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7 Best Eyeliners for Older Women in 2021

Every phase of your life is a new experience and a new area to explore. Looking attractive is not only young people’s thing. But when you age, looking into a mirror can be a frustrating thing. Those crow’s feet, firm less skin, hooked eyes, wrinkles, and fine lines always make you feel that good days are over. But it is not. The makeup industry became such resourceful and filled with too many makeup lines. Every skincare product for every age-phase is available here. So, days of worries are over. 

Like other makeup items, there are too many eyeliner brands that customize the products for older ladies. Researching all the problems older women face before or after applying eyeliners, those brands made some unique products. They will not tug or stretch your skin, will ensure a straight line, and will stay longer. For more information, here you will find the pros and cons of the best eyeliner for older eyes.

Best 7 Eyeliners for Older Women:

After 40 or 50, your skin starts to act or look differently than it was before. As your skin is working separately, your skincare products should be exclusive as well. As we are discussing eyeliners, here are seven best eyeliners suggestions for you.

1. Physicians Formula Lash Boosting Eyeliner

Physicians Formula Lash Boosting eyeliner

Formulated two in one advantage Physicians Formula appears with both the eyeliner and eyelash booster serum in a single package. This serum provides high pigment, and healthy, long lashes. This jet black liquid liner gifts a classy and bold eye finish. If your older skin faces eyelash damage or accidental lash-fall, this product is worth-try. It targets the lash weakening reasons, nourishes them from inside, and boosts the lash bases.

People who have eye problems, use glasses or contact lens tend to avoid eye products. At times when they decide to use them, lots of negative thoughts arise in their mind. For their ease, Physicians Formula guarantees quality. Using this product will not harm or irritate your eye areas.

Special Features
  • Both the eyeliner and eyelash booster serum within one packet
  • Applying the eye booster serum improves your lash-base
  • Suitable for sensitive and older eye skin

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2. Maybelline New York Makeup Eyestudio

Maybelline New York Makeup Eyestudio

Accomplish your stylish eye appearance with Maybelline New York’s Lasting Waterproof Gel Pencil Eyeliner. Along with 24 hours of lasting capability, this eye studio provides a passionate eye surface. The water-resistant gel liner sets on your lids instantly and moves smoothly to deliver intense color. 

Maybelline gel eyeliner is available in ten beautiful shades, e.g., Smooth Charcoal, Polished Amethyst, Sleek Onyx, Classic Black, Lustrous Sapphire, etc. Strengthen your eye makeover and acquire a bold look with the superior pigments. This grease-free and the smudge-resistant product is ophthalmologist, dermatologist, and allergy-tested. So, sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers can use this eyeliner without hesitation. 

From natural to classy or sassy eyes, you may use these seductive shades. Choose any of them that suit the look you want. At times, you may combine one shade with another to form some different playful colors on your eyelids.

Special Features
  • Waterproof, smudge-free winged eyeliner that stays up to 24 hours
  • Presented in ten beautiful shades
  • Harmless for sensitive skin and contact lens users

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3. It Cosmetics No-tug Waterproof Gel

It Cosmetics No-tug Waterproof Gel

If you are searching for an eyeliner that will stay on lids for long, choose nothing but IT Cosmetics’ No Tug Water-resistant Gel Eyeliner. The glossy soft pencil liner contains collagen, peptides, hydrolyzed silk, and antioxidants. Those skin-nurturing ingredients nurture the skin while conveying gorgeous color on lids. Whenever people start to grow old, especially in the forties and fifties, the lines on eyelids start to become visible. This visibility makes you older than your age. Therefore, this No-tug eyeliner, with the help of plastic surgeons, arrives with a smooth definition.

This pencil liner has a thick texture, smooth like butter, and provides a vibrant and drenched color. As your older skin becomes more delicate than before, this no tugging promise will leave your skin risk-free.

Special Features
  • Eyeliner with long-wearing, no tugging, waterproof advantage
  • Formulated with hydrolyzed silk to moisturize the skin
  • Infused with peptides and collagen to maintain the strength

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4. Jane Iredale Powdered Eyeliner

Jane Iredale powdered eyeliner

Form the seductive eye makeover with new enhanced Jane Iredale Powdered Eyeliners! The fitted brush creates a faultless line or a smudge-free smoky eye. The powdered cream recipe formulates a shadow that won’t pale, tuck or smudge. Its extended wearing capability is praiseworthy. Waterproof grind and creamy formula make it trouble-free to produce a sustain-all-day eye makeup in seconds. If you are older women with aging sings on your lids, this powdered liner makes signs unnoticeable instantly and will gift you a perfect finish. Fixed yet removable brush in the cap acts wonderfully for an ideal eye lining or shadowing. 

Insert the brush into the product. Insert softly, but make sure it captured the shade correctly. For an eyeliner look, apply to the lash line and use it to your eyelid if you need a shadow look. Carry it in your handbag whenever you go out, either your office or party.

Special Features
  • Waterproof powdered creamy formula with the long-lasting staying ability
  • Contains cocoa glycerides for a smooth product and staying power
  • For smudge-free playful eye finish

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5. Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

The density of lines we want from eyeliner differs from our mood. Sometimes we want a thick curve line; at times, we want to draw a thin line on our lids. But not every eyeliner brush offers the range we desire. However, Stila’s pen-like eyeliner offers the exact range you want to draw. For its flat brush, you may fill the spaces between the lashes if you wish. As a result, it appears as fuller and bold. Women with older skin can use it confidently as it is smudge-free and dries instantly. As well it will not pull or tug your skin after prolonged wearing.

Before using, shaking the eyeliner will help to achieve the proper finish.

Special Features
  • Provides pen-like line finish accuracy
  • Smooth application with no smudging and pulling
  • Stays long, dries within seconds

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6. Urban Decay Eye Pencil

Urban Decay Eye Pencil

After 40 or 50, the change of your facial structure becomes visible. Those hooded eyes, fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet start to bother you. When you try to apply eyeliner, they do not give you the smooth edge and stuck between the lines or wrinkles on your skin. Makeup disaster happens. So, for a sleek makeover, you need to change the makeup lines you used before. Try Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil. It is a smooth, velvety eye pencil that does not stick between lines and draws perfect line finish within one step. It offers an intense, lively color that glides on silky and remains as a soft and creamy blending. It dries within seconds. There is no tension about spreading the eye areas as gifts you 24/7 guarantee. 

So, aging signs are not a problem when you have Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye pencil.

Special Features
  • Creamy eye pencil formula provides long-term finish
  • Pull or tug free, silky consistency
  • Stays smooth, soft, and vibrant with colors up to 24 hours

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7. La Roche-Posay Liquid Eyeliner

La Roche Posay Liquid Eyeliner

Women with sensitive skin face an everyday challenge while applying mascara on the face. Besides makeup, other complexities like toxic waste and sun rays can increase the skin’s sensitivity. On the other hand, when anyone gets older, their skin becomes more sensitive, especially the eye areas. Therefore, in affiliation with dermatologists worldwide, La Roche-Posay has launched a unique eyeliner solution for sensitivity and lens using eyes.

Respectissime provides intense black eyeliner that permits effortless application for a standardized line in one step — formulated with a natural wax formula that gives eyes a spectacular look. It has a mild function, offers clean and precise lines.

Special Features
  • Natural wax strategy to create precise lines on the first try
  • Offers a long-wearing intense black range on your eyelids
  • Nontoxic for sensitive eyes and lens wearers

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Should I Use Eyeliner after 40 or after 50?

In our early days in this world, our mother used to pamper our skin by using delicate products. While we grow up, we choose several products. In your forties or fifties, your skin becomes more sensitive. That does not mean you will leave to use any skincare products, instead just change those products according to your skin.

When you have loose skin, crinkles, and fine lines on your face, you need to choose a product that will not smudge, peel, or irritate your eyes. The best eyeliner for older eyes not only subsists but also will glide on smoothly to highlight the eyelids and introduce with a pair of well-rested and fascinating sights. Just pick winged eyeliner with fewer chemicals and more natural components. The eyeliner needs to have hydrating properties and nurturing ingredients to protect your skin from itching and dryness. Most importantly, choose a product that does not involve you with too much rubbing or stretching.

What Color Eyeliner should an Older Woman Wear

Any color that goes with your look as far as it does not irritate your eye area or make it more past. While thinking about the best eyeliners for over forty or fifty, you may use white or nude eye pencil on your waterline. It will highlight your upper lids and lift the look. Using a white color on the waterline also gives a bold and broaden eye look. 

Sometimes using navy blue eyeliner gives your eyes a peacock vibe. It goes with every color you wear and helps you to look different. You may also choose brown, brunette, or plum shades as the color of your eyeliner to create an animated look.

But if you have dark circles problem, try to avoid black eyeliner. It may create dullness around the eye area and make those dark circles more visible.

Eyeliner Tips for Older Women

Eyeliner is a complicated makeup item that a few get satisfaction after applying it all the time. And when you gain age and aging signs simultaneously, putting eyeliner becomes more difficult. No matter if you choose to use liquid, gel, or pencil liner, there is always a chance to improve.

Use a primer

Always apply a primer on the clean area of your eyelid. Putting a concealer, then the powder will smooth your eye area to employ a liner correctly and will provide the best finish.

Liquid eyeliner is a better choice

As women age, the upper eyelid area becomes more sensitive. A liquid liner is easy to apply, bear, and does not involve pulling and tugging while removing. As a result, your crinkle will not face trouble throughout the whole procedure.

Nude to bright

A nude or white eyeliner pencil on the waterline raises the glamorous eye look. Putting the white color on your waterline gifts a set of deep, colorful, and beautiful eyes. 

Experience colors

Older skin often suffers from severe dark circle problems. Here, black eyeliner may hamper the eye look. In that case, you may use brown, plum, or navy blue color to boost your eye gaze.

Factors Need to Consider to Find the Best Eyeliner for Older Women:

Getting older does not mean you have lost your chances of makeup. You just need to become selective or picky. You have to ensure that your eyeliners, shadow, or other makeup items do not irritate your skin and cause inflammation. While picking the best eyeliner in your earlier days, you need to consider some factors. Like-

Choose a Product that Does not Pull or Tug Eyes

In the case of older and hooded eyes, pulling or tugging creates more pain. It creates unnecessary irritation and makes your eyes more sensitive towards eye makeup. Before choosing eyeliner after the forties, you need to select a product that ensures no tugging, no pulling strategy.

Natural Ingredients

As the eye is one of the most sensitive body parts, it deserves products with essential items. Counterfeit products or preservatives may reduce eyesight and firmness.

Moisturizing Formula

Pick eyeliner that is neither greasy nor dry. It needs to nourish with moisturizing capacity. So, your eyelids will not feel uncomfortable. A moisturizing eyeliner formula may hydrate the surface and provides a comfortable experience while removing.  

Creates a Straight Line

Older skin produces too many squeezes and crinkles on your surface. Thus, applying a straight line on your lid is tough. Still, there some liner assortments which afford a smooth and straight-line. Pick them, purchase them, use them, and share the experience with your peer groups.

How do You Apply Makeup on Older Women’s Eyes?

Gifting your eyes with a better look is adjacent to lifting your beauty. Do not let your age to ruin your gaze. To make your eyes animated and noticeable for day-long use, some simple but not sparing makeup techniques will help you.

Eye cream as a basic

Using eye cream as a basis in both your upper and under-eye area maintains hydration. But avoid the oily creams, it may hamper the makeup. Because of its moisturizing capability, you can use an eye cream daily, with or without makeup.

Prime the upper lid and under-eye area

With no primer, makeup does not stay well or sustains long. As you age, your eyelids start to become more hooded and lose the firmness. And the puffy areas or under-eye bags do not permit to stay the makeup entirely. In this case, a primer conceals those flaws and smoothes the area around the eyes.

Befriend cream shadows 

Cream shadows settle on your skin more than powdered shadow. They do not feed with times or spread all over your face. So, there is no chance to enter your eyes and creating redness.

Eyeliner is the next

Eyeliner is one of the most elegant makeup kits to include sharpness to your eyes, and the key to nailing it is applying it in the right way. When you become older, and the skin loses its firmness, draw a straight, even line is impossible. At times, also applying it correctly, it looks shaky once you let the skin go. To use those lines straight, choose among the collection of the best eyeliners for over 50. Outline with soft liquid eyeliner that will not tug or pull your skin.

Boost your eyelashes 

Making your eyelashes full and more visible applying mascara is always the first choice. But your mature skin sometimes becomes too picky with mascara. Search for mascaras that adhere to lashes, applicable on lower lashes, do not create lash falls, and smudge-proof. However, don’t overlook an eyelash curler. It formulates your eyes to look more extensive and better.


With growing age, you have to be selective and tricky while picking makeup necessaries. Choosing the best eyeliner is not different. Take your time, choose the product very carefully, but do not leave a chance to make your eyes attractive and playful.