Hi, it’s Hannah Terr here, the Chief Editor of an independent beauty and lifestyle website that we call ‘Beautyexist’. “But Hannah, how do you define beauty?” – A question I’m usually asked when I introduce myself.

I read somewhere that taught me to not quote ‘We-all-are-beautiful’ because that ‘Proves the fact that Beauty-is-necessary.’ And I remember not agreeing to it. A little fact checks with me, at my core, I’ve always found beauty in self-revelation. That is to be ourselves, which has always been there. That inspired the central goal of my independent site, Beautyexist.

Beautyexist is a beauty and lifestyle website that talks about beauty, how to celebrate it, and dispatches the idea that beauty exists within us in every shape, size, and color.

It all started exactly before 3 years when I finally thought to drive my motive to a larger audience, share my knowledge & experience of working as a beauty advisor & makeup artist. Nevertheless, to say, I gathered beauty experts for professional consultation and legit recommendations. All of the suggestions and recommendations of skincare and makeup products are hand-picked by me or our beauty experts, themselves. From all the writings on our site, you’ll read how these ‘enhancing tools’, also known as, ‘beauty products’, can enhance the beauty which already exists within you, our ultimate goal. And they are absolutely succeeding in turning my mission into reality with their brainstorming content ideas.

Over and above, you are learning from beauty experts, and trust me, they know what they are doing (and writing). That is, simplifying the beauty that already exists within you because the only drama should be in your lashes.