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8 Best Eyelid Tape Reviews in 2021

Eyelid tape is one of the most popular beauty kits when it comes to enhancing the eyes. These tapes uplift the beauty of the eyes so that you can end up with eyes that look more vibrant and daring. The only challenge that most of us face, however, is choosing the best eyelid tape that suits most. It should also be of high-quality and designed to enhance your looks without interfering with your health. To help you with this, below are the top three eyelid tapes and a buyer’s guide that will help you with the selection. Read on!!

Best 8 Eyelid Tapes of 2021:

With a brief understanding of the tips that will help you choose the perfect eyelid tape, let’s take a look at the top three to select from.

1. UPD Wonder Eyelid Tape

Best Eyelid Tape of 2020

A spacious eyelid is a new demand for the people who love to make their eye arena gorgeous. The barrier of a perfect eyelid is sometimes hooded eyelid and at times it is aging effects that shrink the eyelids under eye bone. People used to go under a surgical table to get rid of those problems. But it is costly and not affordable for everyone as well its side effects may cause some severe health issues. Thus, this German-made eyelid tape has become the solution of all those who have complains concerning their eyelid. 

UPD Wonder Eyelid Tape has been invented to generate dual eyelid and make the lid intense and wide. It is one well-built double sided sticky tape where the glue follows the formula of medical use tape. UPD ensures that this tape is safe to use water and sweat proof, invisible after applying and sustain the whole day. Hooped eye is a common facial structure of Japanese people, thus this product has huge acceptance in Japan.

Special Features
  • A German-made beauty product
  • Convenient applications, ensures broader eyes
  • No harsh reaction, day-long holding tape
  • Well-accepted among Japanese people

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2. Beauty Logic USA Ultra Invisible Fiber Lace Eyelid Lift Kit

Beauty Logic USA Ultra Invisible Fiber Lace Eyelid Lift Kit

Designed as one of the best options, They can revitalize and rejuvenate folds and eye lines for an immediate beauty effect. The tape is availed in four different sizes, making it easy for you to pick the perfect size for small, average-sized, and large eyes. Besides that, the eyelid tape features a waterproof, ultra-invisible, and lightweight design. Because of this, you can wear it all day with an assurance of comfort.

Fiber Lace Eyelid Lift Kit includes 120 pieces of tapes designed to blend with the skin without any form of skin glare. The tapes feature a latex-free adhesive, which makes them suitable for use on sensitive skin. The strips are invisible when placed on the eyelids, which means that you don’t have to worry about friends having to spot them. You can remove the tapes using an oil-based make-up remover or wipes assuring you of getting tapes that are easy to remove.

Special Features
  • No-glare, lightweight, and ultra-invisible design guarantees user comfort.
  • The tapes are availed in a small, medium, large, and X-large size.
  • 100% Natural design guarantees safety.

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3. Scala Pro 600Pcs by a Box Makeup Breathable Tape

Scala Pro 600Pcs by a Box Makeup Breathable Tape

These tapes come in a pack of 600 pieces of breathable eyelid tapes. The tapes are made using PE and PS material. The material is 100% brand new and high-quality to guarantee safety and durability. You can get the tapes in two sizes based on your preference. Specifically, you can opt for a slim size which is pink in color or a wide size which is blue in color. After continuous use of the eye charm, you can be sure to get permanent eyelids without the need for surgery.

Special Features
  • High-quality eyelid tapes.
  • The tapes include one fork rod.
  • 600 pieces tapes for a long time.

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4. DAISO Natural Double Eyelid

DAISO Natural Double Eyelid

People who use eyelid tape constantly at times complain about its visibility. When something artificial is visible on your eyes and instead of making it beautiful it creates an awkward look. For their concern, DAISO launched a slim, nude double lid type where it is quite impossible to be shown after using. DAISO addresses it as bandage tape and form it a similar look exactly like a bandage. It is a Japan made product, last as long as you want. But one need to careful while removing it as its invisible feature may create trouble to find it sometimes and not to remove it. In these circumstances stuck in one place for hours may hamper blood flow and cause serious injury in eye-surface.

Special Features
  • Nude colored strips make it totally indiscernible after use
  • Easy to apply and remove, last until you want to take it away
  • Can be used over the makeup as well
  • 86 pieces are available in one package

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5. ZMBeauty 400Pcs Natural invisible Single Side Eyelid Tape

Zmbeauty 400Pcs natural Invisible Single Side Eyelid Tape

Are you looking for a good tape designed for those who want to enhance their eyes? If that is the case, you should take the advantage of ZMBeauty Eyelid Tapes. The tapes come in a package that consists of 200pairs of eyelid stickers, an English instruction booklet, and one fork stick. The eyelid tapes feature a medical-use adhesive fiber on one side. This design enables them to work perfectly so that you can remove the tape instantly without any pain or getting hurt.

Another feature that makes the tape a great choice is- the hypoallergenic status. This makes it an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin having in mind that you can apply it without worrying about irritation. ZMBeauty tape can stay on all day perfectly without irritating you for its breathable and waterproof design. Moreover, the tape is a great choice for most skin colors because of its ability to blend in perfectly

Special Features
  • One sticky side makes the tapes easy to put on.
  • 200 pairs of eyelid tape to use over a long time.
  • The hypoallergenic design for people with sensitive skin.

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6. Bella Eleganze Beauty Eyelid Tape

Bella Eleganze Beauty Eyelid Tape

Skin indulgence under the brow bone is one of the most common aging signs. Too many people share their experience of facing such things which they didn’t face at their young age. In this case, some over conscious people choose surgery. Surgical treatments have too much side effects and costs. Thus, Bella Eleganze beauty eyelid gained peoples’ trust. It’s a needleless eyelid boosting method where one single strip will gift you beautiful wide eyes again. 

As well people with hooded eyelids who find it difficult to use eye products may also use this eyelid lifting strips. No need to spend too much dollar or make your eye arena under the surgical table. 120 strips within 1 packet may solve your hooded eyelid problems for several days. Those are trouble-free to apply, last whole day long, invisible in open eyes and gift you large eye finishing.

Special Features
  • Diminish the necessity of surgical treatment for getting wide eyelid
  • 120 strips within one packet, convenient to use
  • Free from harsh feelings or allergy on skin
  • Little holes appeared on the strips for skin’s tenderness

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7. Double Eyelid Tape by Cayanmydery

Double Eyelid Tape by Cayanmydery

People who have hooded eyelids face the skin overindulgence beneath the brow bone. It makes the lid invisible. So, it is difficult for women with hooded eyelids to apply eye makeup. Therefore, intended for them Cayanmydery welcomes their double eyelid tape. Its undetectable one side of the tape has the facility to lift the lids promptly and appropriate for all skin color. The fiber used in the tape is water resistant and indiscernible and the glue is the same used for medical purposes. Thus, we can assure it won’t cause skin discomfort.

This double eyelid tape is trouble-free to form inborn dual eyelid, formulates more attractive, round and wide eyes. Applying it constantly may create double eyelids eternally with no surgical treatment. 

Reuse of the same tape is not appreciated; as its adhesiveness will be decreased after single use. As well, it is not healthy to use the lids with oil, makeup and dust. So, it is recommended to use new tapes for particular use.

Special Features
  • Hidden one-sided eyelid strip
  • Immediate eyelid, with no surgical procedure
  • Best eye decorating item for people with hooded eyelids
  • Finished by glue fibers (especially used for medical applications)

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8. HailiCare Double Sided Eyelid Tapes

HailiCare Double Sided Eyelid Tapes

Skin indulgence under the eye bone considers as beauty blunder to many. People who have hooded or mono eyelids seem to complain about their structure and find a solution to get rid of it. Eyelid tape is one solution that warmly accepted by many. So, Hailicare launched their dual sided eyelid tape and offers 50 pairs within one package. These tapes are undetectable, made of medical use safe equipments, water resistant and a whole day survivor.  

It is perfect for a day long outing or working hours as it do not fall at its first use and having too much make up does not affect its longevity. It is ideal for any skin color gift you spacious eye area and create one gorgeous look. By constantly using you may get lasting double eyelids naturally, with no surgical treatment.

Special Features
  • Undetectable strips, immediately boosts eyelid
  • 50 pairs within one purchase
  • Regular use performs in eyelid extension naturally
  • Comfortable strips, let the skin breathe

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Factors to Consider to Find a Good Eyelid Tape:

When choosing an eyelid tape, there are three main factors that you need to consider.


There are two types of eyelid tapes. Single-sided and double-sided. Single-sided tape features adhesive on side. As a result, it acts to push or support the eyelid by creating a fold on the top side of the tape. On the other side, the double-sided features adhesive on both sides. Once you apply this correctly, it stays hidden between the skin folds of the eyelids, so that you can’t spot the tape.


Just like foundation blends into the skin color, you will want to get a tape that will blend into skin. So, you may need to avoid white or transparent eyelid tapes since these reflect light making them visible to everyone. Also, avoid shiny tapes since these tend to draw attention, unless if drawing attention is your aim.


Based on your eyelid shape, you will want to get an eyelid tape designed to suit the eyelid shape. In this case, determine whether your lids are droopy, mono-lidded, or hooded. Droopy eyes are eyes with eyelids featuring sagging outer corners. Mono-lidded eyes do not feature an obvious line above the lash line. On the other hand, hooded eyes feature eyelids that are heavier in the middle of the eye. With hooded eyes, you can pick one that features a crescent shape. For droopy eyes, pick a tape that tends to lift the outer corner of the eyes, I.e., a tape that features a thicker end in the outer corner of the eye.


Eyelid tapes can play a role in enhancing your beauty and face looks. So, avoid settling for any eyelid tape that comes along the way but, buy one of the reviewed items and rest assured to uplift the beauty of your eyes without interfering with your wellbeing.