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Best BB Cream for Sensitive Skin | Dermatologist Recommended

What are the consequences of having sensitive skin? Pore clogging and skin breakouts are typical issues for your skin. Your skin responds negatively in lousy weather. It seems your skin is severely unenthusiastic in the presence of maximum beauty products. Redness, blotchy patches, flakes, rashes, bumps, etc. are common on thin skin. And maximum time, your skin does not cooperate with fragrances in beauty products.

These facts represent how hard it is to deal with sensitive skin. But the reality is, devoting your time and consciousness is the solution to slay even in sensitive skin. While picking a bb cream, you need to be choosy. A deep concentration on your skin pattern will guide you to know what is good for the skin, and what is not.

The following write-up is our little contribution to help you. We hope that it will help you to know the most, and to choose the best.

Best 8 BB Creams for Sensitive Skin in 2020:

Many renowned brands are now initiating bb formula to serve best to their customers. But few are concurring the trust of maximum customers. We are here to discuss eight best bb creams for dry, sensitive skin to make your decision a little bit effortless.

1. BB Cream By DERMAdoctor

BB Cream By DERMAdoctor

The two active compounds in mineral sunscreen are Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide. DermaDoctor BB cream includes mineral-based sun protection in their BB Cream formula. They contain 3.30% Titanium Dioxide and 12.05% Zinc Oxide. These mineral particles ensure Broad Spectrum in this beauty balm cream. Now curious minds may want to know, what is Broad Spectrum? Broad Spectrum means protecting the skin from both the UVA & UVB rays.

DERMAdoctor BB cream protects your skin from sunburn. Besides, using it continuously diminishes the risk of skin cancer and premature aging. It suits well with every skin tone and makes the complexion brighter. It delays the ageing signs and defends the sun damage with SPF 30. As a result, the moisture and hydration a skin need will be accomplished.

DERMAdoctor BB Cream contains white sapphire complex. Thus, it brings out the best from every complexion and enhances the beauty of every unique tone.

Special Features
  • Features both UVA & UVB protection
  • Nourished with mineral-based items
  • Prevents sunburn, the risk of skin cancer
  • Provides age-defying solution
  • Suits well with every skin tone

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2. Garnier SkinActive BB Cream

Garnier SkinActive BB Cream

Garnier SkinActive BB Cream is a combination of moisturizer and sunscreen within one tube. It offers a tinted moisturizer so your skin can get sufficient hydration. Hydration or moisturizer is necessary for a better surface. Due to the attack of atmospheric pollution, our skin becomes waterless and dry. As well the presence of sun exposure, it starts to become pale, damaged and to get aging signs fast. That is the reason why Garnier arrives with SPF and moisturizing formula in a BB Cream.

The multitasking formula offers light coverage to provide an even complexion. Garnier believes that the best defence against aging signs is prevention. Sun exposure and dried skin is the foremost material to initiate an aging skin. So, applying this BB cream on your sensitive skin may protect you against aging for long. Garnier SkinActive BB Cream contains skin-brightening Vitamin C, retinol or hyaluronic acid to make the anti-ageing formula more powerful.

To get a full package of skin protection, use Garnier SkinActive BB Cream regularly.

Special Features
  • Age-defying Beauty Balm Cream
  • Offers light coverage for an even skin texture
  • Sun protection formula with enough hydration
  • Maintains a fresh and healthy complexion

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3. Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream

Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream

The Revlon Photo available bb cream is a lightweight, multitasking BB Cream. Within one method, Revlon beauty balm includes the nourishment of concealear, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunscreen.

The sensitive skin tends to dry with the presence of atmospheric imbalance. As well, for a fresh and smooth look, the skin needs a primer’s touch and cover like foundation. But using too many makeup items may complicate your sensitive skin. But with Revlon BB Cream you get the benefit of all these essentials within one tube. It is an anti-irritating texture as well.

Above all, it protects you from 97% of sun damage with SPF 30. To get everyday radiance, now your skin doesn’t need a primer, concealer or color correcting cream. Just use one Revlon Photo ready bb cream and enjoy the glow all day long.

Special Features
  • A multitasking beauty balm cream
  • Provides moisturizer like hydration
  • Along with Broad Spectrum SPF formula
  • Ensures a brightened, perfect look

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4. Jane iredale Mineral BB Cream

Jane Iredale Mineral BB Cream

When you have sensitive skin, every makeup item is not your thing. You feel a red bump on your face instantly after putting heavy makeup. Or a little foundation causes unnecessary breakouts. For those sensitive skin issues, Jane Iredale’s’ formula might work well. It goes on smooth; don’t leave a patchy or unmixed residue. It gives foundation like coverage and doesn’t irritate the skin at all. So, the fear of facing breakouts can’t haunt you when you have Jane Iredale Mineral BB Cream.

The Jane Iredale BB cream contains SPF 25 broad-spectrum sun protection. People with enlarged pores may get extra benefits by using it. It will lessen the appearance of pores. The emergence of fine lines and wrinkles will vanish instantly. The skin will become brighten and smooth.

Apply Jane Iredale BB cream may ensure a better skin pattern. You will start to notice the lessen appearance of pores, aging signs, uneven tone. So, for a better experience, try it.

Special Features
  • Contains Broad Spectrum sun protection
  • Resist water up to forty minutes
  • Lessens the emergence of pores
  • Helps to mask fine lines and wrinkles
  • Ensures a smooth and bright skin

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5. Dr G Daily Safe BB Cream

Dr G Daily Safe BB Cream

Dr. G Beauty Balm cream contains linolenic acid, Hawaiin candlenut oil, and calendula flower. All these ingredients include moisturizing particles on any cream. So, whenever you apply the consistency, it helps to preserve all the essential moisturizer to your skin. Then, your skin becomes soft and nourished from within.

Dr G Daily Safe BB Cream has SPF 30 to give you the 97% protection from sun damage. It also keeps the pollutions away from your skin. Thus, pores do not clog. Sensitive skins are prone to have red bump or pimple with the presence of any kind of makeup. This cream saves your skin from that kind of botheration.

Dr G Daily safe saves your skin by giving primer like shine and foundation like coverage. It conceals all the imperfect spots from the skin and gifts an instant glow.

Special Features
  • Boosts moisture-retaining capacity
  • Helps to cover up the uneven tone
  • Includes SPF 30
  • Increases the radiance of the skin

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6. L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Magic BB Cream

L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Magic BB Cream

L’Oreal Paris is an all-time dedicated brand to create a blemish-free, even skin tone. There is no difference in their Studio Secrets Magic BB cream. It is a beauty enhancer cream. The formulation developed with beautifying beads and encapsulated pigments. The recipe includes antioxidants Vitamin C & E. antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals. And your skin remains far away from aging spots due to antioxidants.

The Studio Secret Magic Cream offers four facilities within one package. It smoothes the surface, corrects the blemishes and evens the skin complexion. It is an ideal cream to retain the moisture of your skin all day long.

With L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Magic, you need not worry about turning your skin tone into an even shade. Right away, it transforms towards a flawless, bare skin finish. Over time, you will observe a more youthful skin.

Special Features
  • Primes to bring a smooth surface
  • Corrects the blemishes and spots
  • Moisturizes the dehydrated skin
  • Nourished with Vitamin C & E

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7. Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45

Dr jart Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45

The Dr. Jart beauty balm offers SPF 45. Thus, the emergence of sun rays disperses before entering into your skin. It also keeps the environmental grime aloof from the surface. In this manner, the facial appearance becomes healthy.

Dr. Jart Beauty Balm includes Bio-Peptide complex with white gold. These compounds contain age-defying possessions. And as a combination, they boost the natural collagen production under the skin. Collagen supports the skin to gain the essential firmness and elasticity it needs. The essential collagen diminishes the tendency of appearing aging spots.

The premium beauty balm pampers natural skin ingredients. The sufficient moisture and hydration to dehydrated skin attained through these compounds. The formula has titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. As a result, skin gets broad-spectrum sun protection by using it.

Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm primes and corrects the skin complexion. To get the maximum benefit from a BB solution and boost your instant beauty, use this product.

Special Features
  • Protects the skin from the sun and pollutions
  • Offers anti-aging properties
  • Boosts natural collagen
  • Idealize the skin appearance

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8. Physicians Formula BB Cream

Physicians Formula BB Cream

The strength of Physicians Formula BB Cream is the coconut cocktail and botanical extracts. Coconut water preserves massive skincare benefits. Coconut water is the source of hydration. A dry and dull skin grasps instant hydration towards the surface. Water derives from coconut also rich in antioxidants. Along with antioxidants, any formula doesn’t allow free radicals to harm your skin.

So, Physicians Formula embraced coconut cocktail to hydrate and protected your skin the best it can. The coconut scent within this beauty balm also leaves a refreshed residue. The no irritation formula helps the dry to sensitive skin without breaking.

To correct the skin color, you may add a little bit extra on your blotchy patches, flakes or uneven area.

Special Features
  • Infused with skin beneficial coconut cocktail
  • Includes satisfactory skin-hydrating particles
  • Protects from atmospheric aggression
  • Prevents the damage of free radicals

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Is BB or CC Cream Better for Sensitive Skin?

Your skin can be sensitive for various reasons. But when your skin tends to allergic most of the products, you may call it sensitive skin. The breakouts of sensitive skin can be a little bump, redness, blotchy patches, eczema, rosacea etc.

Both the BB creams and CC creams serve different purposes. CC creams are bit matte and specially formulated for oily skin. And BB creams contain moisturizer to help the dry skin owners the best.

CC or Color correcting creams focus on concealing the flaws. On the other hand, BB Creams concentrate on preparing your skin to prevent any kind of skin problems. Thus, beauty experts suggest Beauty Balm solution on the twenties and CC creams after thirty.

Beauty balms do not clog the pores. It moisturizes the skin, provides enough sun protection. BB cream is the best for those looking to moisture the dehydrated and flaky skin. The formula is slightly more hydrating than a CC cream.

So, if you are suffering from acne and redness due to dry surface, choose the best bb cream for sensitive acne-prone skin.

Is Wearing BB Cream Everyday Bad for Sensitive Skin?

There is no harm to wear a BB cream until it creates an allergic reaction to your sensitive skin. Beauty Balm is a lightweight cream with SPF benefit. It doesn’t clog the pores and smoothes the skin. But if you’ve sensitive skin and using BB solution is reacting harshly on your skin, then stop using it. The harsh reaction may happen when any ingredient of the formula doesn’t sit well with your skin.

But on the other cases, BB creams act fine on sensitive skin. It prevents sun damage, hydrates the surface, smoothes and corrects the complexion. Thus, even sensitive skins remain safe from this cream on maximum issues. So, if your skin is not reacting negatively with the presence of beauty balm, then there is nothing wrong to use it every day.

Factors Need to Consider Finding the Best BB Cream for Sensitive Skin:

While choosing a BB Cream, the essential element is it has to provide multi-benefits. A Beauty Balm Cream has to offer moisturizer like hydration, sunscreens like sun protection, concealer, primer and foundation like benefits.

Your skin needs profound sun protection while working outside. Both the UVA & UVB rays are harmful to your skin. So, your skin needs broad-spectrum protection to remain safe from both these rays. A bare skin without sun protection may grab hyperpigmentation, sunburn, or aging signs quickly. So, you need to choose a BB formula that offers sun protection with SPF 30.

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. Without enough hydration, your skin becomes parched and waterless. Therefore, the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles happen. You need to pick a cream that ensures a moisturized skin from inside.

Some sensitive skin contains enlarged pore. Some include redness, discoloration or acne scars. The uniqueness of a bb cream is to hide all these imperfections easily. Additionally, it provides full coverage and adds shine to boost your look.

If you’re deciding to purchase a cream, prefer one that includes all the qualities we’ve covered above.

How to Get the Most Out of Your BB Cream?

Beauty Balm is a must-have item in your everyday beauty routine. Either it can be the previous step before applying makeup. Or it can be the daily essential if you want to make your look polished yet natural. Choosing a cream that ensures maximum benefits should be the priority. In this case, pick one that moisturizes the skin, provides sun protection. It also has to conceal the scars and smooth the entire facial arena.

But you need to apply a BB Cream on clean skin. Once the dead skin cells and excess oil went away by cleansing, you may use it.

After cleansing, pat your skin with your hand to boost the blood circulation. Applying bb cream will be the next step. You can use the cream with fingertips or a makeup sponge. Choice is yours. While you feel that skin tone need to be even more, you can double up the application. Or you can only add one or two drops on your dark circles, scars or pigmented areas.

In this way, you may get most out of your BB lotion.


In this busy world, you need to handle work pressure without skipping skincare emergencies. BB Creams are giving you full protection to manage your sensitive skin so well within the shortage of time. Clean your skin thoroughly, use the best beauty balm that suits your skin and attend all the works confidently. For gentle skin, please don’t keep your skin away from a BB solution.