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5 Best Bronzers for Medium Skin Tone in 2021

Medium skin tone is having a medium color, and balanced beige appearance. Medium skin texture gets tanned easily and has slight familiarity with olive skin. If you have a medium skin complexion, your gorgeous tone becomes classier after using bronzer. Bronzer tones your nose, cheekbones, and jawline in a more defined way and affords a sharp outlook.

But knowing your skin tone is not enough. Before choosing any makeup item, including bronzer, foundation, lipstick, blush, etc. confirming your undertone is necessary. Your undertone contributes a lot while you want to look good in makeup. As a result, you need to cope well with your tone and undertones earlier than making a decision.

Best 5 Bronzers for Medium Skin Tones in 2021

For medium skin tone, choosing a bronzer according to shades is quite tricky. There is always a risk of selecting a shade that won’t match your skin and waste money. For help, here are five renowned bronzers with the perfect shade for medium skin. We hope that the following reviews will help you out.

1. NYX Matte Bronzer for Medium Complexion

NYX Matte Bronzer for medium complexion

Every woman has a desire to have a perfect jawline and evident cheekbones. But a few get them naturally. Some of them go under surgery, and contouring is the saviors for others. If you are one of those who want a sharp face but are not too fond of plastic surgery, then NYX Matte Bronzer can make your dream real. This matte bronzer helps to shape your jawline and cheekbones into a defined one. This contouring formula is easily applicable, and the pigmentation lasts long.

NYX Matte Bronzer for medium skin offers a healthy glow without the glittery surface. Using this bronzing powder, you can achieve a tan or sun-kissed glow. It contains blush, bronzer, foundation, and color-correcting coverage and also reduces the requirements of concealer and setting sprays on your face.

Special Features
  • Define the facial features with a long-lasting existence
  • Deep pigments, color correcting solution

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2. Hoola Bronzing Powder by Benefit

Hoola Bronzing Powder by Benefit

When you are using Benefit’s Hoola Bronzing powder, you can’t stop admiring the cute little box and the blue brush in it. The blue brush is soft and gentle on the skin and a comfy item to create contouring lines.

Hoola bronzing powder is a medium brown, neither too light and nor a much dark solution. It is an exceptional combination of the creamy and powdery mixture and creates a natural look on the surface. Women, who avoid using a bronzer because of a muddy or cakey texture, can use this powder without hesitation.

This sophisticated bronze powder furnishes your complexion with an intense, natural-looking tan. Dust it evenly on the cheeks, chin, and forehead to fetch the warm tan of the desert island to your skin and spirits.

Special Features
  • Increase the color intensity on the face with sharp cheekbones and noses
  • Applicable on the lids as eye shadow
  • Boosts the polished yet natural look

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3. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder

The actual cocoa powder has medicinal effects. It repairs the skin from harmful free radicals, lessens the redness, and inflammation. Cocoa is rich in antioxidants, can heal the acne breakages, and turn the surface into a clearer and brighter one. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder with cocoa enhances all skin’s glamour. It blesses the skin tone with a sound finish, a dazzling radiance, and a delicately sweet scent. This particularly pure formula is effortless to customize; thus, your skin will naturally alluring. 

Too Faced Matte Bronzing Powder has superior and ultra-smooth texture. The powder on the skin will give you a silky vibe. It affects the skin beautifully without striping or blotching. The powder is not dusty; it merges with the skin seamlessly and does not look anything extra on your face. Consequently, the smooth finish does not hamper the ventilation or block the pores.

Special Features
  • Therapeutic effects of real cocoa with bronzing pigments
  • Ensures natural look with glowy golden shades

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4. Maybelline New York City Bronzer

Maybelline New York City Bronzer

For a matte bronzed appearance that lasts long, use City Bronzer by Maybelline New York. The whipped cocoa butter in this bronzing solution grants a supple, sun-kissed radiance or a natural-looking outline for up to sixteen hours. Cocoa butter moisturizes and deeply nurtures the skin cells. It helps the skin to fight with dermatitis, eczema, and other skin irritation. If you have stretch marks and acne scars, cocoa butter helps to reduce those marks and build up soft clear skin texture.

Women with medium skin can establish two different natural looks by using one formula. Apply a lighter shade for a soft, sunlit shine all over or exploit a deeper shade for a perfect facial outline.

Special Features
  • Made with compressed powder with whipped cocoa butter formula
  • Subtle contouring for defined facial structure provides a natural appearance Provides multiple makeup finish, highlight nose, jawlines, and cheekbones

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5. NARS Bronzing Powder, Laguna

NARS Bronzing Powder Laguna

The Laguna shade of NARS Bronzing powder is a light, luminous cliché with a delicate golden shimmer. The filmy texture senses silky on the skin. Laguna is an ideal shade for medium complexions for a bronzed tone. It does not give an orangey or muddy shade or plenty of sparkles. 

A unanimously satisfying bronzing powder arrived with gold shimmer to form a perfect outline or to warm up your look. This bronzing powder is transparent, finely crushed, sheer, but you need to be careful or safe your skin from over-applying.

Special Features
  • Skin lines and pore filler establishes a smooth skin
  • Enhances the color of your medium skin tone and beautifully tan the skin
  • Subtle glitter adds glow, offers unnoticeable finish

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What are Medium Skin Tones? Is Medium Skin Warm Neutral or Cool?

Medium skin texture is Sothern Europe and Northern Asian people’s skin tone representative. Having a medium skin tone means having neither a light skin tone nor a dark. It is a medium color with probable olive undertones. If you have medium features, you are in the middle point where your options for blushes, lipsticks, and bronzers have no end. But while choosing a bronzer or foundation, the right shade to match your complexion is a challenge sometimes. To conquer this challenge, you need to know the right undertone you are bearing. 

The subtle shades beneath your skin are undertones. Those shades can be warm, neutral, or cool. Cool undertones have pink, red, or blue hues under their skin. But if your skin contains yellow, peach, or golden shades, then most probably you have warm undertones. The undertones which balance both the warm and cool tone are neutral tones.

Your complexion has nothing to do with your undertone. So, having a medium skin texture, you can have a warm, cool, or neutral tone. To know the undertone, you are bearing look at the visible veins on your wrists. Green veins refer to have warm undertones, while blue veins are the evidence of cool undertones. On the other hand, if you have veins that emerge, combining blue and green at the same time, then you have neutral undertones.

Which Shade is Perfect for Medium Skin Tone?

The usual rule of choosing a shade is to select the perfect match that goes well with your undertones. Going with an excessively light makeup item can wash you out, while the too dark one will look ruthless and deviant. On a medium skin tone with cool undertones, a rosy pink blush will highlight the color of the cheeks. On the other hand, a peach blush or soft apricot goes well with medium skinned warm undertones. 

In the case of bronzer, a soft golden-brown or soft peachy brown shade will appear best on medium-warm toned skin. To deal with a medium-cool tone, you need to choose a shade that will boost your skin’s natural complexion. While applying eye shadow, lavender or gray looks lovely on cool-medium skin tone, and copper and blue-entity look well on the warm-medium surface.

While in search of sharp lip color, cool undertones look spectacular in bluish-red, berry, pink, and plum and violate. Lips with medium-warm texture look incredible with burgundy, brown, coral, and gold or orange-based reds.

Medium skin with cool undertones needs to stay away from the foundation that offers golden like finishes as yellow and golden is the foundation color of medium-warm skin toned women.

How do you Choose the Best Bronzer for Medium Skin?

Bronzers are among those essential makeup items that warm up your face and help you in looking up and refreshed. By using bronzer, you can get a healthy radiance, sharp facial cut, and natural vibrancy. While choosing the right bronzer for your medium skin, you need to know some facts.

Bronzer type

Bronzers can be either creamy or powdery. Bronzing powders are comfortable to apply and bear, especially on oily skin. Cream bronzers are little greasy, formulates in stick, and establish a long-last finish. Some bronzers offer a matte finish that root for a natural, realistic look. Others provide a shimmery finish, which highlights your face so well. Bronzers are also available in liquid. Liquid bronzers are suitable for dry skin as you can apply it with a moisturizer.

You may have medium skin, but the type of bronzer you will choose needs to complement your skin type. Choose cautiously that which type will nourish your skin the most through this long time wear. 

Bronzer shade

Spend in two shades of bronzer is a praiseworthy decision. One shade is a little deeper than your skin tone but a good match for your neck. The other one will be a brighter shade like pink or peach to lift your facial complexion and make your medium tone look more awake.

Your undertone is the leading guide while choosing a bronze. A wrong decision while matching your bronzer with your undertone will end yourself looking orangey or muddy.


Selecting and applying a perfect bronzer sometimes reduce the necessity of using other makeup items. It gives you a subtle finish when you need to look polished yet natural. It is also a mandatory item for your long-wearing party look. Therefore, decide without being skeptical.