find the best curling iron for loose waves

Best Curling Iron For Loose Waves

Hair curls are significant to look changers. Tight curls, smooth curls, beach waves transform your classy look into sassy. But nowadays ladies are too into loose curls. Many of them think it makes them attractive in every dress and some thinks it makes them unpredictable. Don’t know who is right more. 

But definitely, loose curls are dream hairstyles. But we only able to get them passing an approximate one hour in the salon. And we get them at a high cost. The arrival of curling irons and wands make our life easy. By investing once, you are getting unlimited curls whenever you want. What you need to do is to choose an efficient iron or wands that are perfect for loose waves. Then quick and easy handling will gift us the hair we desire. But you need to apply them without fuss.

Curling wands are perfect for making loose waves. But some of them are on-trend to make people pleased always. The following are highly recommended for loose waves. If you are yet confused to choose one among many, you can pick one of them. They will not disappoint you.

1. Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand for Loose Curls

Loose waves create an elegant and quirky look to your face. So, people who love the hairstyle, this is a must-have curling wand. Take one section of hair and drape it around the barrel. Now heat the hair with the iron facing downward.

Bed Head used Tourmaline and Ceramic on the barrel. Tourmaline & Ceramic technology reduces hair frizz and increases shine. The wand is clamp free. So draping around it helps you to get loose yet smooth wave according to your wish. After plugging the socket, it gets heat instantly up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you can have lower, medium or high temperature as per your hair type. In this way, the versatile styling and loose, tousled curls establish with even texture and volume.

The Bed Head 1″ Tourmaline Ceramic wand offers a heat protective glove to keep safe your hand while the procedure. It also provides a tangle-free swivel cord, so the styling goes smooth and easy.

2. HOT TOOLS Professional Curling Iron/Wand

It is a 24 karat curling iron. HOT TOOLS Professional Curling Iron/Wand creates baggy waves, romantic curls, and glamorous loops. Just pick this gold standard of styling tool and style your hair. The styling exterior is an unsurpassed heat conductor. This heat conductor distributes even heat from the bottom to end. Thus, every hair gets the curl you want. This curling device includes pulse technology to make the iron hot instantly and preserve that hotness for long. The tools are smart enough to boost up the heat. If it faces the momentary temperature drop anyway, it restores the heat immediately.

There is a rheostat control dial. By twisting it, you can have full control of multiple heat settings. It means this ironworks for all hair types and textures. The activation and deactivation process is so easy. A simple on-off button with light indicator will assist you in the process. 

There is another styling convenience. HOT TOOLS Professional Curling Iron/Wand includes an 8ft. Professional swivel cord. It provides a free range of movement. The machine handle is soft to touch that offer a comfortable grip. So, whenever you’re creating loose waves, these facilities will ease your task.

3. Le Angelique Reverse Tapered Curling Wand

Le Angelique Reverse Tapered Curling Wand is one of the best curling wands for loose waves. The barrel has a ceramic coating that disperses the heat through the hair. The heat disperses evenly from the bottom to the end. Thus, the texture of the waves becomes shiny and smooth. The size of the barrel is long enough to drape maximum hairs. 6-inch non-stick barrel helps to wrap the curls with enough distance to get the loose waves.

Women who suffer from hair twisting so often remain conscious while curling hair. For them, Le Angelique launched an 8ft tangle-free swivel cord. Therefore, your hair does not twist much, and the comfortable handle grip helps you to handle the machine well. 

The application of this tapered iron is not too hard. There is a switch on/off button with a light indicator. Whenever you activate the metal, the light remains yellow. This wand has travel efficiency with dual voltage facility. To not to burn your hand while curling, there is heat-protective gloves and two clips.

4. BaBylissPRO Curling Iron

BaBylissPro curling iron has nano titanium barrel. This barrel uses far-infrared heat that warms the hair shaft from inside. This iron has 50 heat settings up to 450side degree Fahrenheit. You can use a lower temperature for thin hair and high heat for healthy hair. The weather does not create any damage. 

This nano titanium curling device has turbo heat button to boost the heat immediately for more defined curls. It is available in 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″, & 1-1/2″ shapes based on the curl size users desire. Thus, the experts consider BaBylissPRO Curling Iron one of the best irons for wavy curls.

Sol-Gel technology used in this curling iron converts the nanoscale particles of titanium & Ceramic from liquid to solid form. Barrels become more consistent and offer long-lasting shiny curls in the result. Sol-Gel barrels have a significantly advanced percentage of titanium & Ceramic than conventional barrels. Consequently, they are physically robust, longer-lasting, & more defiant to chemicals.

5. The Beachwaver Curling Iron

What’s the exception of beachwaver curling machine? It has dual rotary motion. Rotate your way to ideal curls with the Beachwaver S1.25. With the same client social functions as the S1, the S1.25 is perfect for attaining looser waves.

This ceramic, rotating curling iron offers trouble-free, quality waves within minutes. It contains an 8-inch swivel cord. So, the hair will remain twist-free, and the curl will stay as much loose you want. The Beachwaver curling iron has customized full-length internal heaters. The heat limit is up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat your fine or damaged hair within 290º F to 330º F, Medium or healthy hair: 330º F – 370º F, Thick or coarse hair: 370º F – 410º F. It is vital always to choose the heat settings suitable for your hair type. There is a Digital Temperature Clock in the display which automatically shuts off after 30 minutes.

6. Sultra the Bombshell Rod Curling Iron

This curling solution will make your hair transform beautifully. Advanced Care Ceramic technology is the main reason behind it. It distributes far-infrared rays that repairs and protects your hair. So, whenever you are styling your hair with high heat, those far-infrared rays don’t let your hair damaged. 

Sultra Bombshell has dual heater system. It means your entire hair strand will get equal heat distribution. Your colored, dry or damaged hair won’t get affected. Drape your hairs around the barrel and release. Repeat it all over the hair. It is a clipless iron, curls within less time, doesn’t leave clip marks. So, you get enough loose waves in your hair. Thus, you can consider Sultra rod curling iron as a good one.

Sultra rod iron features an internal auto shut off safety button. It contains a 9 ft no twisting swivel cord. So, hairs become tangle-free, smooth and don’t face hair fall. There are styling gloves, iron pad and two years warranty facilities.

7. Remington Ceramic Conical Curling Wand

Remington curling wand has a 1inch 1½ inch wide tapering Barrel. This large body of a barrel helps you to get wavy hair style. It features professional pearl ceramic to gift you shiny hair structures. Ceramic includes real crushed pearls that create less damage. The ceramic offers smooth, constant heat while styling and the compressed gem helps create even frizz resisting waves.

The machine has Digital controls and ten heat settings, max 410°F. Somehow, it makes the selection easy to get the right temperature for your hair. The temperature bar function permits you to lock the style at your favored temperature throughout styling. There is a heat-protective glove. So, stop worrying of getting burned.

Are curling wands better than curling irons for loose waves?

The first and foremost rule of the loose wave is you don’t need a clamp or clip. You will get your desired hairstyle as there will be no clip marks in your hair. The wands are clamp free, clipless device. So, your soft waves, beach waves or loose curls become perfect when you do it with a curling wand. But you shouldn’t grip the rod too close to the head as it creates a roundness that is not as satisfying.

However, that does not mean that curling irons are of no use when you want loose waves. There are several which are the best for loose curls. They contain long swivel cord. So, your hair won’t get tangled in the curling process. As well your hair will get enough space to get the loose waves as much as you want. A long swivel cord helps your hair in free movement. So the curling process doesn’t get harsh or can’t create damage.

How do you get the perfect loose curls with a wand or iron???

Don’t use a curling iron or wand on wet hair directly. It can lead to damage or burning. Comb your hair and release the tangles before starting. Part your hair precisely before starting to curl it. You can part your hair in the middle or side by side. Parting your hair the manner you style will help your curls fall naturally. When you want loose curls, broader parting will establish the style you desire. Divide your hair into sections according to your hair density. Women with thick hair prefer to divide their hair into eight sections. Use clips to keep the parts separated until the end of the process. Take out the clip from one article. When you’re using a curling wand or iron, drape your hair around the barrel. Grip it for two to three seconds. 

Start at the end of your hair and roll the machine up. You can twist towards or away from your face. But experts suggest that turning away from your face gifts more attractive curls. The more comprehensive the heat tool is the looser and softer curls you will achieve.

Factors to consider finding the best curling iron for loose waves:

Barrel size is the most significant thing of a curling tool when you want wavy hair. The more spacious the barrel shape is the looser and soft waves your hair will get.
Another crucial factor is the varnish coating. Ceramic coating helps your curling device to distribute the heat evenly. In this way, hair strands get consistent waves throughout the hair areas.

While curling, rounding the hair around the barrel sometimes creates tangles. The longer swivel cord helps your hair from twisting. Therefore, your waves do not get spoiled.

Variable heat settings help in getting the waves you prefer. While sectioning the hair, it’s impossible to divide the hair always equally. So, some section needs much heat than other parts. Multiple heat settings help you out in this situation. Heat maximization up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit let you choose the desired warmth your hairs need.

Auto shut off system is another vital thing in a curling wand. It does not help you in getting looser curls directly. But this system ensures the longevity of your hairstyle. As after twenty or thirty minutes, the device automatically shuts off. It keeps your hair away from excessive heat and burning.

Concluding words

There are numerous new hair styling tools in the market. It can feel impractical to get to know the applications of all of them. When you want looser flourish in your hair, choosing between curling wands and curling iron can be confusing. Curling wands are better for loose waves. But with a perfect barrel size and swivel cord, you can achieve desired curly hair using the curling tools.