Best Eyelid Tape for Hooded Eyes

Best Eyelid Tape for Hooded Eyes

When you look for ways to have a different appearance than usual, you need ways to make the eyes look striking. Our eyes are one of the most highlighting features of our face, and it’s the window to our soul!

But if you have hooded eyes, there aren’t many options to experiment with.

So, if you want to make your hooded eyes look different or apply those new makeup tricks like a cut crease or halo, you will need spacious eyelids, and an eyelid adhesive can help you with that.
But there are so many brands, types, and quality available out there. And most of the users don’t know which one is more effective. So here is our review of some best eyelid tapes.
This article will help you to get the perfect adhesive for your eyes to make it sparkle!

Best 5 eyelid tapes for hooded eyes in 2020:

1. ZMBeauty 4-pack Natural Visible Single/Double-sided eyelid tape stickers

If you are looking for the best-grade eyelid tapes to make your eyes pop, you can get this pack by ZMBeauty to achieve that goal. With this bundle, you get four packs of medical-grade stickers to fix your eye condition.

You can call this one an all-in-one package because it contains every type and shape of adhesives you need to change your eye shape. You get both double and single-sided tapes, so you don’t have to buy another set to work.

It comes with two styles of double-sided and two types of single-sided tapes. These tapes are made with medical-grade fibers and adhesive, and they are hypoallergenic. So there will be no irritation if you watch these tapes.

These high-quality stickers don’t have any glue, so your skin will have no harm even if you wear it for a long time. The adhesive tends to stick to the lids as long as you want without any trouble.

These tapes are very efficient for an instant eye lift, and with long-term usage, you can fix your skin-covered eye issues.

The single-sided tapes you get in this bundle are great for fixing hidden or slightly droopy ones. If you have severe eye problems like heavier eyelids or uneven eyelids, you can use the wider ones for better results.

The whole bundle comes with 120 slim and 120 complete lid tapes. You will get both single and double-sided tapes, including a tweezer made of soft plastic to place the adhesives.

Moreover, they come with excellent customer service to solve any problems regarding these tapes. So regarding all the features, you can call it one of the best.

Special Features
  • The package includes varieties of shapes and types of eyelid tapes.
  • Made with medical-grade fiber and adhesives
  • Doesn’t contain any glue
  • Gives an instant eye lift for a long time
  • Doesn’t cause any irritation
  • Comes with a plastic tweezers
  • Excellent customer service

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2. Beauty Logic USA Ultra Invisible Fiber Lace Eyelid Lift Kit

If you are afraid of exposing your eyelid adhesives in front of a judgmental crowd, you can buy this one. This sticker is totally indivisible when you apply it to your lids and gives you an eye lift without any trouble.

The application of this tape is effortless, and it will stick into your lids for more than seventeen hours. These tapes are very light-weight and give you the feeling of wearing nothing on the lid. It’s one of the best eyelid tape for droopy eyelids.

These ultra invisible adhesives come in four different sizes to cover various shapes of eyes. So you can choose a tape according to your problems and act on it. Moreover, they are water-resistant, so your eye-makeup will stay in its place.

The Beauty Logic Fiber Lace adhesives are one of the best in the market. They come with advanced cosmetic technology to solve any hooded eye issues with the highest efficiency.

The manufacturer guarantees that these tapes are 100% safe to wear, and the customers agreed with that. The kit comes with 120 videos that naturally blend with your skin without forming any glare. Moreover, it can be easily concealed by makeup products.

Special Features
  • Light-weight and ultra invisible adhesive
  • Feel comfortable on the eyelid
  • Comfortable to wear and stays intact for an extended period
  • Comes in different shapes and sizes
  • Can be concealed by makeup
  • Doesn’t form any glare

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3. DUP Wonder eyelid tape

This wonder eyelid tape by DUP guarantees all day long service and is very popular among Japanese people. It is a German-made product that ensures a better experience for its users.

If you have mono-lid, these wonder adhesives are the best thing for you. It is a double eyelid tape that comes with excellent adhesive quality. After wearing this tape, your lid will stay folded as long as you want.

This adhesive is sweat and water-resistant so that it can stay inside the crease for a long time. Despite being a strong sticker, it doesn’t cause any irritation on your eyeballs or skin around it. Moreover, it feels really light-weight on the lid for a better experience.

It is an invisible eyelid tape, which is great as you can’t really put any makeup on it if you have mono-lid eyes. According to most users, it is the best eyelid tape for monolids, and this comment is coming from hard to impress Japanese people!

Special Features
  • Works like magic for monolids
  • Strong adhesive to make an additional crease fold
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Light-weight and stays on for all-day-long
  • Made with good quality materials

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4. ZMBeauty 5-pack Natural Visible Single/Double-sided eyelid tape stickers

This is another eye lift tape set by ZM beauty, but this one comes bearing more products. It comes with five packs of adhesives that can be used on various types of droopy lids.

This set contains two types of single-sided tape and three types of double-sided tapes. You get many options to choose from and solve any issue that you might be facing with your hooded eyes.

Moreover, it comes without any glue so that you can remove it easily from your eyelid without any pain.

It’s a light-weight tape that folds your mono-lid and stays rock solid while holding your droopy lids. From smaller to bigger and wider eyes, you can find tapes to make them just like you want them.

These stickers are made with adhesives that are medically tested. So you can wear them regularly without any trouble. You can wear it in the morning, and it will stay in perfect shape even at midnight.

If you are looking for the best for droopy eyes, this product can be your savior, trust me!

Special Features
  • Medically tested adhesive
  • Doesn’t cause any irritation
  • Feels comfortable while wearing
  • Extremely capable of holding up droopy and heavier lids
  • Comes in different shapes and sizes
  • Contains both single and double-sided tapes

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5. Lamelia Eyelid tape stickers – Single tapes

If you are looking for efficient single-sided tapes for regular wear, you can choose this one for a better experience. This tape is very sticky yet comfortable and will not ruin your makeup in any way.

These eyelid stickers by Lamelia are very light on the skin and give you the desired crease fold you want. You can use this one for fixing your droopy eye corners, and if you got small mono-lids, this product could be your holy grail.

You can wear these tapes very quickly, create a deep double-crease, and make you look more charming than ever. This product is tested in labs and proven to be safe for use. It won’t cause any irritation because it’s hypoallergenic. So you don’t have to worry about harming your eyes anymore.

One of these tapes’ most remarkable qualities is that they are breathable, so your lids will not hold any moisture, which is excellent for your lids. You can apply makeup over this tape to hide it and make it look natural.

Moreover, this one is the most affordable eyelid sticker on our list, and you get an excellent deal if you buy this one.

Special Features
  • Breathable and medical-grade adhesive
  • Allergen-free and light-weight
  • Water and sweat-resistant
  • Doesn’t affect the makeup
  • Can be easily concealed with makeup
  • Excellent for droopy and uneven lids

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So, here was our list of eyelid tape. We have tried to enlist products from reputed brands that offer excellent efficiency in fixing hooded eyes. This list will help you to make a perfect choice and experiment as well.

How can you fix your hooded eyes naturally?

Everyone has their unique features, complexion, and physique. All of us love the way we look, but sometimes it feels good to play around a little!
No matter how confident we are, there is always a spot, a weird-looking toe, or a hair on the chin that bothers us. So it’s quite normal if you want to change the way your eyes look.

And if you are not happy with your droopy eyes, you might want to know how to lift hooded eyes naturally as surgery for hooded eyes will cost you a fortune.
Before you start your journey on fixing this condition, first get to know the reasons behind it. Some common reasons that causes droopy lids are:

● Having excess skin on the lid
● Aging
● Inappropriate skincare routine
● The lower position of the brow

If having extra skin on the eyelid is causing this condition, you can get rid of it if you wear the eyelid tape for a long time regularly.
Not taking good care of your eye area can cause this situation too. The skin around our eyes is sensitive and needs to be nurtured with an excellent quality eye cream to hold on to its proper shape.

And if it’s happening because of aging, some anti-aging products will help you to achieve your goal,

If the low-positioned brow is causing it, you can do some specific exercise to improve the condition. Moreover, an eyelid sticker will also help you in this case.

So, if you don’t want to go through the long-term process of eye exercises or painful surgeries, you should get the best to solve this issue.
But how do you choose the most suitable eyelid adhesive for you? to help you pick the perfect one for yourself, here is a list of things to consider before buying eyelid tape for hooded eyes.

Factors Need to Consider While Choosing the Best Eyelid Tape for Hooded Eyes:

Types of eyelid tapes:

There are two types of adhesives, they are:

● Single-sided
● Double-sided

Single-sided stickers have adhesive on the side. The adhesive strip creates a fold on the top and pushes the lid.
By contrast, double-sided stickers come with adhesives on both sides, as the name suggests. When you use it, it remains between the fold of the lid, so it’s invisible.


Yes, matching the eyelid tape to your skin is a crucial thing to consider. Some stickers are shiny and transparent in color. It would be better if you don’t get these ones as they tend to catch the light and become visible.

Always get a lid stocker that is matte and skin-colored. If you get these tapes, it won’t be hard for you to hide it efficiently.

The shape of your eyelid:

It would be best if you got lid stickers based on your eye shape. Otherwise, it will mess with the anatomy of your eye, and you don’t want that!

So, to choose the perfect eyelid adhesives, you need to learn about your eye shape. Some of the common types of hooded eyes are:

● Droopy eyes
● Mono-lid eyes
● Regular hooded eyes

Droopy ones have a saggy outer corner. You should get an adhesive that can lift the corner of your eyes for this type of watch.

Mono-lid eyes are very common in Asian people, and if you watch extreme Korean makeovers, you will see the various usages of facial and lid tapes. These lids don’t have that obvious fold over the lash-line like most of the ordinary eyes.

To solve this issue, you can get an adhesive in a crescent shape for better efficiency.

If you have heavier eyelids in the middle, you have regular hooded eyes. And for this, you can get double-sided and crescent-shaped tape to solve this problem.

Hopefully, now you know how to choose, it’s time for you to know about some of the best options you can find out there.

So here is our review of the top 5 eyelid tapes to help you choose the right one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I reuse my eyelid tapes?

No, you can’t really reuse your eyelid adhesives as it will lose its stickiness after one use. Moreover, it’s not hygienic to use the same sticker twice.
These stickers are pretty cheap, so you don’t have to worry about money before using them.

2. Do you feel the eyelid tapes on the lids?

No, if you get light-weight ones, you will not feel a thing. And if it’s sweat-proof and breathable, it will not even leave any residue.

3. Can I use eyelid tapes on sensitive eyes?

If your adhesives are allergen-free, you can wear them without any discomfort and irritation. All of the products we reviewed in this article are made with medical-grade materials. So you can choose one for yourself from our list for a better experience.

4. Will my patches be visible if I wear them?

Make sure that you are not getting shiny tapes for your eyes to make bigger. These tapes tend to reflect lights and ruin the whole thing.
You should get tapes that will not shine and can be covered with makeup if you want. So keep that in mind while choosing an eyelid adhesive.

5. Will an eyelid tape fix my hooded eyes?

Yes, if you wear eyelid stickers regularly, it will solve your droopy eyes issues to a great extent. But it is not an instant process like surgery, so you have to be real patient with it.


Finding and eyelid tape is easier as they are widely available. But getting the best that will fix all issues is not a piece of cake!
But in this review of eyelid adhesives, you will get some wonderful suggestions that will make your condition better with time. Just remember that it’s not a miracle and will not solve your problems overnight. Give it a little time, and the result will surely make you happy.