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Best Eye Primer for Mature Skin Over 50

What you feel when you gift your eyelids a perfect eye makeup, but it vanishes within hours? It spreads all over your eye surroundings. Instead of boosting your look and confidence, it makes you feel low and unattractive. Skipping a small strategy is the reason behind this mess. And the name of the policy is eye primer.

Primers are the base that makes your makeover durable and long-lasting. Either it is on a wall or your face, the basic is the same. Every skin part has some different needs. Even the base you use on your face does not suit your eye area. Eye primers contain easy application but create diverse transformation. It settles down the eyelid pigment and ensures longevity. It is a must-have item is so powerful that it not only primes but also nourishes the surface from inside. To know the rest, keep reading this article.

Best 7 Eye Primers for Mature Skin with Wrinkles

Getting an eye primer is not a difficult task. The tricky part is to get the best one for mature skin. Here, there are seven best solutions we’ve found to help you. Pick one according to your skin pattern and enjoy your long-lasting eye look.

1. Milani Eyeshadow Primer

Milani Eyeshadow Primer

Milani is an East LA-based beauty brand. To make the eye makeup long-lasting and bold, Milani arrived with this eye shadow primer. This eye shadow primer works as a perfect base for eye makeup. It smoothes the eyelid and intensifies the color of eye shadows.

On mature skin, applying eye shadow is tricky. The shadow particles sometimes spread into your wrinkles or lines and make them look unattractive. Milani Eyeshadow Primer is lightweight and crease-proof. So, whenever you apply eye shadow after wearing this primer, shadows will not spread here and there. It stays on the eyelid for long without being smudged. Thus, eye shadow lasts long and remains the same as you applied.

Whatever your skin type is, it equally suits well with fair, dark, olive or brown skin. Massage your lid area with this primer and wait till the skin absorbs it. Once, the surface turns dry; you can start to apply the eye shadow.

Milani does not test their products on animals. Neither they harm or kill animals during the production process. You can trust Milani as a total vegan and cruelty-free product.

Special Features
  • Intensifies the color of eye shadow
  • Lightweight, ensures long wear
  • Suitable on every skin tone
  • Vegan and Cruelty-free product

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2. Eyeshadow Primer by NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP


Weather is such an unpredictable natural fact. You can’t predict the whole day in the morning. Excessive sun exposure can make you sweat. Otherwise, the water of the rain may ruin your all day. NYX professional makeup is always so passionate about taking care of their customer’s look. So they launched a waterproof eye shadow primer. It is sweat-proof, water-proof, humidity-proof eye shadow primer. So, wherever you go, either a desert or a beach, thinking over makeup lasting is not your concern.

You can use this primer as an under eye concealer on your mature skin. So, dark circles will reduce instantly as much as possible. Applying this primer before using shadow maximizes the pigmentation. It last long does not spread irrelevantly. Make a smooth eye area with this eye shadow primer. Wait until it dries and then apply the eye shadow. Your eye makeup will remain the same for hours no matter what the atmosphere is.

NYX Professional is a PETA certified cruelty-free brand. So, we can ensure you that is a vegan product.

Special Features
  • Weatherproof eye shadow primer
  • Ensures maximum pigmentation
  • Guarantees the smoothness of eyelid
  • Certifies the long last eye shadow wear

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3. Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Base

Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Base

Mature skin suffers from creasing problem. And, eye areas are the first to face the crease. So, it is hard to maintain manageable eye makeup on mature skin. Sooner or later eye shadows enter into the ridges and destroy the gorgeous makeup. So, Elizabeth Mott eye shadow base Thank Me Later arrives with a cause. It promises to prevent oily lids and creasing problems with their eye primer.

Thank Me Later eye shadow primer locks the oiliness and smoothes the eyelid area. Thus, when you apply eye shadow, it enhances the shadow color. It dries within seconds and delivers a smooth crease-free surface.

Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Base brightens the skin tone. It combats with the oil your surface releases. Therefore, no matter how much eye makeup you apply, it remains almost the same after hours.

Special Features
  • Boosts your eye shadow look
  • Ensures a smooth, crease-free surface
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Transparent, no-greasy eye shadow base
  • Cruelty-free, vegan product

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4. Too Faced Eye Shadow Primer

Too Faced Eye Shadow Primer

Too Faced Eye Shadow Primer contains Vitamin E and Silicone in their formula. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants combat with free radicals and prevent the UV damages of the skin. UV rays are one of those compounds that facilities creases, wrinkles and lines on the eye surroundings. Therefore, Too faced formulates eye shadow primer with Vitamin E antioxidant. So, your mature skin can get fewer creases and remains youthful.

The primer properties don’t let your makeup smudged, melted or faded. It enhances the shadow look and lasts it as long as you want. This primer is not only for lid areas, but you can also apply it on eyebrows, and lashes. But be careful about the application. One drop is enough to boost your eyebrow and eyelash look.

There are no bindings on eye shadow brand. This eye shadow base works well with any eye shadow and enhances the colors.

Special Features
  • Anti-crease eye shadow base
  • Smudge-proof, melt-proof, fade-proof
  • Includes Vitamin E and silicone
  • Goes well with any eye shadow

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5. bareMinerals Prime Time Eye Primer

bareMinerals Prime Time Eye Primer

Which feature of bareMinerals eye primer is unique? It works overtime. It guarantees you to perform all-day, all night. On mature skin, it removes the lines instantly. And applying it for long, you can get a crease-free surface. This primetime eye primer also works like a concealer. If you have dark circle problems, this primer can decrease.

Women with oily skin tend to skip the eye primer as a makeup base. Some eye primers make the skin greasy and non-manageable. At times, because of new oil eye shadow fades away after some hours. But, bareMinerals fight against excess oil production. This eye primer ensures staying power. It will not become caked; neither will melt nor fade with time.

Whenever you want a handy eye primer with day to night sustaining power, choose bareMinerals.

Special Features
  • Removes creases from mature skin
  • Ensures long last eye makeup
  • Fights against excessive oil
  • Contains all-day, all-night staying power

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6. COVERGIRL Lid Lock Up Eye shadow Primer

COVERGIRL Lid Lock Up Eye shadow Primer

COVERGIRL Lid Lock Up eye shadow primers proportionates all the imperfections. It smoothes the eyelid area and makes it suitable for eye makeup appearance. COVERGIRL Lid Lock Up maximizes the eye makeup and intensifies the shadow pigmentation. Then, when you apply eye shadow, it gives you the all-day, crease-free shadow protection.

Because of the stickiness of the primer, it acts like glitter glue. That makes it metallic and helps the shimmer shadows to pop. The skin absorbs the introduction within seconds. So, you can begin the process of eye makeup immediately after applying the primer—every range of eye shadow palette suits on this primed skin. Even after a long day, the makeup finish will remain ideal, will not spread or fade.

Special Features
  • Crease-proof shadow defense
  • Maximizes the eye shadow wear
  • Intensifies the shadow color
  • Prepares the eyelids for long wear

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7. SmashBox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer

Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer

It goes well with every mature skin. SmashBox Eye Primer is such a dense product that it works for multipurpose. It reduces the necessity of using an eye concealer. It has long sustaining power. Thus, eye makeup remains nice, does not become cake or spread into wrinkles, or fine lines.

This hydrating eye primer moisturizes the eye surrounding areas. So, applying can erase your aging spots gradually. Apply it on a transparent surface; take some seconds to adjust into the skin. Use other eye makeup over it. You will notice the color vibrancy. The fading or smudging problems will not irritate you anymore.

Special Features
  • Boosts color vibrancy
  • Avoids fading or smudging
  • Reduces the existence of lines and wrinkles
  • Moisturizes the skin from inside

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How Primers Help to Hide Wrinkles on Matured Skin?

Eye primer pacifies the eyelid by absorbing extra oil. It helps to remove the natural pigment your eyelids get due to tiredness. Then, the surface starts to work well with eye shadow. The thicker and drier part of the texture helps to fill the wrinkles and fine lines and make the skin even. Thus, the skin crease goes away, and skin makeup does not spread into the crease.

These eye soothers do not only hide the wrinkles of your matured skin. The moisturizer in this formula makes the eye surroundings better. As you age, your skin starts to become dry, and parchedness creates lines, wrinkles, etc. but with a moisturizing solution, your dry surface is getting enough hydration. And that leads to wrinkle-free better skin.

Can You Use Face Primer as an Eye Primer?

One can use facial primers as eye primers. But the texture of face primers is little slim than eye primers. So, the foundation glides over it smoothly. These makeup basics are slightly oily. As a result, it does not hold the eye shadow or other eye makeup firmly that eye primers do naturally.

On the contrary, eye primers are thicker with drier consistency. It removes excess oil from the surface. The stickiness works as grasping power that helps the eye makeup resist on your eyelid for long.

When you don’t have an eye primer, using face primers can help. Applying something is better than applying nothing. If you are thinking of applying it regularly, a big No to that. The skin on your eyes is extensively different from the skin on your face. Facial primers arrived to prepare your skin by filling imperfections like pores, lines, etc. Eye primers are for a different purpose. It creates a smooth and moisturized surface to erase the lines and wrinkles of matured skin. This eye cream holds the eye makeup firmly. The skin on your eyes is not as porous as the facial skin. So, your skin will not fully absorb a facial primer.

Factors Need to Consider to Find the Best Eye Primer for Mature Skin

When your skin becomes matured, the necessity of applying skincare products increases. Sooner or later, mature skin gets wrinkles, lines and other aging possessions. Thus, managing makeup on mature skin becomes complicated. Makeup particles or powder enters into those aging signs and makes your look filthy. Eye primers arrived to ensure that these blunders will never happen. But using eye primers will go in vain if they do not contain the following features

It gifts a crease-free, smudge-free finish

High qualified eye primers tend to smooth eyelids and balance oil production. Eye primers are such sticky texture that helps eye shadows to stick into the surface. Thus, the shadow powder does not enter into crease and smudging does not hamper its longevity. Therefore, the eye makes over remains on point.

It maximizes the eye makeup existence 

The texture of the eye primers needs to be sticky. In this way, eye makeup sticks into the lids for long. When you are in search of a good eye makeup base, you need to ensure that it stays for long. Eye primers that have all-day, all-night staying power are even better.

Consists of powerful antioxidants

Powerful antioxidants help your skin to fight with free radicals. Free radicals are particles that facilitate aging signs. Choose an eye primer containing powerful antioxidant. It will lessen the wrinkles and crease problems and help your skin to remain juvenile.

Moistures the skin from inside

As you age, your skin becomes dry than before. Waterless skin increases the tendency of the skin fold. Picking an eye primer with moisturizing abilities helps. In this manner, your skin will get enough hydration and will fight against excessive dryness.


In a nutshell, eye shadow primers are bliss for your eyelids to create smoother and last longer makeup. The properties within this eye cream hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of aging spots progressively. So, you should definitely try it and make it a skincare habit of your older skin.