best drugstore face wash for cystic acne

Best Drugstore Face Wash For Cystic Acne

Whiteheads, pimples are common skin problems almost everyone deals with. But cystic acne is the worst of all. It is painful and severe at times. Also, it can also take a long time to heal and can leave permanent scars on your skin.

And knowing that you are here to find out more about it, we will discuss the drugstore face wash for cystic acne in today’s review. Are you wondering why we chose to talk about cystic acne? No one wants to have scars on their skin, especially on the face. That’s why we will discuss some of the best face washes that can help with your cystic acne treatment.

Best 6 Drugstore Face Washes For Cystic Acne in 2022:

1. Replenix Acne Wash

While looking for the best over the counter face wash for cystic acne, we came across the Replenix Acne Wash. As mentioned already, benzoyl peroxide is beneficial for acne. And, the Replenix acne wash happens to have the right ingredients.

The first thing that often comes to our mind while trying out a face wash is: will it make my skin too dry? Because if the skin goes too dry, it can do the opposite of making things better.

However, Replenix has brought out this acne wash so that it keeps your skin’s oil level in balance. The non-drying formula of this face wash will not dry on your skin.

The benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria as you rub the wash on the affected area. It cleans your pores by removing the clogs. As for, after-wash result, you will end up with smooth skin rather than a rough one.

Your skin complexion will show more clearly as it will start to remove the dead skin after some time. The Replenix acne wash is a skin-friendly face wash. It saves you from skin irritation as well.

To get better results and faster healing, you can use this acne wash two times a day. However, if any irritation or dryness occurs, you can reduce the use.

Special Features
  • Contains benzoyl peroxide
  • Does not dry off on the skin
  • Reduces excessive oil and smoothens the skin
  • Removed clogs from pores
  • Kills bacteria and prevents further spreading

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2. PCA Skin BPO 5% Cleanser

It sounds iconic when people say someone or something is hard on the outside but soft on the inside. It is totally 360° opposite in this product’s case. We have found the PCA cleanser that can work in a satisfying way.

This BPO cleanser will allow you to handle the outer area of your delicate skin nicely. On the other hand, it will fight the acne from the inside of your skin so that you can recover faster.

Its anti-bacterial formula is beneficial for killing the harmful bacterias from the skin. Thus, it decreases the skin irritation that happens due to breakouts. It also soothes the skin and makes you feel fresh.

Besides, this cleanser has a powerful combination of three ingredients: benzoyl peroxide, gluconolactone, and phytic acid. This combination deep-cleans your skin and control breakouts.

To use it properly, wet your face with the cleanser and rub it on your skin. If you have cystic acne on the chin, make sure you reach the affected area.

Now, we know you will not use a face wash without being worried if it will suit your skin. In that case, you should know that the PCA cleanser is suitable for all types of skins.

Special Features
  • Has a combination of benzoyl peroxide, gluconolactone, and phytic acid.
  • Deep cleans the pores and reduces bacteria
  • Works as an antibiotic and reduces inflammation
  • Heals the acne faster
  • Suitable for all types of skins

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3. Paula’s Choice CLEAR Extra Strength Acne Kit

You need to think twice, thrice, or maybe more time before deciding to use something if you have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin requires ointments that contain fewer chemicals. It doesn’t matter if it’s for tropical or medical use.

That’s where Paula’s Choice Clear acne steps in. And before we go further, let’s clear out that this package comes with 3 kits: the cleanser, anti-redness solution, and skin-clearing treatment.

Now, as we were saying, sensitive skin has less tolerance. The cleanser contains less salicylic acid, only 0.05%, which is great for sensitive skin.

The 5% benzoyl peroxide works as an anti-bacterial. And it prevents further spreading and reduces acne from the inside. It also helps kill the infected skin cells that clog the pores.

Having breakouts like cystic acne can enlarge your skin pores. But, regular use of this kit helps minimize the pores and brings back the familiar smoothness.

Users find positive outcomes after using them for 3-4 weeks. It can take up to 3 months to get a good result for using these kits.

You can use it twice a day without worrying about ending up with dry or irritated skin. This cleanser is suitable for any skin type.

Special Features
  • A complete 3-in-1 acne solution cleansing pack
  • Works fine for people with sensitive skin
  • Reduces inflammatory and redness on the skin
  • Minimizes pores into normal size
  • Removes clogs and deep cleans the skin

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4. CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Having dry skin is as bad as having oily skin. With the change of weather or hormones, cracked skin, or breakouts become a frustrating problem. If your skin is like this, you might want a cleanser that will benefit your skin.

Dry skin needs to stay hydrated and moisturized. And the CeraVe facial cleanser ensures that. It contains hyaluronic acid that moisturizes the skin and is always hydrated.

Also, the benzoyl peroxide will heal the stubborn breakouts from the inside. As a result, your skin pores will be unclogged and start to breathe naturally.

When you have dry skin, washing your face with a cleanser can make it drier. However, CeraVe will make your worry go away. Its non-foamy and creamy formula soothes your skin and keeps it free from irritation.

This formula also removes the dirt, oil from your skin. So whether you come home after a day-long outing or party, you can clean your face in one go with this cleanser.

To get better results, wet your face with lukewarm water first. Then, take a few squirts of the cleanser and massage it on your skin. Finally, massage the breakout areas a little longer and wash off with lukewarm water.

Special Features
  • Suitable for all skin but more preferred for dry skin
  • Contains hyaluronic acid and benzoyl peroxide
  • Creamy texture moisturizes the skin and hydrates it.
  • Kills bacteria and prevents spreading
  • Helps remove dirt and oil from the skin

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5. Botanic Tree Glycolic Acid Face Wash

Ending the breakouts does not end the job of an acne face wash. Having any type of skin breakouts, especially cystic acne, can leave serious, stubborn marks on your skin. It can also make the skin dull and more wrinkly.

That’s why we thought perhaps you would need to check out the Botanic Tree Glycolic Acid face wash. Regular face wash or cleansers will reduce breakouts or minimize it. But, the glycolic acid face wash will help you with the next step.

It will help to shed the dead skin cells and remove access to oil. Thus, it allows new skin cells to grow. With that, your skin will look more healthy and brighter.

That’s not the end of all the benefits of this cleanser. This cleanser will protect your skin from harm like sunburn, discoloration, redness, etc. The anti-aging formula will reduce lines and acne spots that the breakouts have caused.

Whether you have dry, oily, or mixed skin, you can use it with your eyes closed, literally. The best part is that this cleanser is suitable for anyone from young to adult.

Usage tip: If you have normal skin, you can use it 3 to 4 times a week. However, for sensitive skin, a maximum of 2-3 times use is recommended.

Special Features
  • Best known for its ability to shred off dead skin
  • Has anti-aging formula
  • Nourishes the skin and removes acne spots
  • Suitable for people of all ages

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6. Dr Song Acne Face And Body Wash

Having acne on your body is as bad as having it on your skin. They are uncomfortable and painful at the same time. And the last one we have here is helpful for both.

When it comes to having breakout almost everywhere on your skin, you need a good cleanser or wash for that. And perhaps for that, Dr Song ensures the best quality wash to get rid of your breakouts.

It can stop bacterial infection of cystic acne, no matter how severe it is. The benzoyl peroxide fights against the infection, going deeper into the skin. Thus, it brings the condition under control and heals your skin faster.

Not only does it cleanse your skin, but it also corrects your complexion that the breakout might have changed. It also hydrates your skin and nourishes it.

Body acne often leads to very uncomfortable and embarrassing situations. They often go worse two times faster than facial breakout. You can say goodbye to those uncomfortable moments once you start using this wash.

Before we finish, let us tell you that the Dr Song Acne Wash contains 10% benzoyl peroxide. That makes this wash very powerful. So do not use it without consulting a dermatologist first.

Special Features
  • Powerful against cystic acne with 10% benzoyl peroxide
  • Works for both facial and body acne
  • Penetrates deeper into the skin and prevents bacterial infection
  • Helps to decrease skin irrigation

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Why Would You Get Cystic Acne Suddenly?

There are numerous reasons for you to face the breakouts on the skin:

Lack of Cleanliness:

Have you ever counted the number of times you touch your skin? Touching it frequently can increase the possibility. Because our unclean hands can spread bacteria on our skin.


The acne problem is very common among people from early teens to late adulthood. The reason it is more common among teenagers. Even pregnant women can suffer from it because of their change in hormones.

Oily Skin:

Your oily skin may be somehow responsible for the breakouts. Besides, stress, sweating, even genetic problems can lead to breakouts at some points.

What Foods Can Cause Cystic Acne?

We hate to tell you this: your eating habit can be responsible for your condition. It is possible that not everything we eat is healthy for us. They can gradually affect our bodies and lead to various skin problems.

Dairy Food:

Dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt sound tempting. Dairy foods tend to increase insulin levels in your body and cause acne outbreaks.


If you have a sweet tooth and suffer from skin issues, it’s time to cut these sweet and savory foods out of your eating habit.

Fast Food:

Everyone knows fast food is the culprit behind your skin problem. These foods contain literally every food element you should not consume.

What Do Dermatologists Recommend As Usual For Cystic Acne?

It may not always be possible to go to your dermatologists as soon as the problem shows up. In that case, you need to know what tips or remedies the top dermatologists are recommending:

You Should Never Ever Pop It:

To many people, popping the zits or acne can often feel satisfying. But it will not help because the cysts grow deeper in your skin. Dermatologists always advise against this.


You would get recommendations for antibiotics at the first stage of your treatment. It helps reduce the inflammation and stops the bacteria from spreading.

Antibiotics are usually recommended around the primary level of the treatment. As a result, it prevents skin conditions from getting worse.

Birth Control Pills:

If your cystic acne is the result of hormonal imbalance, dermatologists will suggest birth control pills. It helps to balance your hormones and heals hormonal cystic acne.

Factors Need To Be Considered While Choosing The Best Drugstore Face Wash For Cystic Acne:

Having skin problems is a severe issue. Sometimes sufferers end up with anxiety because of this. So, while choosing to buy a face wash for your cystic acne, make sure it has these ingredients.

Benzoyl Peroxide:

Benzoyl peroxide is one of the most recommended treatments for breakouts. It kills the bacteria that causes breakouts.

And it prevents the spreading further. That’s why dermatologists tend to suggest benzoyl peroxide for that.

Salicylic Acid:

This is a beta hydroxy acid. You will find salicylic acid is the best for cystic acne. It removes the dead cells and excessive oil from your skin.

Glycolic Acid:

Having glycolic acid in your face wash has an extra benefit. Washing your face with a face wash that has glycolic acid shreds off the dead skin cells. Thus your skin gets new cells and looks more clear.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid:

Also known as AHA, the alpha hydroxy acid does pretty much the same work as the other ingredients. Yet, the benefit of having this included makes the face wash more effective.

It reduces excess oil and removes the dead skins. As a result, it releases the clogged pores and heals the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Some of the frequently asked questions regarding this skin issue are:

1. How to shrink cystic acne?

Shrinking cystic acne is not a speeding thing. But here are what you can try:

Cleansing: Without cleansing, the pores get clogged and the breakout happens. That’s why you should use a cleanser regularly.

Wear Hydrocolloid Bandages: It absorbs the gunk of the pimple and speeds up the shrinking process.

Hot Compression: You can use a green tea bag and use it either by soaking it in hot water. Then you need to leave it on the affected area for 5-10 minutes.

2. Is it viable to get rid of cystic acne?

The first step to getting rid of this problem is changing your diet. Try starting with eliminating the diary, sweet and oily foods from your eating habit for a few days a week.

Turmeric is a natural healer when it comes to skin issues. The turmeric masks help reduce the inflammation of the skin. But, no matter which remedy you apply, it is best to consult a dermatologist first.

3. Can I wear makeup even if I have cystic acne?

Yes, you can wear it, even though you have skin breakouts. But do remember that certain low-quality makeup products can be the ones responsible for your acne.

Your skin can be sensitive to makeup when you are suffering from skin problems. And, some makeup products can increase the oiliness of your skin or can irritate. That’s why you should always choose brands that are skin-friendly.


Cystic acne is more common than you think it is. It does not appear overnight and does not go away overnight either. You have to be patient and follow the skincare and diet rules.

You can get the best drugstore face wash to help reduce them. And sometimes, you need to take oral medicine as well.