best curling wand for thin hair

Best Curling Wand for Thin Hair | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Ever curled and treated your hair like a princess and the second you stepped outside it flattened? Sounds more dramatic than those princess stories. See, life isn’t that easy when you have thin hair and you want that curls just perfect. Our thin-haired girls go through a lot in every decision that concerns our hair but here’s the thing- nothing is impossible in the fashion world now.

Thin, fine hair always needs an extra bit of everything and we couldn’t care more. So, here we are with the list of our best curling wands for thin hair for you. Sit tight, we’ve found gems and that’s all thanks to the modern technologies.

Top 7 Best Curling Wands for Thin Hair in 2021:

With all these factors and opinions in your mind, it must be hard coming up with the best one. Don’t worry, we are here to assist you with our top list of best curling wand for fine hair for you:

1. Revlon 3X Ceramic Tapered Curling Wand for Long Lasting Curls & Waves:

Even though Revlon’s Curling wand is cone-shaped and slim, it creates a flattering loose and bouncy curls that we all dream of. This curling barrel is cone-shaped which is perfect for natural-looking curls that stay all day. The design is lightweight and has a triple coat of ceramic that protects your hair from damage.

You can easily control the heat settings since it comes with 30 heat settings for every hair type. Don’t worry about burning your hair or hand, there’s triple ceramic coating which promotes lesser damage to your hair and more to the nourishment. Plus point- they include heat resistant gloves so your hands are safe too.

Revlon Ceramic Tapered Curling Wand eases both waves and curls. Just hold the wand upside down and twirl your hair around the wand from the crown of the head. Release the hair and see those effortless waves. For the bouncy curls, hold the wand vertically and wrap the hair tightly around the wand. There you go with the flipperless wand with absolute best styling level.

Special Features
  • Has 3X ceramic coating
  • The barrel is cone-shaped
  • Includes cool tip, an indicator light
  • 30 settings for heat for all hair types
  • Comes with heat resistant gloves

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2. ATMOKO 2 in 1 Curling Wand:

The secret to the perfect beachy waves is here. ATMOKO 2-in-1 Curling wand comes with two different sizes of the ceramic barrel. These two are tapered being 1-1.5 inches and 0.5 inches for flattering curls. The slim one creates nice and tight curls for shoulder length and medium length hair while the wide one gives flattering loose beachy waves.

Their pink color can easily catch everyone’s eye. Apart from that, there are 22-levels temperature designs that are suitable for all hair types. Just set the temperature from 265-300F if you have fine hair and that should do the job. Since thin hairs are sensitive, they require the highest care. These barrels are coated with ceramic which locks the moisture of the hair and protects the cuticle providing even heat. Their safety is top-notch as they included 60 min AUTO OFF and heats within 30 seconds. So, you can already guess the time that it saves.
Also, it’s very easy to use. Change the barrels and set the temperature according to the hair texture. The safe, durable, and compact design make it the perfect partner for global traveling!

Special Features
  • Heats up quickly, 60 min auto-off
  • Temperature can be controlled easily
  • Interchangeable tapered ceramic barrel
  • Dual Voltage
  • Designed to save space

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3. NUME Octowand 8-in-1 Curling Wand Set:

You can never go out of style when you have your hands on this NUME Octowand curling wand set. The set comes with 8 different sized and shaped barrel each having 13 mm, 19mm barrel, 19 mm cone, 25mm barrel, 25mm cone barrel, 32mm, pearl barrel, and reverse barrel. All these barrels vary in shapes too so that you can have both wavy and tight curls whenever you want.

These tourmaline infused with ceramic coated wands incorporates negative ions and locks the moisture of the hair and prevents it from frizz. The automatic shut off feature is safe with a digital display which makes the lightweight wand more user-friendly. There’s a digital temperature control 170F to 450F and every barrel of this set is designed to be perfect for fine and thin hair with absolute control flexibility.

This wand works like a magic hair wand. Do you want it defined or effortless? Are you liking Glam, beach, bouncy, spiral, soft, or tight curls today? Just name it and see it doing the wonder.

Special Features
  • Contains 8 barrels with base
  • Includes heat resistant gloves & travel case
  • Less exposure to heat and damage
  • Automatic OFF after 60 minutes
  • Barrels are coated with tourmaline ceramic

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4. T3 Micro Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand:

T3 Micro Whirl Trio Wand keeps up the price with the quality. It includes three interchangeable barrels for creating the look that you desire. The barrels are made of tourmaline ceramic which promotes less damage to the hair and glides seamlessly to create smooth, frizz-free curls that stay.

The barrels in the set are 1-inch straight barrel, 1.5-inch straight barrel, and a 1.25 to 0.75-inch tapered barrel that never fails to create amazing styles. There are proper safety preparations too. The set comes with heat resistant gloves for your hands and a storage tote to store all your wands. The five adjustable settings of heat let you choose the details according to your hair type and need. The stand and tip are cool which eases safe styling. The one hour auto-off feature saves from any unwanted accidents since the wand heats up in seconds. 360° swivel cord lets the wand move in every direction so that your hair doesn’t get twisted or tangled. The best quality that beats the money, if you ask us.

Special Features
  • Includes 3 changeable barrels
  • Contains heat resistant gloves & storage tote
  • Cool tip, 60 min AUTO OFF
  • Tourmaline ceramic barrel
  • 5 adaptable heat settings

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5. FoxyBae WANDERLUX Curling Wand:

FoxyBae’s curling wand is designed to give the best curls possible for all types of hair. This professional hair wand gives us a premium feeling with its outlook and performance. It has all the safety measures that you’ll need like auto shut off, temperature control with an LCD display of temperature.

The barrel is rose gold in color and made of titanium that gives you flawless curls that stay all day and night long. There is no risk of damaging your hair as the titanium barrels smoothens the hair, locks the moisture, and nourishes the hair which is very important for fine and thin hair. The brand confirms that the curls will stay for the longest period of time if you use this correctly. The negative ion technology helps the most to keep the hair glossy, shiny, and healthier looking. Not only for normal, natural hair but also do wonders on colored hair too.

Starting from natural curls to the full glam hair on that special event, it outsmarts all. The settings, barrel, shape, etc make the wand perfect for every hair including the 360° swivel cord, must need for thin and fine hair.

Special Features
  • Professional hair wand
  • LCD temperature display
  • Rose gold Titanium barrel
  • Heats quickly, Auto shut off
  • Negative ion technology, 360° swivel cord

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6. Bed Head Skinny Pop Curling Wand:

Who doesn’t want natural-looking tight curls? Thanks to Bed Head, even thin-haired girls can get those shiny curls just within seconds. The wand is the simplest looking with a simple on/off button that is very easy to use. Like most of the wands in our list, Bed Head Skinny Pop Curling Wand includes heat resistant gloves so that you can protect your hands from that high temperature.

The wand is lightweight and can be controlled with hands. The cool tip also ensures proper safety. The barrel is coated with tourmaline ceramic that gives your hair a nourishing and healthy lift providing even heat to the whole hair. But there is only one heat setting; 400 degrees, with a simple on/off button. That means you have to press on/off button repeatedly to get to the perfect temperature and that’s exactly what beginners are looking for.

The 0.5 inches barrel creates the perfect ringlets that you could dream of. Forget about the long waits when you have this wand doing the magic in seconds. All you have to do is to twirl, wait, and boom!

Special Features
  • Most natural-looking ringlets
  • Tourmaline ceramic barrel
  • Heats within seconds, cool tip
  • Comes with heat-protective gloves
  • Clamp free, dual voltage

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7. Homitt Tapered Curling Wand:

Homitt made a single wand especially for lustrous beachy waves along with all the other classics! The wand has nothing crazy yet everything you will need basically. This is one key on/off button tapered wand, so you can get those curls with the least hassle.

The set has everything you will need to curl your hair; a clip, heat resistant glove, and a user guide along with the tapered wand. The tip is cool so that’s all you need for safety. The barrel has the smoothest tourmaline ceramic plate that spreads the heat evenly within 410 degrees. In addition to that, tourmaline ceramic coating helps to seal the moisture avoiding dry and frizzy conditions. The 410°F constant temperature ensures the curl’s durability.

The design is very user-friendly, it has 360 degree swivel cord to prevent the hair from tangling. Since the curling wand is 1-1.5 inches, you can create flawless beachy waves along with loose casual waves. Also, the dual voltage allows universal usage so you can create those looks whenever you’re ready.

Special Features
  • Basic tapered wand
  • Tourmaline ceramic coating
  • Cool tip, 360 degree swivel cord
  • High heat up to 410 degrees
  • One button to off/on, dual voltage

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Factors Need to Consider While Choosing the Best Curling Wand for Thin Hair:

Thin hair is not always good with heated technologies or simply we tend to mess it up a lot. Choosing the best wand can be a problem if you’re looking into the chaotic internet world. So, saving with all those features in mind, you’re going to read some other factors that you need to look for while choosing the perfect curling wand.

● The material of the curling wand. To protect your hair from heat damage or any other external side effects, you must check out the material of the wand. Each of the material has been adjusted according to certain hair types so it’s very necessary to choose the material carefully. Ceramic ones help with damaged hair while the brush style and metal iron are ideal for thin hair.

● Size of the curling wand. Curls changes with the size of the wand. Thin hair or fine hair requires slimmer wand for perfect tight curls while a wider one would make the curls wavy and loose.

● Temperature. Look for curling wands has given more flexibility in settings so that you can keep the wand fully in your control. That way you can optimize the temperature according to your hair type. Remember the girl who burnt her hair off? We don’t want you to end up like her.

● Type of curls. Do you want it tight or loose? Are you into fun or elegant curls? Different curling wand creates all those varieties so you should always check out the barrel if it’s perfect for your hair type or not.

And that should be key to your perfect curling wand.

How to Use a Curling Wand for Fine, Thin Hair?

Thin and fine hair can be a real pain when it comes to curling. Though it’s tricky, we got your back. Just make sure to read our following instructions thoroughly and you’re ready to rock.

● First and very important, spray dry shampoo all over your wet hair. Focus on the roots first and slowly come downwards. Apply hair plumper (optional) to make it more voluminous.

● Take your wand and tie up your top part of the hair so you can go easy with the bottom and wait for the wand to heat.

● Once the wand is heated to the temperature, turn it upside down (if it’s tapered) and curl your hair away from the face. Don’t brush your curl immediately and let it sit for seconds.

● Once you’re done with the bottom part, untie your tied hair and curl it bringing the wand closer to the roots but away from the face. Use a hairspray afterward for durability.

And voila!

Difference between a Slim Curling Wand and Wide Curling Wand:

We can’t help to say but both are amazing if you want different styles. And they create different hairstyles because of their unique shape and working styles. Though there are not so many differences, shape and size are definitely in there.

A wide curling wand is more in diameter and hence creates loose, elegant, bouncy ‘Classic Hollywood’ curls. They’re generally wide and without any curve so that all your curls get the same circumference. On the other hand, the slim curling wand is more applicable for tight, small, and fun curls, it creates more like messy short curls. That’s great if you like to have fun with your hair or try a different look that stands out.


1. How can I Clean a Curling Iron?

Though that’s an easy process, you still gotta be careful since this process includes heat. First of all, to melt the existing burnt products, you have to turn on the curling iron for 1 minute and unplug after that. Then prepare a mixture using rubbing alcohol and baking soda and leave it for 15 minutes. If you wand is made of ceramic, use your fingers and if that’s made of titanium or metal, use a brush to apply and then wipe off the surface using a cloth later.

2. Which Material for Curling Iron should I Choose?

You can find curling iron made of titanium, ceramic, chrome, gold, Teflon, and everything combined. Depending on your budget and hair type, you can choose the type you want. For thin and fine hair, tourmaline and ceramic are the best as they lock and seal the moisture, prevents hair from drying and frizzing.

3. How do I Choose Curling Sizes?

It is totally up to you. The curl size depends on the width of the barrel. If you use a slim wand, you will get tight, classic ringlets. On the other hand, the wider ones will have the Hollywood style, beach waves, loose yet elegant curls that are perfect for special events. The sizes matter in this regard. The straight one will create classic Hollywood waves while the tapered will design casual beach waves. The choice is yours.

4. Can I Use Hairspray before Curling My Hair?

Hairspray isn’t much of an ally to heated objects. So, you cannot use hairspray before curling your hair. We suggest you using the hairspray after curling to maintain the durability.


Considering all those factors and a little bit of your own judgment, you can choose your curling wand from our list. Read the FAQs if you have any confusion or for extra knowledge and you’re good to choose that best curling wand you have been looking for.