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Best Face Wash for Whiteheads to Get a Clear Skin

Whiteheads are one gross-looking acne type your face has ever had. The white point surrounding reddish arena on your surface makes everyone ask you what wrong happened with your skin. Sometimes, people start to give you advice without knowing the cause of your breakouts. Some of them will suggest a diet chart and remedies. Though the main reasons behind whiteheads are oil, dead skin cells and bacteria, there are other reasons as well. Because other people got a benefit by using some ingredients, do not mean it will act appropriately as your whitehead remedies.

Before treating your whiteheads, you need to know the actual reason, your skin type and the ingredients that will suit your face. For your help, we shared some details about whiteheads, their remedies, and how to cope up with this acne species.

Best 7 Face Washes for Whiteheads

Several facial cleansers are available in the market, but that does not mean each one will be helpful for your whiteheads. Here, we are discussing some facial cleansers for whiteheads. Read every detail very carefully. If the ingredients in those face wash suit your skin and the benefits, they are giving what your skin deserves, then choose one of them.

1. Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Gentle Milk Face Cleanser

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Gentle Milk Face Cleanser

The name of the brand itself introduces the base ingredient of this face wash. Also, Yes to Cucumber is a brand that always roots for natural cleansing ingredients. Cucumber, Aloe Vera, and Green tea are famous for their natural cleansing particles. They cleanse the skin deeply and make it smooth and fresh. People with sensitive skin may use this product as 97% of this face wash texture is natural. Thus, it will not irritate or emerge side effects on your skin.

This cleanser contains milk and soy protein. Soy protein cleanses your skin without hampering your skin’s natural moisture. And, soy protein and dairy together as a combo avoid the strips on your face. Green tea as an antioxidant not only cleanses the skin but also reveal a soft gleaming complexion of your skin.

Special Features
  • Formulated with 97% natural ingredients
  • A soothing cleanser, ideal for sensitive skin
  • Balances the moisturizer and creates a glowing texture

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2. Whitehead Powder Liquid by COSRX

Whitehead Powder Liquid by COSRX

The Whitehead Powder Liquid by COSRX has Glycolic Acid, Vitamin, moisturizer and whitener nourishment. Glycolic Acid gently melts dead skin cells trapped in the pore, and Hyaluronic Acid exfoliates the skin. Thus, whiteheads, blackheads problems start to reduce. This facial rescuer also contains natural Apple Fruit Water instead of mineral water to maximize the skin brightening with no irritation. It also cleanses the old skin cells from the pores and works Vitamin, whiteners, and moisturizers for healthy and glowing skin. Vitamins help to release you from oxidative stress that prevents premature ageing. They repair the skin from damages and root for the youthful and vigorous skin surface. On the other side, moisturizer hydrates the skin from within while whitener lightens the skin tone. 

Apply it after cleansing your face with a wet cotton pad. Take a thin layer of the liquid and apply all over the face avoiding eye and mouth areas.

Special Features
  • Cleanses the skin pores from all the impurities
  • Rejuvenate the skin texture and complexion

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3. SEBAMED Cleansing Foam

SEBAMED Cleansing Foam

Cocamidopropyl Betainamide MEA Chloride has anti-irritant and antimicrobial properties. Sebamed cleansing foam uses these ingredients as a thickening foaming base that ensures a mild wash. Sodium Lactate for skin lightening and phenoxyethanol for anti-bacterial properties help to act this cleanser appropriately. As a combination, all these components help to clean the skin and avoid acne and pimple formation deeply. People with pimples, whiteheads, blackheads also use this cleanser to get rid of those skin problems. This face wash prevents irritation and inflammation on the skin. The coconut oil derivate in this face wash works as a natural moisturizer and make the skin smooth and shiny.

This face wash does not bear any kind of skin-irritating particles and helpful for pimple and acne breakages. Thus, People with sensitive skin may use this product as well.

Special Features
  • Prevents the development of new pimple, whiteheads etc
  • Ensures deep pore cleansing
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory product

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4. Acne Face & Body Wash by Beauty Facial Extreme

Acne Face Body Wash by Beauty Facial Extreme

Whiteheads are common skin problems when you have clogged pores. Pollutant particles, dirt and excess oil on the skin are the reason behind clogged pores. A surface, free from grease and dust is the only solution for those skin problems. The face and body wash by Beauty Facial Extreme is such a product that ensures the deep clean of your body and facial surface. It has Benzoyl Peroxide to enter into the skin pore and fend off the pollutants and extra oil. This formula penetrates the skin, facilitates deep clean and reduces clogged pore problems. It also reduces bacteria-emergence from the surface.

It is a preservative-free, fragrance-free, oil-free product that will not damage the texture of your surface. This face & Body wash is bactericidal and does not irritate the skin. So, it will not harm sensitive skin. Men, women and teenagers who suffer from acne, pimple, whiteheads, and blackheads can use this cleansing solution.

Special Features
  • Enters into the pores and ensures deep clean
  • Cleanses trapped oil and dead skin cells
  • A suitable solution for Whiteheads, Blackheads and Blocked pores

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5. Skin Perfecting Cleanser by Misumi Skincare

Skin Perfecting Cleanser by Misumi Skincare

Skin perfection occurs when your facial surface has healthy pores and does not face whiteheads, blackheads or acne attack. Thus, Misumi Skincare announces their facial cleanser with Glycolic Acid formula as Skin Perfecting Cleanser. This face wash has alpha hydroxyl acid to create a hydrated and smoother surface. It exfoliates the uppermost skin layer and reveals a new and firm surface. This exfoliation also releases the skin from dirt and impurities. By this, all the skin problems like; whiteheads, blackheads, pimple, acne start to go away. In this way, you get an effective lively skin.

This skin-perfecting cleanser consists of Chamomile, Lemon, Grapefruit, rosehip oil and seaweed. Combination of these natural ingredients has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-ageing properties. Together they help to nourish your skin, its health, radiant and glow.

Special Features
  • Exfoliates, hydrate and rejuvenates the skin from within
  • Contains natural and active ingredient with no harsh reaction

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6. Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Facial Scrub

Clean Clear Blackhead Eraser Facial Scrub

Salicylic Acid helps to remove dead skin cells so that they do not block the pores. It helps to lessen acne breakouts, whiteheads, blackheads and excess fat from the skin. With Clean & Clear 2% Salicylic acid formula, dirt, pollutions and excess oil from your skin pore will clean away. Thus, your skin pores do not block, and the probability of blackheads, acne, pimple, whiteheads reduces. This cleanser is a proven acne medicine, its multi-action beads formula smoothly exfoliates the surface, wash away the dead skin cells. It diminishes the emergence of blackheads and other breakouts and makes the skin vivacious. It contains natural micro-scrubbers and built for daily use. Specifically invented as mild and oil-free, this exfoliating face wash is appropriate for all skin types to facilitate blackheads and acne reduction.

Apply this scrubbing face wash with clean hand on your wet face. Tenderly rub it all over the face except eye areas. Wash carefully and pat with a dry towel.

Special Features
  • Facial scrub for acne and blackheads prone skin
  • Successfully treat and clear breakouts
  • Oil-free formula with 2% Salicylic Acid

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7. Differin Acne Treatment

Differin Acne Treatment

Differin ensures a guarantee that using every single day within 12 weeks may reduce 87% of acne on your face. It contains 0.1% adapalene; dermatologist suggested retinoid. This component has acne-fighting success rate and prescribed to 40 million people minimum. Differin acts differently by standardizing skin cell turnover. It successfully targets two leading causes of acne, pimples and swelling. Dermatologists of The American Academy recommend retinoid as a first choice while treating acne. So, in case you are confused about adapalene used in this product. We assure you not to worry.

The retinoid in Differin Gel may take a few weeks to act, and it may look like getting a little worse before it gifts you better skin. Before applying Differin gel on your face, use a mild face wash to clean the face. Using it every day once all over the face might be helpful.

Special Features
  • First and only FDA approved facial cleanser
  • Clears and avoids acne with the help of adapalene

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What Are Whiteheads And How They Caused?

Whiteheads are a type of acne that emerges when bacteria, oils and dead skin cell stuck in your pores and block it. Whiteheads appear as a white drop or dot on your face and create skin irritation. Particularly the oily part of your body has a higher risk of developing acne or whiteheads than the drier part. Whiteheads do not appear on your facial surface only; it may emerge on your chest, shoulder, back, and arm.

Blocked pores are the leading cause of whiteheads. Skin pores become clogged for numerous reasons. Hormonal changes can block the pores as well facilitates acne production. The imbalance amount of sebum or oil may clog pores and appears whiteheads on the skin. The main three stages of women life, e.g. puberty, menstruation and pregnancy create specific changes in their body. In these stages, the hormonal level may raise and cause acne burst. Sometimes, when women stop consuming birth control pills, acne production increases when their menstruation happens.

Your heredities sometimes act as a reason behind your whiteheads and other acne problems. If your family shares a history of whiteheads problems, it may attack your skin as well.

Misconception about Whiteheads: dirt and oily foods do not always create acne. Without knowing the proper reason for your whiteheads, unnecessary washing and scrubbing will not diminish your skin problems. Instead, it will irritate the skin and will produce more severe acne or skin problem.

Difference between Whiteheads and Blackheads

Blackheads and whiteheads are two mild forms of acne. But the colour that is not the only difference they share.

Both the blackheads and whiteheads emerge when skin pores fill with impurities, oils, or dead skin cells. The dissimilarity is that in the case of whiteheads the pores clog because of impurities; while with blackheads, the pore remains open. The orifice of blackheads has large openings. These large pores capture excess sebum and turn into black colour. This mild form of acne may emerge on your face, back, and shoulder. On the other hand, Whiteheads are the result of clogged pores. When the hair follicles fill with bacteria and the openings become so small that air does not enter appropriately into the skin, Whiteheads emerges.

Can a Face Wash Treat Whiteheads? Or it will Go Away Naturally?

Whiteheads take time to leave the skin, but they will ultimately go away. The best way to care for whiteheads prone skin or acne is to apply formulas that avoid blocked pores as treating whiteheads is difficult once they emerge.

If you want your whiteheads to go away naturally, the first thing you have to do is to stop touching your whiteheads. Touching your facial surface with hand again and again only invites more dirt, oil and bacteria. It may also create slight pain of skin irritation. Perhaps, there are some natural ingredients like; cinnamon and honey which are always available in the home. You may use these as natural whiteheads remover. Honey and cinnamon have healing properties. Other natural things like aloe Vera, tea tree oil are also helpful in treating whiteheads. Tea tree oil is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial that can help clear the whiteheads. Aloe Vera is a natural cleanser.

If you think, natural ingredients are tough to apply; in that case, you can purchase a face wash that has natural cleansing properties. OTC (Over the Counter) products are beneficial. Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, retinoid and exfoliants are OTC. Facial cleansers, including those components, work as full-face acne and spot treatment. Those particles on your face wash deep cleanse your face while exfoliating the dead skin cells and reduce spots gradually. But do not choose a product that contains more than 5% of these items. It may hamper the longevity of your skin and create irritation or inflammation.

Factors Need to Consider to Find the Best Face Wash for Whiteheads

When you have acne problems, you need to take time and concentration while choosing a skincare product or remedy of your skin problem. You need to- 

Understand your skin 

Before using or buying a face wash, give close attention to your skin. Because your sister or cousin or colleague got a good result by using something, does not mean that will work for you too. If you have dry skin and use a product for oily skin, then it will produce more dead skin cells and will make your skin worse. Same will happen if you use a face wash for dry skin type when you have oily skin. Therefore, before choosing any skincare routine recognizing your skin is compulsory.

Concentrate on ingredients

The ingredient of a face wash is worthy of knowing and detecting before choosing one. FDA suggests two things in a face wash for whiteheads problem. Salicylic acid and Benzoyl Peroxide are those ingredients. You may buy a gel, lotion, cream, soap including those components. But do not rash to get a result. It will take time to get the outcome, and you have to ensure consistent use. As well, look for a product that is oil-free and non-comedogenic. It will avoid getting new whiteheads and will ensure clearer skin.

Communicate with a doctor

If your skin is sensitive and you are terrified of using new products as it may create more damage, then talk to a doctor. They will help you precisely what your skin wants and will prescribe you the best face wash and skincare routine for your skin.
By following these factors, anyone will get help in using a face wash. So, you definitely should give your skin a second chance.

How to Prevent Whiteheads in Future

To prevent acne or any other skin problems, the first thing you need to is maintaining a regular skincare routine. Cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing need your proper attention to achieve healthier skin.

Cleanse your face twice every day with a facial cleanser that suits your skin type. Keep a cleansing wipes in your bag wherever you go. Try to use those wipers every time you sweat. Exfoliate frequently but do not over scrub especially your nose. Use an oil-free moisturizer and sun protection. Fat in your hair follicles may cause whiteheads or another type of acne on your face. So, wash your hair regularly. Stop touching your face frequently. As our hand absorbs germs more than any other organs, the dirt may attack your skin cells too.


Skin problems like pimple, whiteheads, and blackheads are frustrating. No one wants to look at the mirror and ended up with an ugly feeling. Still with proper care and maintaining an appropriate cleansing habit, you may get a flawless skin gradually.