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Best Eyelash Extension Tweezers to Make Your Eyes Beautiful

Beauticians and makeup enthusiasts have progressed from using their hands to apply false eyelashes to using tweezers. These have brought about a significant change in the beauty industry. The dilemma now, however, is in how to choose the best eyelash extension tweezers.

This is because there are many of this equipment out there that the manufacturers swear are the best. After purchase, you notice that the tips bend after a few uses. In other situations, they are too heavy, and your arms get fatigued a few minutes into using them.

These problems and many more that made us think of bringing and reviewing the very best just for you.

7 Best Eyelash Extension Tweezers of 2021

To make your selection of the best eyelash extension tweezers easy, we reviewed some of the top ones available. Take a look at them! Chances are, you will know you made the right decision.

1. Tinksky Tweezeers 

Tinksky Tweezeers 

These are a set of four-piece pincers designed to make your false eyelash application easy. They are not just suitable for fixing eyelash but for electronic repairs, leatherwork, chip fixing and many more as well.

Whether you are a professional artist who works with different clients or an amateur looking to learn the art of fixing eyelashes, these tools will sure come in handy.

The tools in this Tinksky set are made from stainless steel. More so, the material is anti-static, meaning a charge doesn’t build up while you are using them. Additionally, they are anti-magnetic and anti-acid.

In turn, this implies that you don’t have to worry about them attracting metal objects near you. They also would not rust too.

Furthermore, they have either a straight pointed tip or a curved tip. While the straight tip is suitable for use in confined space and offers precision, the curved tip is more appropriate for use in narrow space. The curved one is also used to remove scattered hair around the eyelashes.

Special Features
  • Comes in a set of 4
  • Has both curved and pointed tip
  • Suitable for both professional and amateur artists
  • Tips remain straight after long term use
  • Stainless steel material
  • Anti-acid, anti-magnetic, and anti-static

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2. Nipoo Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Nipoo Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Up next, this is one of the best eyelash tweezers. Why, you ask? Not only do these tweezers come in a set of two, but they also have two different tips. Also, they come with a protective tip cover that ensures them always in shape.

Another significant benefit of these tools is that they are for professional use by design, which indicates that they are suitable for isolating, separating, and selecting false eyelashes. Luckily, their lightweight farther reduces the risk of fatigue while using them.

The tips are either angled or straight. Using the straight tip allows you to pick multiple eyelashes off the tray. The curved tips are, however, more versatile. It is appropriate for selecting eyelashes and also separating natural eyelashes from the false for easier fixing of lashes.

An added advantage of this paraphernalia is that it is suitable for use both at home and in beauty salons. FYI, they are also made of stainless steel. Additionally, they have a precision that prevents eyelashes from sticking together.

Special Features
  • Lightweight stainless steel material
  • Can be used both in the salons and at home
  • A set of a straight and angled tipped eyelash extension set
  • Comes with a protective cover
  • Professional grade

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3. Quewel Eye Extension Tweezers 

Quewel Eye Extension Tweezers 

Neatly packed in a leather case, these eyelash extension tools arrive in a set of 5 pieces. They also come with a safety cap to prevent accidents when not in use. This safety cap also serves to make sure the pincer remains in shape.

This Quewel set of extension tools are made of stainless steel lightweight material. The material is also anti-corrosive and anti-magnetic. No wonder why they do not snag up on anything while you are using them.

Additionally, the set is suitable for use by both professional and amateur users. Each of the pincers in the set works for a different function. While the straight tip is good for picking up eyelashes and also for rapid flowering, the curved one is more suitable for selecting and separating individual lash.

They can also be used together for higher precision. During the application, you can use the curved one to separate the natural lash. And the straight can then be used to fix the false eyelash.

Special Features
  • Comes in a set of five
  • Excellent texture and lightweight stainless steel
  • Anti-magnetic and anti-corrosive material
  • Leather case and safety cap inclusive in the package
  • Smooth, tight grip tips

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4. Pinklab Tweezers

Pinklab Tweezers

If you are looking for the perfect equipment to use for volume eyelash application, then this one is for you. It was explicitly hand calibrated to offer maximum support while fixing false eyelashes. Also, it is made of non-fade metal that prevents rusting.

This particular tool is more suitable for professional artists. For an artist, he/she can see the face of his/her client while using this pincer due to its unique shape and handle.

Furthermore, it has a good grip, which is essential for eyelash application. It is what stops the eyelash from slipping off while picking up from the tray.

Another feature of this equipment is that it is lightweight; thereby making it gentle on the wrist. As such, it provides you closer to zero chance of getting hand fatigue in the course of usage.

Overall, it is one of the best eyelash tweezers for volume isolation eyelash application and offers maximum control while using. Moreover, you will find it suitable for separating ultra-fine eyelashes while fixing the false lash.

Special Features
  • Good grip of lashes
  • Great shape and handle for better visibility
  • Non-fade metallic material
  • Excellent for professional artists
  • Lightweight design to prevent wrist pain

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5. Quewel Eyelash Tweezers 

Quewel Eyelash Tweezers 

This set of 3 can easily be the best tweezers for applying false eyelashes. They are made of a stainless steel material with firm pressure. This prevents them from bursting and any other form of deformity.

Moreover, these are also anti-magnetic and anti-corrosive. Therefore, not only do these not get attracted to metals, but they also do not cause static charge.

Additionally, there are little risk of fatigue and stress in hand while using these. This is because these units are lightweight and have a nice texture.

The tips of the pincers in this set are either straight or curved. Besides, the tips are also fine-pointed, which means that you can easily maneuver the tool in any angle or direction, thereby ensuring a high accuracy application.

Furthermore, the tips close well, and in doing so, it is easy to pick up the eyelash extension glue easily. They also come in a leather case and with individual safety caps.

Special Features
  • Comes enclosed in a leather case
  • Different tips for varied usage
  • Individual safety cap to prevent injury
  • Lightweight design to reduce stress
  • Tips are smooth and close well

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6. Quelasee Vetus Eyelash Extension Tweezers 

Quelasee Vetus Eyelash Extension

The Quelasee tweezers is made of an excellent stainless steel material with anti-magnetic and anti-static coating. You will experience high precision during use since it does not build up a charge. Further, it does not get attracted to other metals. For better storage in between use, it comes enclosed in a leather case.

Their design and material make it suitable for long-term use. As such, they do not lose shape or get other irregularities from repeated use.

Likewise, if you are looking for a single tool that you can use for many purposes, this is it. You will find it suitable for volume, isolation and single application of lashes. Also, professional lash artists can use them.

It is, however, more suitable for clients with sparse natural eyelashes. This is because they can be used to pick up eyelashes separately. Besides, it is also easy to use and operate.

Special Features
  • Single tool that can serve multiple uses
  • Suitable for clients with sparse natural eyelash
  • Perfect for professional users
  • Adapts to long term use
  • Comes with a leather jacket

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7. Eyelash Store Alluring Tweezers 

Eyelash Store Alluring Tweezers 

This tweezers was specially designed to offer maximal comfort while using. It also has the maximum surface area on contact. As a result, it is easy and comfy to grip eyelash extensions.

Also, they work to provide good accessibility to isolated eyelashes. It is also comfortable to grip and picks up eyelashes very well. The grip makes it a good option for volume application.

More so, it is versatile and can be used to perform several functions; from isolating individual lashes to separating natural lashes and then fixing the false lash. Additionally, it can also be used to select individual lashes.

Furthermore, there is little danger of repetitive strain injury to the forefinger and thumb while using this tool. This is as a result of the lightweight material used in making them. So it is not heavy and does not cause stress to the wrist.

We found it suitable for use by both lash extension artist and novice beauty enthusiasts.

Special Features
  • Great grip for volume application
  • Picks eyelashes well
  • Prevents repeated wrist strain
  • Curved tip for multiple uses
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Good accessibility to isolated eyelash

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How to Choose a Good Eyelash Extension Tweezer?

Since applying false eyelashes is the trend, why not find out which one is the best and how should you choose it?

To choose a good eyelash extension tweezers, they are a couple of things to consider. It is essential to know these rather than blindly following someone else. This is so you make the right choice.

Below are some things to look out for;


Some of these tools are so heavy that your hands will literarily get worn-out from using them. You don’t want that happening, do you? This is more peculiar to the professional artists who apply false eyelashes to different people in a day.

When it is heavy, it would most likely cause fatigue and stress to your wrist. Imagine having to get hand fatigue five times a day or more. That is why it is vital that you know the weight of the tool you are buying.

Tip of the Tweezers

The tips are what make tweezers. These are the parts that work while fixing the eyelashes. Tips are particularly important because they are used for picking, selecting, separating eyelashes during the application process.

It is essential to know that there are different types of tips like straight, curved, and so on. Each tip serves a particular function. While some are good for fixing one eyelash, others are best for fixing multiple eyelashes.

Another thing to know about the tips is that they are meant to close perfectly well. And as such, makes it easier to grab eyelashes and also prevents the lashes from falling.


Some tweezers can only be used to isolate eyelashes while others can only be used to separate the lashes. Therefore, when selecting, it is pertinent to check the ones that can serve various purposes. This way, you don’t have to switch between different equipment while fixing your eyelashes.

Another thing is, you should check if they are suitable for use by professional lash artist and novice users. By doing so, you would know if it is appropriate for you. More so, it also helps you see whether it can serve your intended purpose.


It is essential to know what your tweezers is made up of. The ideal material should be non-magnetic, anti-static, anti-corrosive and anti-acid.

You don’t want them sticking to every nearby metal or building a charge that can cause a spark. Neither do you want your tool snagging up or getting rusted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Best Time to Tweeze?

The best time to tweeze is immediately after a shower. If not, you can open up your pores by soaking a towel in warm water and cleaning off your eyebrows. This way, your eyebrows are prepared for the tweezing.

2. How can I Clean My Tweezers?

Cleaning a tweezers is not difficult. Ensure that you clean your tools after every use. Additionally cleaning with alcohol can disinfect and kill off germs. Also, make sure always to close the tip with a safety cap in between use.

3. How do I Tweeze My Brows?

It is essential first to outline how you would want your brow to look with an eyebrow pencil. You then use your tool to shape the brow.

4. How to Reduce Pain while Tweezing?

Applying numbing cream or gel on the area before you start tweezing can help. Additionally tweezing at the right time also gets you saved.

5. Which One is Best Eyelash Extension Tweezer?

For this, be sure to look up our section on how to choose the best tweezers. If you follow the factors well, you will get the one that is best suited for you.

Choosing the best eyelash extension tweezers is the first step in having perfect eyelash extensions. But with tons of these tools out there, making this choice is often a difficult task.


Hopefully, with this review, we have cut down the time and effort you would otherwise need to put into this. So now, get the one that is perfect for your eyelash application.