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9 Best Face Washes for Combination Skin | Reviewed by Expert

When you have an oily or dry skin type, taking care of your skin is a clear-cut procedure. But when your skin has the combination of both, it’s slightly complicated to maintain the skin. Moisturizers may create oiliness on the oily part, and oil-absorbing face cleansers may dehydrate the dry areas of the skin. Lotions who promise to balance the skin don’t always fulfil their promise. 

It seems combination skin always gives tough times. But with much knowledge about your skin and skincare routine, you may maintain healthy skin. We are presenting our few attempts to make you know of your skin a bit more. We hope this will help you to choose the best facial cleanser according to your skin pattern.

Best 8 Face Washes for Combination Skin in 2021:

Choosing a cleanser is not an easy task, especially when you have a combined surface. Still there are many to boost your skin and nourish both the oil and dry part equally. Following eight face washes are some superiors in quality, definitely deserve a try.

1. Biore Liquid Cleanser

Biore Liquid Cleanser

Biore always shows valid concerns towards consumers. Biore continuously launches products with every possible solution a consumer’s skin demands. Thus they come with the face wash using Baking soda and Blue Agave formula for combination skin types. Baking soda has properties that are bactericidal and anti-inflammatory. It cleanses the skin from within and removes the dead skin cells. In combination skin, both the oily and dry skin pattern survives inside one facial surface. As Baking soda cleanses the extra oil and dirt from the surface, Blue agave nourishes and moisturizes dry areas. 

Many women consumers with combination skin complain that when they purchase a cleanser for oily surface, it dehydrate the dry parts. As well using some facial cleansers for dry area causes extra oil, sometimes excessive acne. Therefore Biore liquid cleanser with Blue Agave and Baking soda will equally root for both parts of their surface. It ensures dirt-free, unnecessary oil-free, deep-conditioned skin.

Special Features
  • Immediately purify the skin from dirt and oil
  • Exfoliates dead cells from the skin surface

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2. Cetaphil Gentle Facial Cleanser

Cetaphil Gentle Facial Cleanser

Women with combination skin have two different skin genres within one surface. That is why choosing products with ideal ingredients are not an easy task for them. However, dermatologists often recommend ingredients like humectants and propylene glycol for combination skin genre. 

Humectants are materials that help to increase skin moisture. Propylene glycol unites water in the inner skin layer and transfers the hydration to the stratum corneum. Combination skin tends to act like sensitive skin as it has two different skin genres within one surface. A little bit of carelessness or using a wrong product may hamper skin’s balance and initiate acne production. Cetaphil’s Gentle cleanser is for those skin-sufferers. The Humectants and Propylene glycol method deeply hydrate the skin, ensures gentle cleaning.

Women who are fed up by using products with harsh chemical or lost their hope on any products, they should try this product. As it is dermatologists certified face wash, have acne reducing mildness and boosts hydration of the outer skin surface.

Special Features
  • Mild cleanser, ideal for combination skin
  • Dermatologists certified less irritant, noncomedogenic face wash
  • Hydrate the skin from within
  • Potential Hydrogen formulation saves from skin irritation

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3. LuxeOrganix Organic Face Wash

LuxeOrganix Organic face wash

This activated bamboo charcoal face wash removes toxic materials from the skin, squeezes dull cells and abolishes pore-blocking impurities. Made in the U.S.A, this brand purifies dirt, oils, and makeup particles and combat with ageing properties.
Cleansers that assure to cleanse the skin from within, often create excessive dryness on surface. People with oily and dry skin combination may suffer because of this issue. It may shrink their dry areas on the skin and initiates wrinkles, fine lines etc. So, they require a skin-balancing product. For them, LuxeOrganix Organic face wash contains a dual facility. One is to draw out the unwanted items from the skin and the other is to improve hydration and elasticity. It is an aloe-based face wash fill with botanical extracts. When the bamboo charcoal absorbs the filth, aloe nourishes from within. It does not block the pores, age the skin, reduces blackheads and acne while healing the skin from inside.

Special Features
  • Rinses dirt with no leftovers
  • Activated charcoal works as a makeup remover
  • Skin-hole purifier, ensures an apparent surface
  • Ideal for men, women, teenagers

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4. Philosophy Facial Cleanser

Philosophy facial cleanser

Women love to wear makeup. Many of them support a little makeup on every day to boost up the look. Anyway, women with heavy makeup in parties are common phenomena. As putting the makeup on the right way demands hours, removing that makeup also need some extra caution. Keeping that factor in concern, Philosophy facial cleanser Purity initiated a formula that clean the makeup even from the pores and create the makeup removing experience comfortable and less time-consuming.

Purity’s multitasking capacity cleanses the makeup, takes away all the impurities, tone, and hydrate skin equally. So that combination skin holders can trust this product for their everyday skin cleansing. This face wash is a mixture of numerous seed oils, seed extracts, glycerin, and so on. So, there is less possibility of facing any side effects or irritation on the face.

Using this product every morning and evening will be advantageous.

Special Features
  • Activated seed oils rinse and dissolve the eye and face makeup.
  • Tone and hydrate skin
  • For better outcomes, apply on damp face and massage for thirty to sixty seconds.

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5. Mary Kay Cleanser by TimeWise

Mary Kay cleanser by TimeWise

This oily to combination formula cleanses unwanted dirt, oil with a foaming face wash. In this way, the skin feels fresh, disinfected, and balanced. Using twice a day regularly ensures soft, smooth, and velvety skin. This face wash is ideal for sensitive and acne-prone skin as well. All you need to use a tiny little bit on your skin. Do not need much for one use; thus it lasts long. 

Consumers tend to avoid those products which ensure to serve two purposes. For their concern, we are assuring that using this cleanser will not disappoint you. It has both cleansing and moisturizing formula. That is the reason it will clean the unnecessary substances from the oily skin part as well will not leave the dry part of the skin overly parched. It will take all the unnecessary particles away from, ensure deep clean, and let the skin moistened after that.

This face wash does not initiate blackheads and clogs skin holes or initiates acne. People who tend to search fragrance-free item, this facial cleanser is perfect for them.

Special Features
  • Suitable for both oily and combination skin
  • Age-combating, acne-eliminating
  • Purifies, exfoliates and refreshes the skin
  • Avoid eye arena while applying

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6. Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel

Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel

Sebium is one natural moisturizer of the human body that innate from Sebaceous Gland. It is a yellow and greasy substance and crated by fatty acids, cholesterol, etc. In combination skin pattern, the dirt absorbed by oily area might affect the dry skin part as well. This facilities bacteria and fungus- attack on the dry zone. A facial cleanser with sebum can relief the skin from this situation, as sebum has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection. 

You may have a curiosity that if sebum naturally produces within the skin, then why we need to use it in a product. The answer is, after reaching the age of twenty, the speed of sebum-production starts to imbalance. The more your body ages, the merrier imbalance in sebum production is noticeable. Therefore, Bioderma initiates its Foaming gel Facial Cleanser. It cleanses both the oily area and dry skin cells from the skin, moisturizes the skin as it demands, and gifts you a healthy regular skin.

Special Features
  • Ideal for both combination and oily skin
  • Enhances the most sensitive skin’s tolerance
  • Normalizes sebum production

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7. Pevonia Facial Cleanser for Combination skin

Pevonia Facial cleanser for combination skin

It is a mild cleanser along with the slightest smell of lemongrass. Pevonia always tries to stay away from harsh chemicals, so does their facial cleanser. It is for combination skin holders; deep cleanse the oily T-zone without hampering skin’s moisture. This High-quality facial cleanser works as a makeup remover and gentle enough to avoid skin irritation. 

Pevonia has much goodwill that people who use their product become loyal. Their facial cleanser for combination skin ensures to dirt less the skin surface and an oily T-zone’s balance. From party makeup to every day’s touch up, you can use this as a makeup cleanser. 

For a healthier effect, use it in the morning and evening. It will help to clean and moisturize your face day long.

Special Features
  • Carefully rinse away dirtiness and balance a greasy T-zone.
  • Help to remove makeup and excess oil
  • Do not create irritation on sensitive skin.

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8. Purifying Foam Cleanser by Garnier

Purifying Foam Cleanser by Garnier

A combination skin facial surface has some specific cleansing requirements. It requires a face wash that rinses out all the unwanted substances from the skin after one use without leaving the skin overly dry. It seems Garnier recognizes their customers very well. Their oil-free formula introduced with antioxidants, Grape and Pomegranate create skin-stability. It also helps to remove makeup within minutes without damaging the skin’s comfort. 

Garnier purifying foam cleanser ensures their client to get an oil-free purification after one use. To get a refined texture and balanced combination, apply it for one week continuously. This foam purifier ensures your skin’s smoothness and sebum reduction within four weeks.

This foam cleanser is harmless for acne-prone sensitive skin. It contains a slight odour but does not facilitate skin irritation.

Special Features
  • Foam cleansing formula
  • An ideal cleanser for combination skin
  • Skin emerges as less oily in single-use

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What Does Combination Skin Mean?

Combination skin means a mixture of oily and dry places within one surface. A combination skin consists of an oily T-zone. Oily T zone means if you draw a ‘T’ on your face, the surface within T is oily, and the surface outside T is dry. Your nose, chin, and forehead are the areas that go under the oily T zone. People with this skin type usually have cheeks that are sensitive to deep cleaning. Oily areas are acne-prone, may have large pores, and the other part of your skin is peeling and stiff.

There are some other symptoms of having combination skin. Oily parts of your face like chin, nose, and forehead become oily after several minutes of cleansing your face. A moisturizer treats your cheeks well, but your T zone! Your nose pores are more extensive than that of other parts of your skin. Weather controls the T zone more than your skincare routine.

A Combination skin is more prone to UV damage. When you are spending a lot of time in the outside and sun, wearing sufficient protection is what your skin needs. If you do not do that, your combination skin may face severe damage.

What Causes Combination Skin?

Having a combination skin at this time doesn’t mean you had, or you’ll have this forever. There are some reasons why you have a combination skin type
Your heredities may the reason for your combination skin. Or the skincare products you are using might affect your T zone area insensitively. An erotic lifestyle or skincare routine may change your skin type from normal to combination. A stressful time may give you combination skin. Lack of skin exercise may lack skin nourishment and create combination skin. Not having sufficient Sun protection while working under the sun may make your skin an oily and dry combined.

What to Consider Finding the Best Face Wash for Combination Skin?

If you have combination skin you know how hard it is to get products that will not strip moisture from drier parts of the surface, while cleaning the excess oil from another area. Need a facial cleanser that will not dry off your cheeks or make worse your oily T-zone? They do exist.

Above all, choose a gentle, balancing face wash that does not contain harsh ingredients. Before choosing a face wash, read the ingredients cautiously. Search for the products that contain both the cleansing and moisturizing properties. If face washes contain natural cleansers like Baking Soda, Charcoal, Red clay, then ensure they have natural moisturizers like Aloe Vera, Honey Blue Agave etc too. If you just concentrate on your oily part because it has large pores or the dry part because it produce more dead skin cells, then your skin will not get the ideal treatment. 

When you are using your face wash as a makeup remover, make sure the deep clean. Otherwise, dirt or excess oil may hamper the skin’s health.

How do You Wash Combination Skin?

For some folks, cleansing the face is trouble-free, like brushing teeth. But people with combination skin need to maintain specific rules. That doesn’t mean you will need plenty of products. All you have to do to find a face wash that is ideal for combination skin. A mild foam or gel-based facial cleanser can be helpful. These products clean and sooth the skin from within and avoid irritation. Combination skins cannot adjust with bar soaps. Bar soaps tend to block pores and creates over dryness. Washing your combination skin with lukewarm water always helps. As well you need to pat with a towel rather than rub. 

Some combination skin needs different products on different parts. So, if you want to stick with one, choose something that is oil-free but will hydrate your skin. As Beta Hydroxy acid kills bacteria and controls pores size, you may prefer cleanser that includes this item. A noncomedogenic face wash is a must for combination skin.

Is Aloe Vera and Honey Good for Combination Skin?

Aloe Vera and Honey fits with every skin type. Aloe Vera supplies vitamins, mineral, and antioxidants to your skin and keeps your skin away from irritation. This gel moisturizes the skin and makes it fresh and flexible. On the other hand, honey moisturizes and soothes skin, fades acne scars, and dark spots. Honey is also used for healing and moisturizes the skin without making it oily. So, technically we may say Aloe Vera and honey are suitable for the skin.

You may also use Aloe Vera and honey as a power mask for your skin. If your face turns into exhausted, dreary and dehydrated, Aloe Vera and honey mask is just what you require to make it hale, hearty, and glowing again. It also hydrates, nurtures, and revives the skin from deep.


Maintaining a combination skin is a tricky task. You have to take equal care of each part of your skin, choose an ideal cleansing product and method. By cleaning and hydrating the skin properly, you may accomplish a better skin goal.