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Best Curling Iron for Beginners | Start Curly Hairstyle

People still have a well-acceptance about the curly hairstyle. The most popular series F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’ Phoebe Buffay or Brave’s Merida, their curly hair ever had fans praise. Curly hair is always trendy. Because of too much attention towards curly hair, curling iron has a considerable demand. 

Though having thick straight hair, women choose to style curly hair for a unique appearance. Wavy hair has such popularity. However, there are still some women who want to curl hair but don’t know how to start. They know little about curling devices. Some of them are afraid of the fact that the heat may damage their hair, or can burn their hands. This article of ours is for those beginners. We are presenting here 7 easy to use curling irons, some tips, and a few significant facts about hair curling.

Best 7 curling irons for beginners in 2021

As the novices have few knowledge regarding irons, they desire something easy to handle. A device that provides full safety, easy maintenance will be convenient for them. Among all the available brands in the market, we chose seven brands thinking about those beginners’ preferences.

1. Xtava Curling Iron

Xtava curling iron

Xtava includes five-barrel facilities within one packaging. These kits comprise a 0.3-0.75 inch clipless barrel, a 0.7-1 inch clipless barrel, a 0.7-1 inch barrel with a clamp, a 1-inch barrel with a clamp, and a 1.25-inch barrel with a clamp. The barrel is tapered. That means it will provide large waves on the top that will become a tight twist at the bottom. Each barrel does not contain a cool tip. Xtava always supports safe curling. So, they include a heat resistant glove.

The set offers you the best styling outcomes. It creates negative ions, seal moisture, shelter cuticles, and lessens hair static and frizz. Coated by ceramic, these kits provide a shinier and healthier finish. These even do not pull your hair, create hair loss or damage.

Xtava serves you by providing 9 precise temperature settings. To display the temperature, there is a digital LCD screen. You can use this product on every hair type. Ladies with short hair, medium and long hair, thin, delicate, healthy, thick, coarse hair can use this curling tool undoubtedly. 

The easy to use design has a dual voltage system. When used with a compatible adapter, it automatically adjusts with the proper voltage. It heats up quickly, automatically shuts off after 60 minutes, and has an 8 ft 360-degree swivel cord.

Special Features
  • Interchangeable Ceramic Barrel
  • Dual voltage hair curler set
  • With glove and travel case facilities
  • For all hair types

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2. CHI Spin N Curl in Onyx Black

CHI Spin N Curl in Onyx Black

A few hair curling machines provide adjustable temperature settings. C.H.I. Spin N Curl in Onyx Black is one of them. It delivers flexible temperature settings for each hair texture. In this manner, your hair finds a customizable styling experience without getting heat damage. 

The device contains ceramic heat technology. Ceramic produces far-infrared heat. At the same time, the negative ions provide conditioning benefits and gifts shinier and healthier hair. 

When C.H.I. Spin addresses for all hair types, they mean it. Thus, it has heat options like Low 370°F for Fine Hair, 390°F for Medium Hair, and High 410°F for Coarse Hair. It cares for your hair in every way. If your hair gets twisted irrelevantly, the spin and curl will beep continuously. The display will show to rest. In this situation, shove the power button on the spin to turn off and gently release the tangled hairs.

Clean the spin and curl once in a week. Use a wet cloth to clean the spin and curl surface. Turn on by pressing the power button—Insert the barrel cleaner and put it in the correct position. Press the arrow buttons to clean the residue automatically.

Special Features
  • Lessens hair Static and Frizz
  • Includes unparalleled shine
  • Customizable temperature settings
  • For all hair types, no heat damage

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3. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Iron

Bliss your hair with BaByliss Pro iron. This brand uses Nano titanium technology to generate gentle and even heat all over the hair area. It heats the hair shaft from within, do not tend to burn the follicle, and styles smoothly without creating hair damage. This even heat facilitator produces loose waves or textured curls.

BaByblissPRO has 50 heat settings up to 450F. Isn’t it amazing? It has a turbo heat button to boost the heat outputs and more defined curls rapidly. With 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″, & 1-1/2 size facilities, this device helps you in achieving the desired curl size.

BaByblissPRO uses Sol-Gel technology. Sol-Gel barriers have a higher percentage of titanium and ceramic. This technology converts nanoscale particles of ceramic and titanium from liquid to solid form and delivers more top and concentrated results. 

The formula is better compared to conventional barrel technology of other irons. As a consequence, your hair gets more robust, longer-lasting curls

Special Features
  • Applies nano titanium technology
  • Uses Sol-Gel technology
  • Offers even heat distribution
  • Negative ions to provide shiny-smooth hair
  • Perfect for tight curls or loose waves

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4. MiroPure Curling Iron

MiroPure Curling Iron

MiroPure takes 30 seconds to heat up the body. In this manner, it does not consume much time, also provides up to 410F high heat. It has 6 temperature settings from low to high. So, hairs get gradual heat or the heat your hair pattern actually needs. 

Sometimes people become afraid of high heat provider curling devices. They think of burning hair and heat damage, or facing uneven curling. That does not happen while you are using MiroPure. It offers even heat distribution and reduces frizziness. Thus your haior gets shiny surface with long lasting waves.

While travelling, you can use the dual voltage formula. So you can form smooth and bouncy curls at anytime, anywhere.

Special Features
  • 1 1/4-inch direct Heat facilities
  • Extra-smooth Tourmaline Ceramic layer
  • 6 Temperature Settings
  • Dual Voltage formula
  • Glove Included

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INFINITIPRO offers you curling hair by Ceramic Tourmaline with Nanotechnology. It includes a 1.5-inch barrel that contains a smooth tourmaline ceramic surface. Therefore, you get superior curling experience every time.

The nanotechnology combines microparticles of Tourmaline Ceramic and silver to release natural frizz reducing ions. In this process, hair waves become shiny and long-lasting. INFINITIPRO ensures even heat all over the hair shafts and reduces hot spots for lessening hair damage. The ceramic body heats the iron to 400F within 30 seconds. However, with infrared technology, it does not let your hair overheated and acts gently. 

Want a curling solution as per your desired hair look? Choose INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR with 5 precision L.E.D. heat settings. It has an auto-off system to handle your hair from excessive heating, allow hair to adjust easily over the barrel surface.

Special Features
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Made
  • With Nano technology
  • Turns frizzy hair into shiny curls

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Infinitipro by Conair Curl Secret

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Curl Secret introduces the most recent technology. They used auto-curl technology for tangle-free, beautiful, and shiny curls. In this way, your hair automatically establishes the tourmaline ceramic curl chamber. Within the curl chamber, the heat settings with time limit form the effortless, perfect curl.

Your hair length or type will not affect the curl this machine will provide. INFINITIPRO included a modern twist, professional brushless motor, a safety sensor. The professional brushless motor ensures a longer-lasting iron. It also offers styling accuracy by putting a safety sensor.

There is a V-shaped hair guide in the center of the curling chamber rightly positions hair. At the same time, two professional heaters heat the hair from all possible directions to generate even, beautiful, wavy curls. This secret curl machine also has an auto-beep indicator. So, whenever the hair is ready, it beeps to make you aware.

Tourmaline Ceramic Technology reduces hair frizz and prevents hair damage. This device contains 2 heat levels, 3 timer settings; it heats instantly up to 400 degrees. So, anyone can customize your hair look and offers you the loose, medium, and tight curls.

Special Features
  • Uses Tourmaline Ceramic Technology
  • Reduces frizz and adds shine
  • Infuses professional brushless motor
  • Supports Customized hair look
  • Includes chamber cleaning tool
  • Suitable on every hair type

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7. HOT TOOLS Extra-Long Barrel Curling Device

HOT TOOLS Extra-Long Barrel Curling Device

HOT TOOLS Extra-Long Barrel is your ticket to gorgeous hair. To form all types of stylish curls, e.g., beachy waves, glamorous loops, or romantic curls, you can choose HOT TOOLS. Its proprietary Pulse Technology makes the iron hot instantly, and the warm remains longer. The distribution of heat is so genuine that it curls all the hair evenly. Thus, the hair becomes perfectly curled.

Instant heat up tendency up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit styles you in no time. Hot Tools has variable heat settings. Thus, it works great on every hair length and type. By twisting the rheostat control dial, you can control the multiple heat settings. Another convenient styling feature is the professional swivel cord that provides a free range of movement.

There is a Foldaway safety stand that helps to defend countertops. This stand protects the countertops when in use and promotes convenient storage when it is ready to be put away.

Special Features
  • Distributes heat evenly with a heat conductor
  • Rheostat control dial with variable heat settings
  • Pulse Technology- Gets hot, Stays hot
  • Contains foldaway safety stand

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How do I Curl My Hair?

Styling your hair is a tricky task. But if you follow the methods, it will boost your look. As per hair curling rules, there are many methods you can use. Here are some personal favourites.

Using hairspray helps to hold curl better. Without using a hairspray may not long last hair curl. Sometimes hairs become flat after sometimes. Spray your hair up to bottom with a light to firm hairspray. Then use your curling machine. Spend a day with that curl and see the long-lasting magic. 

Choose the heat settings according to your hair type. Lower heat is suitable for beautiful, thin hair where heat more for coarse or thick hair. 

More hair volume provides a different look. When you want more waves in your hair, heat the root of your hair first, then hold the iron at the right angle straight of your head. For less volume, keep the metal straight down.

Iron or Wand? Which One is Better for Beginners?

It is hard to decide between a wand and iron. Both these machines provide a superior method to curl your hair. 

Iron takes a couple of minutes to heat up and start to act. It contains clips within the device. Thus, your hair strands get clip marks consequently. These clip marks make the curl design more shiny and long-lasting. On the other hand, curling wand is a clipless curling machine. Women who prefer smaller curls, this device is the best choice for them.

For quick curl, the wand is the best. It captures the heat within minutes and takes less time to curl your hair. One needs to be cautious while using the curling wand. The speedy heat may burn the hand. So, it is better to use gloves. It does not contain any clip. So, there will be no clip mark. But you may get smaller curl or beachy waves all over the hair or the end of every hair strand.

When you are a beginner, you have less knowledge about these two type of devices. If you desire to know our point of view, we will say both are spectacular. But you better know about your hair. So, think about the features of curling iron and wand meticulously and then decide.

Factors to Consider to Find the Best Curling Iron for Beginners:

When you are a starter in using a curling iron, you almost know nothing about it. Yet you want to buy the best one for your hair. So, we are here with some guidance to choose flexible damage to resist easy to use curling iron. 


The material of the heating plate signifies the quality of the machine. Three types of equipment are common; Ceramic, Tourmaline, and Simple metal. Ceramic and Tourmaline are fruitful than metals. They are expensive yet effective. Some brands have initiated material combining Ceramic and Tourmaline. They are even better.

Barrel size 

Barrel size signifies the quality of a curling iron. The curling shape depends on the barrel size. A broader barrel provides bigger curls, while a tapered barrel provides smaller waves.

Some products provide transferable barrel options. Choose them. They open more curling options with more than one barrel facilitates.

Heat settings

Curling devices contain customized settings. It provides instant settings up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have thin, beautiful hair, then lower heat will be accessible. But for coarse or thick hair, you have to up the heat as much as your hair requires.

Heat protection

The procedure of hair curling is risky sometimes. You need to be cautious. Or else, you may burn hands. So, many good curling brands now include gloves. So, you can use it while styling your hair. It is a good initiative.

Curling Iron Tips for Beginners

As a newbie, you have a lack of knowledge about the entire hair curling process. Maybe you are gaining some initial experience, yet you can easily mistake. You need to be vigilant. We think the following tips will help attain a good curling practice.

The right heat settings 

Wrong heat settings burn your hair, cause uneven curl, and hair damage. Try to understand the heat settings that suit your hair strands. If you have beautiful, thin hair, use lower heat settings. But if you have thick healthy hair or hairs that are coarse in the pattern, then use a higher setting. 

Experts support that that hotter temperature will set your hair better. But set the temperature with caution. 

Misconception: Bigger iron = Better curls

Beginners have a common thought that the size of the iron benefits your curl. That is a misconception. The size of the machine needs coordination with your hair size. A iron needs to be per your hair length. A curling machine, according to your hair length, is easy to use, and do not create inconvenience.

The right timing of using hairspray

Maximum novices think that using a hairspray helps to sustain hair curl for long. It is the wrong process. Using a hair spray before heating your hair is a way to prepare your hair. In this manner, hair curls remain durable, healthy, and long-lasting.


Curling your hair is your choice of looking beautiful. But you need to be cautious about every step. From choosing a better curling iron or the way to curl hair, carefulness is very important. Using a wrong iron or making mistakes while bending with the right machine may hamper your hair. A novice should always be watchful for her first experience in curling hair.