation
  • Fill with Vitamins and Minerals to hydrate, soften, and detoxify the skin
  • Combats and defends your skin against pollution

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5. PACIFICA Sun + Skincare Mineral

pacifica Sun and Skincare Mineral

Acquire a bronzed shine right away & guard your skin against sun damage. This exclusive method incorporates skincare into suncare, inserts a beautiful radiance & supplies skin hydration. The design is water resistance, helps you to stay outside & have fun while looking gorgeous. It contains coconut probiotics and zinc oxide simultaneously. Coconut prebiotics infiltrates deep into the skin and moisturizes intensely. On the other hand, Zinc oxide acts as a calm astringent and includes some antibacterial properties. It works as a barrier between the skin and germs. ‘PACIFIA sun + skincare mineral’ is free of chemicals that you don’t want & filled with skin-loving positivity. It is a Non-aerosol constant spray. Before using you need to shake the bottle well, use generously and often.

Special Features
  • Rich in coconut probiotics to penetrate deep and moisturize the skin
  • Provides antiseptic properties with Zinc oxide
  • Invented with harmful particles and UV absorbers

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6. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Sun Spray

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Sun Spray

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Sun Spray is light milky liquor that sprays simply on to arms, necks, legs and so on. For the facial surface, simply spray into the palm of your hand and then coat it over the face. For its light and sheer texture, people may think this spray will convert into light protection, but the fact is it is not. DDG’s Sunblock Spray can become your protection in a weekend out on a vessel on the Long Island.

On top of being comfortable to use, this sunscreen spray is more than satisfactory and a good performer, there are additional reasons to adore this sunscreen. The small list of ingredients contains some high-quality antioxidants. The other parts are habitually gentle with neopentyl glycol heptanoate and combination of silicones. These are two forms of vitamin B, vitamin C, ubiquinone, and resveratrol. Besides, there are extracts of tea and amla works for those whose skin needs a serum while protecting the skin from the sun.

Special Features
  • Offers broad spectrum SPF 50+ fortification against sun damage
  • Preserves SPF after 40 minutes of movement in water or perspiring
  • Powerful antioxidants shelter against free harmful radicals and toxic particles

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7. Australian Gold Spray Gel

Australian Gold Spray Gel

Australian Gold Spray Gel is a broad-spectrum sunscreen gel includes natural sunflower seed oil, tea tree & olive fruit oils within one formula. It supplies ultimate hydration merged with Aloe Vera for natural therapeutic & conditioning benefits. This gel also has natural caramel bronzer to augment skin with an on the spot bronzed glow. It has Kakadu Plum and Tea Tree Oil nourishment. They both are potent antioxidants, to protect the skin from free harmful radicals. It contains the signature Australian Gold aroma with a combination of vanilla, coconut and orange. This gel provides both the UVA and UVB protection, water defiant for eighty minutes. Thus the whole texture leaves skin supple, hydrated & sun-kissed.

Special Features
  • Broad-spectrum with waterproof advantage (eighty minutes)
  • The healthy formula effortlessly soak into the skin for a refreshed feeling
  • Sunflower Seed Oil and Olive Fruit Oil to intensely hydrate the skin

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What is Better Sunscreen Spray or Lotion? Are Sunscreen Sprays Effective?

Lotions and gel sunscreens defend your skin from cancer, counting the most toxic form, melanoma. But for a comfortable using procedure, many want to know the effectiveness of spray sunscreens. Some always scared using sprays because of inhalation. Though having these concerns, there’s been an enhanced amount of spray on the market in recent years.

It’s okay to use a spray sunscreen until you do not breathe it in. And spraying directly to the hand and then rubbing it into the skin is the process of how you should use a sunscreen spray.

It’s essential to make sure that you’ve applied enough. Sprays are perfect for getting to places you can’t reach. But this is not a perfume spray. It is a spray until you can see the product on your skin.

Is Mineral Sunscreen Better?

The dissimilarity between conventional, chemical-based sun protection and the mineral is the form of active ingredients. Mineral oriented creams utilize physical blockers like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in their formula to form a real barrier on your surface and minus the effects of the UV rays. Chemical-based sun protections contain oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate. They are harmful to the skin and also absorb UV radiation to dissolve it. UVB rays are accountable for real sunburns. UVA rays penetrate deep into your skin. As chemical sunblocks soak up the rays instead, this permits UVA rays to reach your skin’s deeper layers and create damage. But a mineral sunscreen protects your skin from both the rays. So, mineral sunscreen is better for your skin in every way.

Mineral sunscreens undoubtedly superior for your skin but how much better depends on the ingredients it contains. Always apply a mineral sunscreen with active zinc oxide and titanium dioxide if you prefer to protect your skin against any damage.

How do You Choose the Best Mineral Sunscreen Spray?

While sunblocks are most likely top of your mind when the temperature heats up, you need to choose something that acts well. You need to ensure that it will not harm your skin and have all the potentiality to work as your saviour against sun exposure.


Not all the sunscreen sprays protect your skin from both the UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays create ageing signs on your skin and UVB rays facilitate sunburn. So, to get a better outcome, you need to protect yourself from both. Therefore, you need to choose a mineral sunscreen spray that provides the label ‘broad-spectrum’. A ‘broad spectrum’ label means it is a safeguard for both rays.

Sun Protection Factor

Many users raise a question of how sufficient SPF 15 is. SPF 15 gives your skin 93% protection from UVB rays, while SPF 30 protects 97% from UVB rays. Thus Dermatologists suggest applying a base coat of SPF 30 to 50 on the body a half-hour before going outside and then reapply every two hours.

Skin type 

Purchase a non-comedogenic sunscreen spray while having either acne or pore-clogging problems. Mineral sunscreen is a must wearing item for sensitive skin. Also, ensure that your mineral sunblock spray contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These two ingredients will not blaze or tingle eyes. They sit on the upper area of your skin, appearing a barrier to protect you.

How Long Does Spray Sunscreen Last?

A sunscreen sprays protection remains fully active for two hours after you apply it on. Professionals suggest hauling a bottle of SPF 30 to SPF 50 sunblock along with you wherever you travel. So, either cloudy or rainy summer days, you can apply it every two hours whenever you go out. Putting sunscreen on still gives you a tan as chemical-based SPF protection protects from UVB rays only. But it can’t avoid deep-seeping UVA rays from entering your skin and giving it pigmentation. In that case, use a mineral sunscreen spray as it provides both the UVA and UVB protection.

Why can’t You Spray Sunscreen on Your Face?

Because of the threat of inhalation, avoid spraying sunscreen close to your face or mouth. To keep yourself away from gasp potentially unsafe ingredients, do not spray on your face directly. In its place, spray sunscreen on the hands and rub it on your skin, avoiding your eyes and mouth. An ounce of sunscreen will fully cover a grownups body. While applying a spray, it’s tough to see how much you’re using. It raises the possibility to apply too little or miss spots. The way to avoid this mess is to spray until your skin sparkles. Sometimes the sunscreen contains a label “no-rub”. You should still rub it into your skin for until it blends well and disappears. Otherwise, you will deprive some spots of giving the essential sun protection.


Sunscreen sprays can be harmful if the users are not cautious while applying. Inhaling a sunscreen may affect your whole digest system. Therefore, be careful while using and spray on your hand, not on the face directly. Create your mineral sunscreen spray experience a long-last, worthy one.