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5 Best Eyelash Combs in 2021 | Review by Experts

To give your eyelashes from dull to the desired look within minutes, eyelash comb currently is a must-have item for ladies in their make-up tools.

Many beauty enthusiasts consider that it is not appropriate to skip mascara from your daily makeup routine. On the other hand, many of the beginners shared their not so good experiences while applying mascara. They claimed that the fluid of mascara make their lashes screw together and ended up giving them a bizarre look. For them, eyelash comb is one pleasing invention as its little teeth have the function to detach every lash, provide them an ideal curve and a perfect outline.

It formulates a mascara look so convenient and creates a feathery glow in lashes.

Best 5 Eyelash Combs of 2021

To create a trouble-free experience with an eyelash comb, we evaluated a few existing better versions. Have a look at those products which we believe may help you in making the best choice. 

1. Tweezerman Folding iLashComb

Tweezerman Folding iLashComb

Afraid of wearing mascara because you don’t want to screw up with wacky lashes! Or frightened with the fact that too much mascara sticking with your lashes for a long time may become the reason of your lash-fall!

To make your frightening memory into an easy one and give you a pleasant experience of having mascara, Tweezerman has launched a Folding iLashComb.

In the case of makeup artists who handle numerous customers or a makeup novice struggling with the skill, this is one helpful tool for sure. Its gold plated metal sticks can slide easily into lashes, extract excessive mascara fluids parting all the cilium and create a soothing experience.

Moreover, a stylish plastic folder is to protect the teeth from any kind of damage for a long time. Therefore, you can use the product without having a doubt of its longevity.

Special Features
  • An England made eyelash care product
  • Detach all the cilium in an ideal way
  • Gold plated metal teeth
  • Slides easily throughout the mascara
  • Comb teeth are covered in a handle

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2. DUcare Duo Folding Eyelash Comb

DUcare Duo Folding Eyelash Comb

Facing plenty of lash breakage while using lash comb? Do the comb pulling hurt your eyes or lash areas? Do you feel that instead of making your cilium spectacular, it is damaging them in the long run?

For the problems you are facing while using eye grooming stuffs, DUcare Duo Eyelash Comb Curlers is a must-try. It ensures smooth eyebrows curl without damaging, breaking or pulling. Its capacity of swooping curls guarantees a spotlessly standardized eye appearance. Specialized with the better quality stainless steel outline, it is ideally designed for several uses equally in-home, party, and workplaces.

Formed to suit every eyelash shape and sizes, and generate the major facilities for a dazzling, eye-catching appearance in few moments but guarantees permanence.

Special Features
  • Delineate and detach each lash, Gold plated
  • Folder protection to keep the sticks and bushes safe and dirt-free
  • Easily fitted in handbag or even in a pouch or clutch.

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3. TecUnite 4 Packs Folding Eyelash Comb

Tecunite 4 Packs Folding Eyelash Comb

Here is the one for pink lovers. TecUnite presents their product with both black and pink color. It also clears your lashes from mascara excess and keeps your every lash detached from the other. Its smoothing application gives you the facility to make those lashes a bit more curvy and attractive.

In case of carrying anywhere, you are traveling, this makeup kit is one of the best items. Its folding advantage takes little space and teeth protection ability keeps it safe from other materials in your bag. As well this capability spares the other products in your bag from its sharp-pointed sticks.

It is combined with metal-based teeth to give your eyes a sharp look and plastic holder for easy grabbing. Moreover, users easily make it dirt free with any mild soap and water. The cleaning process would be easier by using makeup remover.

Quantity in 4 pieces will ensure long term use.

Special Features
  • Anti-oxidized metal comb teeth, long-lasting, trouble-free cleaning
  • Plastic folder with smooth shell, delicate, easily carried
  • Foldable surface for teeth protection
  • Easy to store, hoard space

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4. Boao folding Eyelash and Eyebrow comb

Boao folding Eyelash and Eyebrow comb

This product offers you the best of 3 diverse lash grooming brushes. Then you may have curiosity about why we have mentioned 4 pieces as functions. Because it is providing the fourth facility by offering you an eyebrow brush with dual-use.

You may use or avoid mascara; this eyelash separator will detach your each lash from another and will make them attractive in both cases. As well, the dual facilities of brow-brush will ensure a neat and catchy eyebrow look.

These brushes are prepared from different materials, e.g. plastic, steel as well as from rayon. While using these makeup tools, you will realize its flimsy weight and durability. And these functions will ensure their prolonged existence in your makeup belongings.

Additionally, this apparatus is easy to bear. So, whether you are in a party or office, family tour, or long drive, it can be carried and used as well to maintain your brows and lashes.

Nevertheless, users need to be careful while using and need to place it far away from children. As it’s sharp, prickly parts may cause severe injury.

Special Features
  • Able to be folded, easily carried
  • Pointed teeth, sharp but not harmful
  • Assist natural blend and creates dazzling eyebrows

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5. Boao 4 Pieces Foldable Eyelash and eyebrow Comb

Boao 4 Pieces Foldable Eyelash and Eyebrow Comb

Efficiently folded in plastic, this pro comb has arrived with four pieces of exact same products that will make your experience trouble-free. The perfect working pattern of this comb gives the lashes a better shiny and curly look.

Some customers are against the eyelash folder, claiming it not that much comfy. For them, these four pieces are some magnetic tool formulated by metal teeth with a plastic folder. This plastic folder protects users from harming themselves and ensures painless grabbing.

Furthermore, simply using soap and water can make this foldable eyelash comb dirt free. Makeup remover also comes in handy in the cleaning process.

Only available in black, this color makes the product stylish as well as smooth for a long time. As well its comfortable structure makes you carry it anytime, anywhere in your bag.

Special Features
  • Offering metal comb teeth
  • Plastic folder in case of finger protection
  • Effortless cleaning

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How to Choose a Good Eyelash Comb?

Though using fake eyelashes is quite trendy among women, many of them still want to stick with their natural lashes. For both of them, combs for eyelashes are a must-have makeup kit. However, before using or buying a comb a bunch of questions may come in their thought. Will it trouble-free or cause pain while pulling? Will it break your lash or create any irritation? Above all, everyone desires to know what will be best eyelash comb for their lashes and what is finest in the market.

To decide which comb will be lit for your cilium, there are numerous functions to think about. Instead of believing someone blindfolded, one needs to know the pros and cons.

In helping them to make the exact decision, there are some features everyone need to know to find the best eyelash comb.


Before buying a comb, everyone needs to know the substances or materials. If comb sticks are made of steel or metal, it will give smooth experience while extracting extra mascara. Choosing the wrong substance while buying may cause lash-damage, breakage and excessive lash-fall.  

For long-time use, comb substances need to be anti-oxidized.


Eyelash comb is an essential makeup stuff in any functions. From home to party, from official to casual, you don’t want to pass even a day with clumsy lashes. In those cases, a light weighted movable comb is necessary.

As a result, you need to conscious about the weight. 


The main purpose of using a comb is to get separated curl cilium anyhow, anytime. Its added advantage is to remove excess liquid that attaches the lashes e.g. water, mascara etc. so, litheness is important.

If it stuck between the lashes, it wouldn’t be a soothing experience for anyone.


Like our usual hair comb, lash combs also absorb dirt after several uses. Thus, cleaning is a necessity. In terms of cleaning materials, some handy items available in every household will be better. No one likes a time-consuming cleaning experience.

The perfect cleaning stuff should be water, soap otherwise a makeup wiper or remover.


Picking the finest version of an eye-lash comb is the initial process of maintaining better, dispatched curly lashes. As there are too many brands claiming too much and providing plentiful facilities, making the right choice is not easy enough. Sometimes anyhow to decide one among many is stretched.

Optimistically, we think that this review will help you to choose simply and will facilitate the perfect one in your door.